Sunday, December 30, 2007


Ok so I just have to share a proud mommy moment...I know...I'm sorry to bore you all but this whole blogging thing helps me remember things I may have a chance to write down!...So anyways we were in the bathtub tonight and he sees his rubber duck...and immediately he points to it and says "quack quack quack quack ect" he's been doing that for about a week now but I havent written about but wait theres more...hes been blowing bubbles in the water but just lately he's been sticking his whole head in and doing it until he runs out of breath and he knows to bring his head up for struggle at all! I cant wait to do swim lessons with him this spring...(we're looking into getting a YMCA membership!) just when you think im he's been pointing to his 10 month pictures and saying "ball, ball!" b/c he's holding a football...and...on the body wash we use he's been finding the kitty and saying kitty and then anddddd...steve was wearing an LSU sweatshirt with a tiger somewhat hidden on it and jake found it and said...kitty da da...kitty! as well as the dog on steves gonzaga hat is now a dog..ruff I know im corney but I havent nearly been blogging about jake as much as I've wanted to so Im going to keep *my families read this so they like to keep current as well :) ..jake now goes up to us and locates our belly buttons and when he finds a book he likes he will run it up to you and he loves to sit up on your lap while you read to him...(with him turning the pages of course!) ...he will run as far back as possible in order to get a running start to "get" he barrels into us as we overdramatize our thrill!...He says "vroom vroom" as he pushes the trucks around the floor and loves chicken nuggets, slurpees (wonder who he got that from) and orange julius' and most of all the playyard at the Tacoma mall..for some reason he knows when we're there and gets so happy to play with the other kids...oh yeah...he doesnt really like tv...that is unless we are watching football or basketball..he'll sit on our laps for quite awhile as we try and explain in 14 month old terms what's going on...(hey now...its never to early to learn the fundamentals of sports!) :) throwing the ball, dancing, coloring, playing grandmas piano, and brushing our teeth are also some of our favorite things to do!...So yeah..that pretty much sums his last few months up...I finally posted a few pics of my ever so growing tummy....I got really excited today at wal mart when I saw all of the Valentines day stuff up...I thought yay! its just around the corner and we'll know what we are having! Today jakes cousin Kalena had her 3rd bday party so we all went to that! Steves brother stayed the night last night and he helped us move some stuff into the house as well as hook up the Wii...the boys managed to slip in a few games while I visited my friend in the hospital again...brought back many memories! We went and put the Old Country Buffet out of business for dinner last night and the funniest thing happened...I had a roll covered in cheese sauce (of course) and I thought Jake wanted he started playing with it...Steve thought it would be funny to call the roll and ball...bad soon as jake heard that he said ball??? ...and chucked in right into my fresh bowl of ice cream complete with toppings .. :( the guys and I were crying from laughing so hard was truly priceless...tomorrow I get to see my friend i havent seen in way too long and thurs I get to see another long lost friend for lunch and then on friday its yet another lunch date! ...busy busy week but looking forward to it!...sorry for all the rambling...its been awhile!...goodnight!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Wow...this is the first time i've had a second in nearly 3 days!! Im sure you can all relate! Christmas started early with us on Sunday with the celebration held at his cousins house and all of his side of the family joining in the fun and festivites as well as SO much food! much for the 5 pounds i'd lost so far! lol I guess its better than being nauseous! Everyone got wonderful gifts and we all had a wonderful time! Monday was especially exciting for us b/c we got to see our little "bean" up close! The tech said everything looked great...there was only 1 and the back of the neck showed no possibility of any downs syndrome (apparantley they can measure the back of the neck and along with some blood work they are able to give you pretty accurate probability of your chances of having a baby with DS) ..not like we would have done anything if it did come back positive....but anyhoots he/she was so wiggly we even saw it doing back bends multiple times! The heartrate was 150 something...ahh..I cant remember...after that we were off to do a finger prick...more genetic testing stuff...(not just for me...this is a test that is given to anyone who wants it...we're just curious to know...) then it was time to meet with dr dashow...praise the lord he told us his not to worry...he doesnt see anything happening in this pregnancy that worries him...his wife actually got this same thing with their 3rd child! How coincidential!?! ...he's all for letting me try VBAC (with my original dr.) and we wont need to see him anymore! ...(as long as my levels dont go up!)...the levels are based on ratios ex: 1:1 1:2 1:4 1:6 1:8 1:10 1:20 1:40 1:60 have been measuring at 1:less than 1 thats great...we dont want it to get 1:10 or higher...anyways everything looked we'll definatley still keep on praying but this was a huge praise!! So in a nutshell that was my personal Christmas gift... :) monday afternoon we took my dad to lunch b/c he'd been watching jake all night and we just wanted to thank him...we also came back that night and played board games and stayed the night at their house...(with buddy..our dog too!) so we were all able to wake up together on Christmas day! ...that and the fact our house still isnt complete so it definatley brought the holiday spirit back! Christmas morning we all came downstairs and turned on the heaters and the christmas music my dad read from the Bible explaining the story of Christmas to was so precious!! Then we all opened our presents..I must thank Danielle and Stepheni for the idea of making the photo book on was such a huge hit...I even got the grandmas crying!! :) I was able to find a nintendo wii thanks to michelle so steven was in shock when he opened it...he thought for sure i was unable to find one! My favorite present was my parents paying for the hotel that we are staying in in San Fransisco...its literally 5 going to be ashamed to even wear jean! Thanks to my cousin who works at a nearby hotel for hooking us up at a great price!!...but for us its a free vacation! we used our airline miles on our credit card to get the plane tickets and now this!! nothings better than a free vacation...well kinda...were on our own for food and i cant wait to go to saks 5th ave and neiman marcus...i always go just to get a! We probably wont be going to the zoo down there though...did you hear about the tiger that escaped and killed a man last night?!?! crazy! Oh mom also got us a 1 year zoo membership...for up here of course...and we can bring up to 3 guests at a time! So if anyone is interested I love to go on a zoo play date!! lol after that we went to steves parents house with my parents for dinner...very yummy!!! It was a wonderful time as always and we were sad to see the day had its high points and its low points...let me explain in a nutshell
high: *Got my perfume I wanted
*Got my Victorias Secret sweats I wanted
*Found a funny card
*Got to go to Sakuras for dinner
*Got to see Katie and Jason

*Got pulled over for "running a red light" ...seriously I didnt run it...and then after the fact he gave me my ticket...he saw I was an EMT and said that it was just common courtsey and if he'd of known that he wouldnt have written me the ticket...grr....he was like..I never may be doing CPR on me someday...I dont want you to be mad at me...I tried to laugh...but I was mad...
*Left my motherhood maternity giftcard at home
*Didnt get to see Michelle even though we were at the same

anyways im writing way too much so Im off to at you all later!!!


Saturday, December 22, 2007


Ok my fault it's been like 5 days...I will try and condense as much as possible....tuesday we had a playdate at renees house and like always it was so much fun...along with wonderful food and great pictures to show for it...(literally!) we got there at 4 and ended up staying until past midnight!! but it was all worth the lack of sleep we all got the next day! Wednesday I was supposed to go to MOPS but instead steven accidentally took my only set of car keys with him to work out past eatonville and he couldnt bring them back to me otherwise he'd of lost his job so thankfully my dad ran up and met him and brought the keys back to me...phew...but he didnt get to my house until almost 11 so I was so upset i didnt get to go...we only get to meet 1 time every 2 weeks and we were all ready and sitting in my car...(we ususally dont wake up until after 10 so for us to be ready to go by 9:15 and no where to drive was upsetting!) *maybe it was the pregnancy hormones? lol we were able to run some errands though and get some things done! We went to church that night and had a great time with the youth group like always! Thursday along with doing some last minute Christmas shopping we chaperoned our JV (jr. high) up to Seattle...which started out great but ended very very late...we were supposed to eat dinner, play in the arcade and then take the ferry to and from bremerton...well all that was successful until we arrived in bremerton (around 10pm) and we find out that the next ferry doesnt leave for another 1 hour and 40 mins! So basically we werent getting back to Seattle until after midnight...(which the parents were told 10-11!) needless to say the adults were all exhausted but they kids did great! and we were in bed by 2am! (Jake stayed the night at my parents) ...friday I did some more shopping and steven had his Christmas party so he was off by 1...they fed him lunch and gave him a very generous bonus this year and a new drill (only something an elecrician can he could of had the airline tickets again)...but regardless we were very thankful for what the Lord provided! Afterwards we attended our 1st annual "Ugly Christmas Sweater" party at Ferrellis in Sumner and then went up to the Yella Beak in Buckley? Enumclaw? It was a lot of fun and some great pics will soon follow! (Jake stayed the night at my Today was spent wrapping Christmas took 4 hours! and thats with no to be torn open again in a few days...oh well...we ate some great Chinese food tonight from our local hotspot...aka Safeways' china express...but it was very yummy! The last couple of days i've been eating satsuma oranges like they are going out of that normal? lol we have our 1st ultrasound on Monday and for as excited as I am Im just as nervous but Im not the one in control and I just have to remember that!! So on that optimistic note...Im off...
*Go Seahawks!!


Monday, December 17, 2007


PTL PTL PTL PTL!!! (Praise the Lord!) ...I got my results back for this months blood test and there was NO rise in the levels!!!!!!....I am so happy but yet so nervous for next month...(Man this is going to be a long pregnancy!)...but well worth it!! Saturday we went over to my parents to take our Christmas picture...its ok i we got the point (we love 8!) we all headed up to costco and looked around and got some yummy lunch! from there i took jake to meet santa at the tacoma mall while steve came back home to work on the house...he did a wonderful job...(especially when santa gave him a candy cane to eat) they were bonded from then on! unfortunatley the pics wasnt all that great cause jake was more concerned about eating his new treat than smiling...but at least santa didnt freak him out...he even "petted" his outfit and either said...pretty...or kitty...either which made sense but they sound so identical i couldnt omgoodness today he found my powder and he grabbed it and took the applicator and started to rub it on his was sooo funny...steven was embarrassed but he's 13 months for goodness sake...i sure got a kick out of it...saturday night we went to my best friends annual Christmas party...always a wonderful time with fun people and great food...her family will be moving this spring so from now on it will be Christmas in july at their new beach it was a bittersweet ending to an amazing annual event! Sunday was church...and then the game..yeah...i wont go there...that was dissapointing....fortunatley I am going to the final 2 with our fantasy football league!! Im so psyched about it...the only girl in the league...that deserves some bragging rights...right?? lol Sunday night was our Christmas program at our was so amazing to see the talent of our church all come together...i cant wait for jacob to go on stage...(maybe next year?) and ring the bells just so steven and i and his grandparents can get that 30 second videocamera footage and those priceless camera its such a photo-op for I cant wait for my turn!! Today we ran some a much needed oil change...(mananged to fit in a jalapeno popper/slurpee/beef jerkey stick run to arbys and 7-11) ...steven came home and we left to dinner with our friends chris and angela...and man was it good...sorry katie...our reservations were at 5:30...8:30 was going to be too late...(past jakes bedtime) next week though! ...and afterward we did some shopping together at the tacoma mall...and now thanks to angela i want peanut butter frangos!! ..delicious!..we were hoping that walking around the mall was going to start labor...hopefully i will hear from her later to see if it worked! lol ....I can relate..the last month feels like forever!!! so thats pretty much it...from tomorrow on we've got an amazingly busy schedule up until Christmas day but I will sure try and keep you all posted on my "status!"
...until tomorrow...(hopefully),

Friday, December 14, 2007

Well well well...yet another Dr appt has gone by and Im officially a "high risk" patient...I know exciting isnt it? (sigh) ...A couple of my friends have used Dr Dashow and absolutely love him...which makes me feel very fortunate Im blessed with the best high risk Dr. around...but still...under these circumstances?...I think not....I was given a pamphlet today for "maternal/fetal medicine" and what it entails ect. the first thing I noticed about it was that it was blank on the front and know..kinda private/confidential...which struck me as odd...why hide it? I chuckled...its not something Im ashamed of...granted it sucks big time..but what am I going to do? So I gave more blood today and I wont know the results until monday...(ish) we had to schedule a consultation with our high risk dr and thankfully they were just able to extend our appt originally set for Christmas after the ultrasound we'll just go meet with him at the same office...which makes it really nice because stevens already got the day off so he wont need to take any extra time...ptl! So as long as my count stays low we're ok...1-9....if they get into the double digits thats when we worry....hopefully that wont be the case but its definatley a possibility..(I hope this is making sense) when she was checking me out today she also noted I had a tilted cervix (sorry for any men reading this...tmi ...i know...but it sure explained a lot!) which she thinks resulted in my csection with jake...she didnt want to jump to conclusions and is still willing to let me try a natural labor..another ptl! also....I have a slanted uterus...i know i know..what a day for great news huh? lol she said that wasnt a big deal though...phew... oh yes and dr dashow is a PRO advocate for VBACS! ...its great to hear of a high risk dr willing to do that! So this is definatley out of our hands and all we can do now is pray pray pray that these levels will not go up! Oh yes and to add salt into the wound...the chances of us having any more kids are unlikely unless we're willing to go through this again...with possibly a worse turnout... but as it says in Hebrews 13:5 we need to be content with such things as we have for he has said I will never leave you or forsake I cant dwell on the negative things just be thankful for what I've been blessed with already!!

...For now Im going to go help celebrate my best friends sisters 18th birthday up in Squaquamish...I need to escape for the night! Thank you everyone for your prayers and have a great weekend!Love, me!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

12-13-07 that is the sound of a very content happy pregnant girl who just finished fufilling a craving!! I couldnt have asked for better sourdough bread myself!...moist, warm, and with just the perfect about of salted was delicious...the unfortunate thing is that it filled me up before the main courses it was so worth it though!! We celebrated my birthday tonight...yeah yeah a week late but we're all so busy this time of worked out perfect though....we went to anthonys home port in was beautiful and decorated so nicely for Christmas...I got some cute underwear from Victorias secret...(from my mommy!) and some matching "pink" sweats to lounge around it and a new memory card...a much bigger one and some bath was great and I hope everyone had a fun time...there was a new baby sitting behind us and every time she cried Jake got a look of concern and had to look and make sure she was was adorable :) as soon as we walked in to the restruant he said.."fish!" ...cause we'd been telling him the whole time there were going to be needless to say we didnt go into detail with him on the fact that they were dead and he was going to eat them! he also pointed at the Christmas tree and kept saying "pretty" lol it was very cute...oh more...he handed me the "butt paste" cream we used to use on him when he was little and I told him it was for when he was a baby and he set it on my tummy and said..."baby?" ...ok im done now with my little mommy moments :) until tomorrow...(oh yes..dr appt 11:20 please pray for low levels in the babys blood...they will be taking blood...again...(ugh!) Thank you!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


A mother is out christmas shopping with her kids...all they say to her is "I want this...I want that" to everything...she soon gets stressed out and very frusturated at her childrens selfishness this goes on all day until she can't take it anymore extremely aggravated she walks into the elevator with her kids...shes had enough and shes ready to leave...she mumbles under her breath just loud enough...."whoever invented this christmas holiday needs to be shot"...the lady standing next to her hears her and says..."he was crucified..."
just something to think about...lets not forget what this holiday is truly about!

Thankfully today was quite productive...I managed to get up before 11 am and Jake woke up in a wonderful happy mood...(that always helps) We didnt have to eat out today because steven brought us home bagels and apples and a crunch bar (the kind with caramel in the center...) serious prego craving poor steven..he went to the store the other night to cure my need for an apple, a coke, a safeway bagel and a crunch bar...(being as smart as he is he brought me back 2 crunch bars knowing 1 wouldnt be enough!) lol and thanks to amy I am now wanting sourdough bread...mmmm...tomorrow night is a late birthday dinner with steves and my family at anthonys in olympia...ptl (praise the Lord) they have sourdough bread...thats basically the only reason i wanted to go... :) no one has bread like them! Forget the fish, salads, desserts...Im going for the bread! Laugh all you want but when you're pregnant and have an "addiction" ..."urge" ..."craving"...."need" states in part of pregnancy law that it needs to be fufilled or else you feel a void...annnnnyways....after eating a somewhat healthy lunch I played catch with jake and then we decided to hit up the "wal" in "wal mart" ...seriously you actually have to prepare yourself to go there...especially during this time of year...its a mental thing...especially with a toddler who is nearing a nap time...but we did it...we went and were done within an hour!!!...have of the time which was spent in line...grr...i wont go there... :) after that jake went down for a nap and i found my favorite online game...(besides tetris..) its called Gold Rush...i was able to download a free trial version and it made my day! When steven got home we had to get ready for church...made it there in decent time and had a great night at awana! for the amazing part...when we got home...we cleaned and cleaned and cleaned...(and swept, and taped off the walls) but the great thing is that our downstairs is clean! (its hard to imagine that it could ever get dirty considering we havent even lived downstairs since the beginning of oct but believe was filthy!!! so I am so excited to walk downstairs to a clean house!!! yesss!! And now its off to sure I'll sleep good kicked my bum!

Until tomorrow!

I know this is random but Im almost 110% sure we're going to have another boy...(which is totally fine!) but we didnt have any names...until I heard one on for whoever reads this please please honestly tell me what you think about the name...Hudson....I've never been a "unique" name person but steven and i both think we really like let me know if you agree...or not!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Seattle's Juanny Cash

Wow...this kid is amazing!!!

Wedding Dance First As A Couple FUNNY Baby Got Back

One of my favorite Youtube videos...why didnt we think of this?? ...enjoy!!

Monday, December 10, 2007


Holy tiredness!!...either the game totally kicked my bum or i've gone into hibernation....ahhh...i hate dark winter days...i need a jump dont drink that...caffiene??...nope can't drink that...tanning?? ...out of the question...I guess I'll install some "happy" lighting in our house...isnt that supposed to get you up and going??? lol i know i know you guys are going to laugh at me but im soooo excited michael vick is going to be spending the next 23 months in prison!!!! Finally a "celebrity" getting what they deserve...what I couldnt believe is all the fans "supporting" him tonight on the monday night football game...?!?! Whats up with that?? He's already admitted to killing what is there to "support" about that??? Honestly though I really hope he learns his lesson and comes out a different was a pretty boring day...i think i was still in recovery and my body was still thawing out after the game yesterday! Jake and I didnt wake up until nearly 11...we had to rush to get ready and meet steven for lunch...came home and read stories and played...took naps..(yes...both of played more, steven came home and we challenged each other to tetris tournaments..yes i know...we're nerds...we play against each other online...its great...except for when we get so into it Jake ends up on a card table or tearing apart my scrapbooking stuff...I guess thats our hint he's wanting mommy and daddy well like I said..kind of a boring day...but thats ok...we need those every once in awhile!!

Until tomorrow!


Sunday, December 9, 2007


The seahawks are once again the reigning NFC west champions!!! Yesssss!!!! Look out playoffs here we come!!!....(I'll get back to that...) Friday I went to lunch with steven and then got ready for my night at christys....without giving too much away we had sooo much fun...we did a gift exchange...took some cute :) and ate food and laughed and laughed and just had a great time with each Saturday we did some more christmas shopping and with waking up at 10:30 and not getting to the mall until after 12:00 by the time we got home it was after 3 and so we put Jake down, watched a movie, washed my car and then had to get ready for our big dinner at the Melting Pot with our friends chris and was so fun getting dressed up!...(but not so much in the 30 degree weather!) lol it was worth it though!...With being as truthful as possible...I loved the service and I had a great time with our friends...the food didnt impress me....I dont know if thats b/c im pregnant and food isnt my biggest fan at the moment but i was expecting the food to blow my socks off...and it didnt...i could pay 75.00 less and get just as full in 30 mins as it took us to get in 3 hours...i know i sounds like i wasnt happy...i really had a blast but if it wasnt for the gift card we got i'd never spend that kind of money on food but seriously it was a blast...and i know now how to "fondue!" lol My parents took jake for the night so we were going to go to the casino but after dinner we were all tired so we went home and attempted to watch a movie...i was so tired i barely made it through the first half hour! lol This morning we both had to wake up early...for steve it was go to early service at church to pick up jake and for me it was to get to christys house (first starbucks though) to get ready for the game! By the time we got into her truck to leave it was snowing and sticking...made for some great pics! I truly underestimated how cold it was going to be!!! going to the game...invest in some handwarmers!!! lol or deion branch gloves! I cant explain how much fun i had...I will truly never forget today! The atmosphere of "true" seahawk fans is amazing...I had no idea how many people get to the game so early!!! We were there a few hours before the game and STILL had to park far because of the people that decided to either stay the night or get there at the crack of dawn! It was awesome! Going through tailgate heaven all you could see was rv after rv full of people having fun, eating food, drinking beer, watching tv, listening to music and just having a great time! I wish I could do that every home game! From there we went to touchdown city where we "attempted" to get our faces painted...unfortunatley we were mere seconds too late and they shut down...we were pretty bummed but never the less found some black face paint and streaked under our eyes! The sound of the "12th man" was amazing! (I can definatley see why we lead the league in false starts!) So to sum things up this was an awesome weekend full of ..did you see my pics from the awesome were the seats????? I owe it all to Christy and her dad...THEY ROCK!!!! Truly an experience of a lifetime! Thanks babe

Thursday, December 6, 2007


Thank you thank you everyone for your wonderful bday wishes!! I have some great friends :) duh! the sad thing is that im now officially in my "mid-twenties" .... :( yikes...oh well...what can ya do??? lol Since I havent blogged since sunday let me fill you in....ummm...monday we went to our favorite joint...aka sakuras...for those of you that havent been there...its "da bomb!" lol never seems to get old either...and the prices are awesome! went to the parents house and played favorite game :) I cant remember what I did during the day...(ahhh prego Tues I woke up not feeling good...It may have been the dinner from the night but dont let that stop you...i just overate! So unfortunatley I had to pass our our weekly mommy and baby activity of the tree farm...and from what I've read I heard it was an "interesting" later that day I met my bff...katie who happened to have the day off...we went to the mall and to arby's *yet another prego craving...arbys regular french fries with honey mustard sauce.... oh yeah! so at the mall i didnt find much...but katie bought me the cutest bag from bath and body works...i dont know if you guys have seen them or not but they come in tan or brown and they are lined with sheep sheep even have fur? anyways they are perfect for carry on luggage when traveling....I cant wait to use it! thanks girl! I picked up a couple of things for our "favorite thing" 10.00 gift exchange we are having tomorrow really excited about what i got because they are really honest to goodness my 2 favorite things and they were 10.00 exactly!! lol tues night was just me cause steve was at another side job so i had a date night with jake :) wednesday we had mops and I was given a one hour pregnancy massage as a gift!! How flippin cool!?? I didnt even know they had "pregnancy massages!!" I can only imagine how nice thats going to feel when its june and im huge and its hot out....i cant wait~! I was also given a gift card to 7-11!! Slurpees baby!!...just like my favorite food on the planet...i would like to meet mr. slurpee someday and tell him how happy I am he created matter what kind of day im having they always taste good!!...we made these adorable cookie mixes that go in a jar and you can give them as a gift or use them on your own...i love it! I have a feeling I will be a Mop mommy for as long as possible! Im really enjoying myself and love learning these new crafts and tips! Jake was so funny; we had a childrens librarian come in and talk about how important reading/playing/singing with your child is and at the end she gave us a free book!...but we also gathered up the kids and sang some fun songs well my son decided to go to the center of the circle and show off his dancing moves while all of the other mommies and babies clapped along...i was laughing so hard i was crying! was very sweet to see him getting so into it! lol We had church on wed night which its always fun to see my JV girls...we are planning a day trip to seattle with them on the 20th! that will be a fun trip! so that brings me to today....I "thought" i was just going to get a pedicure...yeah...i was wrong...I met Katie at her house and we went to lunch...(off the subject...katie was blowing her nose into a napkin and jake wanted to do it he grabbed a napkin, put it to his nose and spit into it making the same sound katie did...once again i was crying from laughing...) ok back to the subject, we dropped jake off after lunch and we got out toes done...and a full set of nails put on....and our eyebrowns waxed, and spray tanned...i definatley got to feel like a girl today!! I may do that every all ready for girls know what im talking about but i dont want any snooping hubbys reading this so I cant say anymore! we went to an awesome mexican resturant for dinner with our good friends heather and ben and we got to see their new house...and kitty :) I am so happy they finally have a house...I know its going to look adorable!! oh yeah...2 crazy good things happened...i was out of MAC eyeshadow and i was telling katie what color it was and she was like...oh i think i have that color and i dont even use it...let me was the same exact color and she just gave it to me so i didnt have to buy a new one!! also...when we went to hollywood video to rent 2 movies...I got both of them free instead of 1...the guy said he'd never seen that before!! how cool!! lol its the little things in life! lol well my night is coming to an end but what a fun filled day I had!! thanks again everyone for the wonderful wishes :) love you all!Keren!

Sunday, December 2, 2007


Yay for the seahawks!! Yet another win brings us closer and closer to the playoffs!! I hate watching the game so early though...i mean seriously 10am? I would usually be sleeping still...the great thing about afternoon games is that jake usually sleeps from 1-4 so thats perfect...not wanted to play...common kid..the hawks are on leave us alone! lol j/p he managed to do a mighty fine touchdown celebration as well as our "official" touchdown ruler...his arms fling in the air whenever we say the word! Ohhh speaking of the hawks...we were at the mall today and we went into Champs...I saw the jerseys and thought...I need a Hasselbeck jersey...I mean...Im going to the game on Sunday and all i have is Jackson, Hamlin (who dont even play for us anymore) and Alexander (which is signed so we dont wear it) and i must have a hasselbeck jersey (aka babys daddy) my little man crush! steve knows... its he said its great cause he's bald and i dont have high expectations LOL back to my story i see these kids jerseys hanging up and they say 10.00 im thinking like 35.00 or i ask the guy to take one down...and they are super nice...embrodered and everything...then I look at the price tag...ummm yeah... 75.00...for a kids jersey!! (65.00) with the 10.00 discount...I tell him thanks but no thanks and he says...well...this weekend is friends and family and if you want I can give you my 30% discount along with the 10.00 off! im trying to figure out what that would be and he says 45.00 and i say SOLD! basically i got steven and 20.00 gonzaga hat and a 75.00 hasselbeck jersey for 63.00 including tax!!! whoop whoop!! lol that so made my night...I can wear my man now...if I could only have him sign life would be complete :) lol rambling now...I got to chat with my cousin was wonderful...i dont get to see her nearly as much as I want to and we're so close in age it stinks...shes way awesome too...we are going to go visit her next month in san fransisco...shes a big wig with a hotel up there and they take in all the nfl teams that play the 49ers...I was so jealous!! But we are definatley looking forward to hanging out with her...she said shes got a lot for us to do when we get there...including taking jake to the aquarium/zoo!! lol i sound like such a we will also be doing "mommy and daddy" stuff too! thankfully my mom and dad will be there along with my 2 uncles who have never met jake before!! so we will have babysitters :) lol We got a 100.00 gift card to the melting pot so we're going to go on Saturday with our good friends for my birthday...i cant wait to get dressed up...although it will probably be freeeeezing...i've never been there before..i just hope im not nauseous...that would be we went to a beautiful wedding last night...simply wonderful getting married during the holiday season...the church's are already decorated!! It makes me want to get married again lol oh yeah..and now that I have jake i basically cry at every wedding takes you to a whole new level b/c you can just picture them up on the alter...awww...(sniff sniff) lol you just want them to be your baby ok well i think i've typed eyes hurt...
until tomorrow,Keren!