Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Rainbow Cupcakes:: Happy St. Patricks Day!

In order to get a jump start on St Patrick's Day, I thought it would be fun for Jacob and I to make these creative and colorful cupcakes I saw online the other day. Who doesn't like a cupcake every now and then? :) Besides, they only required 3 ingredients, not bad.

All you need is:
Whip cream
plain white cake mix (oil, water, 3 eggs)
food coloring (red, yellow, blue, green)

we started out by mixing up the cake batter

first with the water...

then the oil

...finished with the eggs

I then seperated the batter into 6 different bowls. (Pampered Chef has a great set of 6 glass bowls that worked perfectly for this!)

random picture.

From there, Jacob and I squeezed the appropriate amount of coloring into each bowl in order to create the desired color. *We mixed red/yellow for orange and red/blue for purple

now came the time consuming part
(aka, the part in which I sent Jacob into the other room to watch a show)

I took the first color (purple) and poured a little bit of batter into each cupcake mold, I had a small spoon I used to spread it out so it was covering the the entire thing.
(forgot to take a picture of this part)

I then took the next color (blue) and did the same thing, but this time, I just made sure to spread the color over the purple so it was hidden

I did this again for green, yellow, and orange.

Finally, I topped it off with red, which was probably the hardest color because I was about to overflow the cupcake pans! Make sure you dont put too much batter in, otherwise you'll run out of room!

...I put the cupcakes into the oven and cooked them as suggested on the box

once they were done, I made sure they had plenty of time to cool. This was the part where I crossed my fingers and prayed they didnt sink!

After a good 30 minutes, there were still nice and puffy!

It was a success, not only did they look cute, but they tasted amazing. So moist and soft!

We topped them off with some whipped cream and viola!

I'd suggest doing this activity with a child ages 3 and up...Jacob did great up until when I had to layer the colors, then he quickly lost interest. I didn't even try to involve Norah as she would have just dipped her fingers into the batter :\

...keep in mind, you're not going to get as many cupcakes out of this recipe as you may think. We only got 12 and I think the original said you can make 16. I think I made mine a little extra full!

Enjoy and Happy St Patrick's Day!