Monday, March 31, 2008


Ahhh...I cant believe its been 6 days since I’ve blogged...Im slacking!! Oops! The highlights last week were getting to the gym a couple of times, going to Christys to learn about cameras...which I’ve already picked out the one Im getting thanks to some great referrals Im looking forward to being able to use Ava as my motionless guinea pig..while trying to figure out what to do...Ive been told to take a class so I may have to look into that too!! Regardless, I want something more than my basic point and shoot...Steven and I went to Bellevue Square on Sunday to compare the 2 nursery designs we’d both liked...originally we wanted the "Penelope" design with the Birds but after seeing it in person we were dissapointed...there were no birds on the bumper and too many birds on the crib sheet...the quilt had one small strip of birds going down the right side and it looked really off centered...on the other hand we were very pleased with the "Spring Flowers" collection and picked up the sham and bumpers yesterday...I stupidly forgot a gift card I had at home so I "had" to go back up today and get the rest of the stuff...including the stroller blanket, crib skirt, valance and quilt!! Im so happy b/c it is discontinued now and I was able to get the last of some of the stuff...phew...I cant imagine what we would have done if we went and it was all gone!! Ugh!! I guess start from looking forward to painting this weekend and putting up molding!!..Now we just have to find a crib...Jacob will still be in his and we are in no rush to get him out early especially now that hes opening doors now...ugh!! But at least the hard part is over!! Im going in for one of my prenatal massages next week and totally looking forward to it!!! Ive heard they are wonderful!!...I just hope its relaxing...Im not really into the "deep tissue" stuff...I get to go for one more thanks to the gift certificates I got in a couple more weeks...tomorrow I get to go to lunch with my good friend Suzie and Im really looking forward to it :) especially when I dont have to cook!! Our family is happy the Mariners began their season today...not because we like baseball but because we know that the Seahawks will start practicing soon!!! lol j/p we like baseball...just a little slow going..but we did have the game on tonight and were happy when we won!!! Great way to start off the season!! My good friend Stepheni referred me to a great dish made my Costco so Im REALLY looking forward to going up there this week and trying it out!! ...She definatley knows me b/c its a chicken dish and super easy!! My kind of meal!! Well off to put Jacob to bed and (hopefully get a back rub ) Goodnight! (I've posted a couple of pics of the bedding....minus the crib mom will make a couple for us...we weren't too fond of the "hippy" looking flowers on the sheet! :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Baby's Conversation with God...

A baby asked God, 'They tell me you are sending me to earth tomorrow, buthow am I going to live there being so small and helpless?' God said, 'Yourangel will be waiting for you and will take care of you.'The child further inquired, 'But tell me, here in heaven I don't have to doanything but sing and smile to be happy.' God said, 'Your angel will singfor you and will also smile for you. And you will feel your angel's loveand be very happy.'

Again the child asked, 'And how am I going to be able to understand whenpeople talk to me if I don't know the language?' God said, 'Your angelwill tell you the most beautiful and sweet words you will ever hear, andwith much patience and care, your angel will teach you how to speak.''

And what am I going to do when I want to talk to you?' God said,'Your angel will place your hands together and will teach you how to pray.''Who will protect me?' God said, 'Your angel will defend you even if itmeans risking its life.''But I will always be sad because I will not see you anymore.' Godsaid, 'Your angel will always talk to you about Me and will teach youthe way to come back to Me, even though I will always be next to you.'

At that moment there was much peace in Heaven, but voices from Earth could be heard and the child hurriedly asked, 'God, if I am to leave now,please tell me my angel's name.

'God said, 'You will simply call her, 'Mom.'

She's a mover and a shaker!!

Im so distracted right much as I want to blog I cant help but watch my tummy move as if somethings struggling to get out... It must be the chewy chips ahoy’s I’ve been eating! ...We had a pretty busy weekend consisting of MOPS on Saturday morning, an Easter Egg hunt on Saturday afternoon and then we took Jacob to get a fish for his Easter present...he loves it...every morning when he wakes up he askes to go see him...and then we feed him...its been fun seeing Jacob claim him as "his own!" ..we’ve named him Billy our Blue Beta although Jacob just calls him "Fishy" ...for Easter we went to church and then with Stevens family as well as my family we all met up at "The Ram" for a wonderful lunch buffet!!! It felt great to splurge!..We came home and did another egg hunt and Jacob ended up taking a 4 hour nap!!...Steve and I got a couple hours in too...all that food makes a person sleepy!! I worked today and Monday and had a lot of fun!! We did auto extrications today and ran trauma scenerios rained for about an hour but being the only female with a group of 20+ guys you get a little spoiled and they made sure I was was very sweet :) I applied to be a guinea pig up in’s for the "Philips" lab where they teach and show students as well as medical professionals how to use ultrasound they literally pay you to see your baby...its great!! So after filling out the application and getting my Dr’s approval..I got the call back today that I qualified!! ...and usually there are a couple of people in the room watching your u/s but the lady asked if I would mind a larger group...I told her the more the merrier...our little girl will already be famous and she hasn’t even been born yet!! I guess there will be quite the variety of people watching Ava on the latest 4-D equipment!!! ...That totally made my day...I had a 4-D with Jacob and loved previous Dr offered them...but my new Dr when a friend referred me up north I was thrilled I’d get to see Ava 4-D as well! (For free!!) ..and actually get!! ...Steven bought the chair railing for Jacob and Avas room so hes been working on that all night...the new Pottery Barn Kids collection comes out April 1st so Im anxiously waiting to see what they have...that way I can finally go buy Avas bedding...and then paint her’s killing me not being able to decorate yet!! Fyi...Jacobs voting begins tomorrow on the website for "Baby Idol"... he’s on the 2nd page under Jacob W can vote every 10 minutes let the games begin!! ...Well Im off to grab a bite to eat before bed!! Nite!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Our Peanut is....

Still a SHE-nut!!

we had a great ultrasound today...she was sleeping and facing my kidneys so the tech had me lay on my side and then tilted me back just to try and capture the "profile" shot for it was wasnt even that big of a deal but I could sense the tech was trying so hard to get it for us she checked the "money-shot" a couple of times for us...just to make sure...and shes definatley still a she...phew...most importantly she looked great...her heartrate was 154 and my placenta moved up like it was supposed to...which allows me to still be able to try for the VBAC as long as everything else goes as follows. Steven noticed she was sucking her thumb as she was was so cute...afterwards we went to the mall..(kid free...Jake was at my parents house)..and looked some summer clothes and had a great time...and even picked up an orange julius..yum yum! We came home and got ready for card night (one of our monthly gatherings we do with some friends of the family as well as my parents) My mom, Steven and I took Jacob to the park after lunch and they had some awesome "big kid toys" and with the help of Steven he was able to enjoy them like any other 5 year was such a beautiful afternoon for it too!...I was just happy Steven was able to have the day off to enjoy it with him! Well its getting late and we’ve got a busy day to bed I go!! Goodnight!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wordless Thursday???.....I love baby clothes!!!!

Keren...Dont' Play With Your Food!!

Isnt it nice to welcome in Spring with pouring down rain showers??? Ugh...lets hope it changes soon!! Im dying to wear my sandals!! I had a great lunch on Tuesday at Christys house with gourmet homemade pizza..courtsey of Morgans delicious dough recipie and the yummy onions and spices from Christy...mmm....her house was awsomely decorated in ALL green!!!...She’s really got to post pics b/c I cant describe all the stuff she had out!! It was great I really got the itch to go back to work so I went back on Wednesday and Thursday and had a great time...yes..I said it..."a great time" ...I really love what I do and have the best co-workers...its nice to get out for a few hours a day...!! I cant thank my good friend Morgan enough for watching Jacob the last 2 days...shes a godsend...and SO great with him...she took them on walks, and Jacob laid his head in her daughter, Sophias, lap (she's a month older) and she rubbed his precious is that??? She even went out and bought them special snacks...I really wish she’d open a daycare because she really does have a special touch and Im so lucky to know her...seriously...I owe you lunch next week!!! Today before we left I was "blowing" dry cheerios at Jacob...he got a real kick out of it...and our dog was loving eating them off the floor...well I wasnt thinking...and when I gave Jacob his bowl of dry cheerios he decided he wanted to be like mommy and blow them too...the only problem was that instead of blowing them dry, he wanted to chew them up and then spit them out!!...Oops ...moral of the story...don’t play with your food unless you want your kids to copy you!!...Also..tonight in the bath Jacob was tossing the bubbles out of the tub for our dog and he was not supposed to do everytime he did it I would swat him...well... he decided he could be his own "punisher" and he tossed some bubbles over...then said "no no" ..and spanked himself...hahaha...Im was so funny...but I controlled myself and "tried" to be serious...Steven took tomorrow off for the ultrasound and so Im really happy..although really nervous...Ive been hearing so many stories where people have been told they are having a girl and then they turn out to be a boy...not that having another boy would be bad...I’d just be out some seriously cute clothes...hoping to post a clear profile pic of HER tomorrow!! Its great to have him home..especially when he’s not sick!!...He’s a little more handy when he’s healthy! We’re going to go out to breakfast and then take Jacob to my moms...then she’ll watch him in the afternoon while we’re gone...tomorrow night we have card night at their house so he’ll just hang out with them until that night when we come back to play!!! A date "day!"
...well Steven just got home from his side job so we’re going to watch the highlights from todays NCAA playoffs...yipee!!...(not!)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

It's about time Jessica!!..We're so happy for you!!

I know its a few hours early but I couldnt resist....Happy St Patricks Day!!...Too bad I dont look good in green!!..ugh..Oh well..I guess if its just for one day!! Friday I met my friend Heather at the Tacoma Mall and we had a great time with the kids...(Dont mind what I previously said about putting the shopping on hold...oops!) We had a great time and I got some new jeans!!! That night we went to our friends house for a great dinner of lasagna!! We met with 4 other couples from our church and had a great time of fellowship!!! Saturday was spent with Stevens family in Shelton, we started out the day in Olympia for Jacobs first easter egg hunt!! Stevens mom works at a hospital and they had an employees (and their families) only hunt which was broken down by age groups...we bought Jacob a sports themed baskets and he called the eggs "balls" as soon as we showed him how to pick them up and put them in he figured it out and had a basket full of "eggs" by the time we were done!! It was a great photo-op and cant wait to do it again this next weekend!!...Steves aunt and uncle are back from AZ for the summer and we were very happy to see them as well!! We all went to a great lunch nearby and had a great time! I was in a "nesting" mood last night and apparantly steven was too because we spent a couple hours cleaning hit me that time is slowly creeping up and we havent even begun Ava’s room let alone finished Jacobs I hit panic mode today!! Thankfully my mom calmed me down and Im ok now...we do have the nursery theme picked out (see Ava Rose album) so thats a relief...and today we bought the pack n play so thats another weight lifted off my shoulder...its sold out online and sold out at the Tacoma store so I was thrilled to find it in the Southcenter Babies R Us today (see Ava Rose album)! We took my parents to the Rainforest Cafe for their birthdays and we all had a great time...(especially Jacob) he was there not that long ago and you could definaltley tell he remembered where he was!! He began jumping up and down in pure excitment!! ::Side Note:: Ava was moving so bad today during church that my shirt was shifting uncontrollably...what a also my great friend Jessica announced her pregnancy today (finally!!!)...along with another couple in that makes like 15 girls I know!! Lets keep em coming!!!
Goodnight All

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Holy Heartburn!!!

23 weeks down and the symptoms have finally begun....bring on the Zantac! I have always had to battle acid reflux but thanks to my love of Coke and my ever expanding tummy my reflux had become a daily occurance...I asked my Dr what she could do and she wrote me a perscription for Nexium...unfortunatley our insurance didnt cover it so I was stuck getting Zantac over the was either that at 150mg or Pepcid at 75mg...ummm obvious!! So I took it today and didnt have it too bad...I also went without breakfast which was my fault!! Moreso I now have heartburn...mind you reflux is different than heartburn...heartburn I can handle...I would definatley rather have that the the going back to the old wives should mean Ava will have a lot of hair!! :) one can only hope!! Tuesday night Steven went to a side job so I got my friend Renee together and we went to dinner at the local Mexican resturant in was very good and now Im looking forward to visiting there more often!! Yesterday we made our weekly trip to wal-mart...Im getting pretty good at figuring out what we need and going in such a particular order to where I dont need to retrace my steps... furthermore cutting out 30 minutes of wasted time...for Easter we are getting Jacob a couple of fish (his new obsession!) and a potty chair...he’s already gone a couple times in the toilet Im just not brave enough to a.) let him run around the house naked ...and b.) wear big boy underwear and consistantly soak himself... Im not sure if I even want him to be "potty trained" before Ava comes because I’ve heard they often "regress" after a new baby we’ll just play it by ear and see what happens...Im in no hurry...but thought what a practical gift to get (dont worry we bought our plastic eggs, a football easter basket and some candy too!) this morning I began a new Ladies Bible study on the book of "Daniel" taught by Beth Moore...if any of you are able to ever to a study by her I seriously reccommend it! Shes awesome and Im already looking forward to doing this weeks homework to learn more! I’ve realized I need to spend more time in the Word each week and Im hoping this may be my opportunity! **can you tell Im really excited???** after Bible study 2 of my girlfriends and I went to North Bend and shopped our brains out!! The best thing was that there were no babies!! (Except for Truitt...nursing baby..which was fine...we all got our baby fix and he did great!) We all managed to find a lot at Carters, OshKosh, Motherhood Maternity (3 shirts!) GAP and Childrens place!!...I must say it was a very successful trip!! So because of my shopping trips on Sunday and today I’ve officially cut myself off for a while...(*a week or so...maybe?) I will post pics asap! I cant wait to hang them all up! I just hope Im buying the right sizes to fit her in the correct seasons!! ...if not I know a lot of girls having girls I can give them Im sitting here myself (Steves gone again) and Im hoping to catch up on some TiVo and just takes a lot out of a girl!!
PS... Happy Birthday Daddy!!

Until Tomorrow,

Monday, March 10, 2008

There's a party going on in my uterus....

Yesterday after church we went out to lunch with our friends Chris and Angela making it a record setting 5 times I've eaten at Red Robin in 9 days...ouch! lol thankfully when I weighed in at my Dr appt today I was just at my prepregnancy weight so technially I still havent gained a pound which is incredibly surprising b/c of all those steak fries and girl scout cookies I'd been eating... by this time my "weight tracker" says I should be up 10-15lbs by now so Im happy to be below average...(for now) lol Im hoping Ava is smaller than Jacob b/c that may increase my chance for a natural delivery...we also went to the Supermall and found SO many darn cute outfits at Carters, Old Navy, OshKosh and Gap!!...the spring stuff is in and the winter stuff is on clearance so we definatley made out...*I'll post pics soon!! We played guitar hero for a couple hours while Jacob was were on a mission to get 4 stars on all of the songs on medium...we're too chicken to move on to "hard" gets pretty tricky on that level! Tonight our church is having a ladies night out at The Spaghetti Factory so Im looking forward to that...not to mention Steves excited for a date night (to Home Depot..and a bike ride) with Jacob!...I think I've decided on the nursery theme...I Im so indecisive!! Im leaning towards the birds...but we'll see. At my next dr appt I sign all of the paperwork for my VBAC and we'll go over in detail more of that procedure (Im so excited!) ...I also have to do the Glucose testing...with Jacob I had to fast before the test and this time I dont which is nice! I will just go in before my appt and drink the juice and exactly 1 hour after my schedule OB appt I will go back down to the lab and have my blood drawn..hopefully my results will come back normal...with Jacob they did not and I had to go back for a follow-up appt...(which came back clear) Im trying to eat a little healthier so I wont have to do that again!! :)
until next time!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sick, Sick, Sick!!!

Yup...thats right...sick!! And its getting really old, really fast....I feel like a smoker after 50 years...I swear Im going to cough up a lung next! Ahh!!!**I dont know weather I can take any meds or Im just fighting this one out...and "trying" to let it not stop me from my daily grind!!...I got spoiled by my mommy group on Wednesday and ate a delicious dinner and had some wonderful laughs...(body pillow Steph?) Thursday I met with my good friend Pam and we went to see the newest addition to our church family..little Anna Sophia was born wednesday night!! Unfortunatley I didnt hold her but I did manage to admire her from a safe as soon as I feel better Im all over her like white on rice!!! From there we went to lunch (kid free) at Red Robin and had a great time together!! That night I was at Suzies house while we entertained each other b/c our hubbys were we just hung out and also had a great time so much so that we were back over Friday night for dinner and Guitar Hero...and Phase 10... :) Im so happy they are back in Puyallup!! My MOPS group also took an outing to the Tacoma Childrens Museum on Friday so Jake and I went on a date together and had a great time with the other mommies and babies!! **Plus mommy got a kickin workout walking up the hills in downtown Tacoma!! Today was our bi-weekly meeting for MOPS so from 10-noon thats where Jacob and I were...I made some cute coasters for our house too!! After MOPS we were off to the Beautiful Baby Contest at the mall...a different company ran it this year and we were quite dissapointed...there were over 100 kids and they only awarded 1 winner in 4 age groups...not one boy winner or one girl winner just one total...we all thought that was kinda odd...I was feeling sick and never even saw who one the "toddler" division...we just decided to go home b/c it was far beyond nap time...moms know what Im talking about!! lol..nevertheless we got some good pics of him running to my mom on the runway and cheesin it up to the judges...after he went down I too, took a nap and then made a dessert to take to our friends house for dinner at 6 we were at our friends with another couple and had a great time! Not to mention she gave me more girl clothes!!! (Pics to follow :) Yay!! :) So I have a dilema...I think Im giving up the idea to try and "design" a nursery for Ava...I need to be realistic on time and considering Jacobs room isnt even done yet I should probably consider buying Avas bedding so this is where I ask your opinion...Im literally stuck!! I cant make up my mind between 2 different if I post the 2 pics will you let me know which one you like best...or if you dont like one at all!?!..I need to get going on her nursery...too much to do little time! to set the clocks ahead an hour...ugh!!!
(here are the 2 nursery styles...please share opinions!!) Thanks everyone!!

...ok it seems at if "blogger" is having some issues I will try the pics in a new post...if that doesnt work...we'll try tomorrow!!

PS...In the bedding with the flowers we WOULDNT be using the "hippy" looking flower crib sheet...thats when it really pays to have your mom make the sheet!!

Ok...I tried to upload the pics and they still aren't working so I will just post a direct link... is one of the 2 we are thinking of... the other one is this one... help!!! I cant decide :) thanks!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

All Hail the Thin Mint!!

Man I've seriously been slacking on my blogging bad!! Its been pretty busy the last couple of days here at the Fenton household...Friday my mom and I went and found some fabric for Avas goal is to design her whole room and so far I've been pretty successful on finding the fabrics I want to use...thankfully I have an amazingly talented mom who can sew wonderfully!!..Its been "our" little project to work on and we're having a lot of fun coming up with the design!! I'll post pics when we narrow it down some more...that night we had the awesome priviledge of going to our good friends book signing and release party!! This is the 2nd book that has been released in a 3 part series...I strongly reccomend it to anyone!! You can see their website here and learn more about the books the are working on...the next one will be a novel and will be coming out 8-8-08! **They created a character of me on the cover of the new book!! :) Im so excited about it!! <---- check out their site and buy a book!! I can even get it autographed for you!! :) Saturday we went to church to watch the kids race their pine cars in the annual derby we have it was so fun and I cant wait to make a car next year!!...Afterwards my mom and dad and steve jake and I went to Red Robin for lunch and it was sooo good!!...Since it was so nice out we rode out bikes around Orting for a few miles to enjoy the nice weather...PS as we drove by Safeway we spotted the girl scouts..and we invested in a few boxes...oh yeah baby..move over slurpees..there's a new kid in town "all hail the thin mint!" That night our friends Ben and Heather invited us over for a movie night and we watched was actually pretty good...kinda like the Invasion of the Body Snatchers...but better! Sunday we had church and then came home to do naps and then went back to Heathers for yet another movie night..this time it was Beowolf...alright...not really my type but Steven liked it!..I needed to branch out anyways! Today my BFF had a day off and she took Jacob and I to Red Robin for lunch!!!! It was so wonderful!! We had a great always!!! We came back to do naps and then met up again at Sakuras for dinner...this time Steven came along and we had a babysitter for Jacob! It was so nice to not have to rush while eating!!..I forgot what it was like to actually "enjoy" a meal! lol..I mean that in a good way! We also got a chance to browse Borders and I bought "the girlfriends guide to toddlers" ! Im excited to read t tonight because I really liked her humor in her previous book! But I was also eyeing the "no cry discipline solution" had a lot of good advice so we may order that one next! Anyhoots steven playing guitar hero and Im getting I go to show him who's boss!!