Tuesday, March 31, 2009

{My attempt at photography}

So if you follow me on facebook, then you've already seen these pictures and I thank you all so much for the sweet comments ..I am so flattered...but for those of you that are not on facebook (first of all, whats wrong with you?) and second of all, I wanted to introduce you to an adorable little family! They were my "guinea pigs" a couple of weekends ago while I practiced with some new techniques on my camera. I am still very much in the learning process but thanks to the photography group I am a part of that meets every month or so, I will be able to develop a better understanding on the amazing editing world of Photoshop cs4. So here are some of the images I have so far. These were not edited in Photoshop but once I begin to figure it out, I will re-edit these in hopefully a more professional fashion!
But for now, enjoy this beautiful little girl and her family :)

{The adorable Miss Adelynne, just 3 months old}

{Our New Bathroom}

As you may or may not know, about a month after moving into our new house {10/07} we had a major flooding which caused us to pretty much have to re-model our entire house. We did the kitchen right away along with all of our main living areas but since we already have 2 other bathrooms, we didn't rush to finish the 3rd bathroom. We finally got around to it because it's nice for our guests to be able to have their own bathroom while they stay with us. Well we are nearly 99% finished and so I'd thought I share some before and after pictures! My awesome hubby did everything including the floors, molding, lighting and paint (thanks babe!) all I did was design and decorate :)



Monday, March 30, 2009

{Going Green & Cloth}

Last week I entered into a drawing being held by Seattle Moms Deal Finder one of my favorite money saving blogs and I won 2 tickets to the Seattle Green Festival! So Steven and I went on Sunday and we had a great time! I learned so much about many different topics, received many samples and was able to get a better idea of questions I had, one of them being cloth diapering. I had been quite interested in it ever since talking to my friend Becky who also does this. From talking to many different companies it has now reaffirmed my decision not only because it is way more cost effective but because diapers take up so much room in our landfills. We are starting to potty train Jacob now and its going really good. I figure Norah still has awhile and since we're not done having children, I can get more uses out of them later on.
My question to you is, if you cloth diaper, what brand do you use and why?
What are the initial start up costs?
and are the diapers you use adjustable?

I was overwhelmed at the different brands out there and I thought a personal referral would be better than buying them all and trying them out myself!
One of them that caught my interest was BumGenius...any opinions?
Thank you so much!!

For next years show, I encourage all of you to go! Even if you dont agree with everything, it sure is an eye opening experience and is definatley worth your time! To see what was available this year, you can go here

Sunday, March 29, 2009

{Drum Roll Please!!}

Thank you so much to all who entered! I was overwhelmed at everyones comments and it was by far, the most I've ever had which tells me I need to do another giveaway very soon and maybe even add some stationary into the mix! It was great reading everyones fun facts and favorite shows, 2 thumbs up to those of you that listed Survivor, that is my personal favorite :)

So without further a do...

The winner is......

Cheyenne Farrar
Email me at LuvBug12683@hotmail.com and let me know which one you would like along with your mailing address and as long as its already made, it will ship tomorrow, otherwise give me a day or 2 to sew together one of my newest prints!

For those of you that didn't win this time and were still interested in a nursing cover, I am offering a 20% off discount to you and only you! You can ema
il me at peekaboobebe@hotmail.com or simply go to www.peekaboobebe.com and let me know which cover you like and enter the code:BLOG that makes your cover only 16.00 and they make a wonderful shower gift!!!! I am still figuring out how to make this work on paypal so bear with me but I'll make sure you get the deal! {This offer will expire on April 15th :)}

Thanks again everyone!


Friday, March 27, 2009

{Adventures in cardmaking}

I guess you can say I have become obsessed! It is so much fun and way easier than scrap-booking but unfortunately, not any cheaper :( What used to be daily trips to the mall, have now turned into frequent visits to Joanns and Michaels...they bait you in with great coupons and awesome sales I cant control myself! Crafting days have become weekly occurances at my place with some very creative girls! Thank you Amberlyn, Suzie and Brie for bringing me into the world of cardmaking! Bear with me as Im just starting and have yet to invest in the many tools need to create some amazing cards, that, and Im pretty plain anyway....


{It can get really messy!}

{Heres a little of my scrapbooking too!}

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Who doesnt love a giveaway? I cant pass up a good deal, and you can't beat free! I was trying to think of an important milestone/day/event in order to celebrate a giveaway and I couldnt think of anything...

So in honor of my 283rd post...
I present to you....
A free nursing cover of your choice!!

Thanks to so many of you who have been spreading the word, sales have started to increase quite a bit! Therefore, I have no choice but to keep shopping, and thats exactly what I did today! I wanted to share all 28 pieces I am currently working on...

Even if you are not pregnant or nursing, feel free to enter because they make a great shower gift!

So, here are the rules..
1.) Comment below with your name.. and because Im random like that, list your favorite tv show of all time -or- a fun fact about yourself!

2.) I will draw a name out of a hat 1 week from this post and let everyone know the winner!

3.) Dont forget to visit my official nursing cover website at http://www.peekaboobebe.com/ and follow me on this blog!!

You might recognize a few of these and if that's so, it's because these were very popular and have sold out so I brought them back! If you see one you like, just let me know and I can get it made in a day or so!

Here are my newest fabrics... enjoy and good luck!

{Amy Butler Deco Rose- Navy}

{Amy Butler Deco Rose- Forest}

{Amy Butler Deco Rose- Brown}

{Black and White floral with pink accents}

{Cream floral on light pink background}

{Blue and white damask on brown background}

{Brown, blue, green, and pink dot on white background}

{Black and white floral}

{Black and white floral}

{Blue and white floral}

{Black and white}

{Lemons with white background}

{Black and whit damask}

{Cream floral print on light purple background}

{Brown print on bright blue background}

{Brown print on aqua background}

{Cream and black floral on red background}

{Pink, blue, and white circles on brown background}

{Orange print on bright pink background}

{Brown print on bright pink background}

{Blue circles on a white background}

{Shades of pink damask print on brown background}

{White damask print on brown background}

{Zebra print}

{Brown dots on light pink background}

{Little white dots on brown background}

{White and blue dots on a brown background}

{Brown floral on light blue background}

{Pinks, greens, and dark pink circles on brown background}