Monday, June 30, 2008

Maternity Pictures!!

I am so blessed to be great friends with Christy Pelland...
she's gone out of her way, including an amazingly busy schedule, to make sure I had some professional pictures taken while Im still pregnant!
Not to mention, she also hosted the couples shower for Steven and I.
I couldn't be more grateful for our friendship and feel as if I'll never be able to repay her for all she's invested!! If you or anyone you know, needs a photographer for an upcoming wedding please visit or her blog that she updates daily at ...she is so good at what she does and never ceases to amaze me!! Heck, even I thought I looked pretty good at 37 weeks...
she MUST be amazing!!!
Here are a few of my favorite pictures.... enjoy!

Sunday, June 29, 2008


What a beautiful (but hot) day here in the great state of Washington!! I could complain about the scorching heat, the endless sweating, the sticky clothes, but since it's nearly July and this is the first hot weekend, I'll keep my mouth shut (even though I have the "Im ginormously pregnant" excuse), the excitment of Norahs impending arrival far outweighs the heat exhaustion. I was hit with the "nesting stick" this weekend and on Friday I really wanted to wash my car. I usually do this at my parents house b/c my dad will watch Jacob while I detail the car. Oddly enough, I love to wash the car so no sympathy votes needed here (re: nesting) lol there was only one problem. As fast as I was washing the car, the sun was drying the soap to it. It was so frustruating because I think I ended up washing the car like 3 times in order to keep up with the sun (Note to self: Wash the car earlier in the morning so its not as hot out) not to mention I still had to do the wheels,vaccuum and clean the interior!! (Now you see why Im thankful to have a babysitter!) My mom also had the day off so she went to a local cafe and brought us back yummy sandwiches!! (I was having a serious craving for egg salad sandich and the fact that they give you a pickle for each order completely topped it off!) It was so delicious!! From there, the plan was to walk the mall with my mom but the 2 hour battle with washing my car wiped me out and so we just settled for pedicures :) (and a slurpee!) My toes look great but I had to suffer in order to get them done...ugh! This is the 2nd (and last time) I've walked out of that salon in pain...I told the lady I had a small blister on my toe...and she still proceeds to rub it with nail polish remover!!! Then when she was cuticle cuting she went down to far and as she applied the nail polish it felt as if acid was being poured into an open wound :( so if any of you know of a great nail place...I'd love to hear about it!! (vent over) all in all it was a great day and I enjoyed spending the day with my mom and dad!! That night Steven must have been bitten by the "nesting bug" as well because we cleaned until nearly 1am! Sadly, we enjoyed it and had a great nights rest knowing the house was literally "spotless!" :) On Saturday, Jessica threw a shower for me and I had such a great time!! Yes, it was very hot but thankfully the shade helped to cool us off...(a little) :) She had some great games and the best part was the all you can eat ice cream with almost every topping imaginable!! I was so happy to have my best friends there to help celebrate!! I posted some new pictures of it if you'd like to see!! Unfortunatley we didnt get the "group" picture soon enough and missed a few people :( thats what Photoshop is for right?? Later in the evening Chris and Angela invited us to dinner and the boys enjoyed splashing around in the pool while we enjoyed some delicious pulled pork sandwiches!! We look forward to joining them on Wednesday for a Mariners game!! (yay!!) Today after church we went to Katies parents house in Edgewood and spent a great deal of the afternoon in their was SO NICE!! I didnt feel pregnant, all the extra weight was unnoticed in the water and I literally could have spent all evening in there as well!! Steven, Jacob and I definatley were thankful for that opportunity because it took our minds off of the 90 degree weather (heck, even Buddy came in a couple times!) Tomorrow Im looking forward to joining Christia and Carly at Dash Point for the afternoon! I also have yet another baby shower at 6:30 tomorrow night and another on Wednesday!...yes I will have gone to 5 baby showers in 11 days!! I can't complain...I love showers, and babies!! So this week is sure to be a busy one!! Ok Im officially sweating in places I didnt know were to jump in a cool shower!!!
Love, Keren :)

Friday, June 27, 2008

Opinions Needed....

Ok so we've pretty much decided our little girl is going to be a "Nora/Norah"...
Problem is, Im completely torn on weather to leave or drop the "h"
and Im curious to see what you all think!! So...which do you prefer...

Norah Kate or Nora Kate??
Thanks a bunch!!
(Now get outside and enjoy this sun!)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

I've Been Stripped!!

...well kind of
She more of less "teased my cervix" she couldnt quite strip them yet but is hopeful that if I dont have her by next Friday (my next appt) she'll be able to fully strip the membranes (I was surprised b/c it didnt hurt at all..until now)! On a positive note her head did drop quite a bit and she could feel her right away!! So its nice to know that the pain I felt this week was a result of something!! Her heartrate has been in the 130's for the last month which amazes me because A) I drink Coke like its going out of style and B) Old Wives Tales say girls hearts beat faster....crazy!! My Doctor also thinks shes going to be smaller thank Jacob...phew! and also suggested some interesting techniques to bring on labor..some I will try...and some I I'll spare you the details but I couldnt help but laugh!! The receptionists also shared their ideas, once again, interesting!! So as a result of the attempted "strip" Im crampy tonight which bums me out because I was supposed to meet my friends at the zoo today and I'll bet those hills would have totally helped my progress. On a happier note, my mom is taking me for a pedicure tomorrow for a girls day and my dad is watching Jacob!! Maybe we'll walk the Supermall a few times...that should get things going right?
Thank you everyone for your thoughts and well wishes I've got some great friends!!

PS Does anyone know if Tacoma General has WiFi? I'd love to bring the laptop with us...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hello, Im Keren and I am a birthing ball addict.

Man, I've totally gone off the deep end when it comes to blogging...the time I usually spend doing the blog has now shifted to nesting :) I've already started off the week fairly busy which has been great because it keeps us occupied and time seems to go by much faster!! We had a great weekend getting the house organized and put together (Stevens nesting too ) Im so thankful to have a husband who loves to clean and organize as much as I do...I can already see a little OCD in Jacob too (hehe) Stevens mom and dad took Jacob for the weekend so I was able to go to my Dr appt on Friday as well as Costco with my dad, solo...its was a nice break! On Saturday I had the pleasure of attending my good friend Danielles shower!! She's expecting a little boy a few weeks after me!! (See picture)

I had a lot of fun and hope she did as well! From there I came back home and waited for Steven to get home from a side job that took him nearly to Oregon but it was well worth it and he got done earlier than expected!! We decided we might as well have a date night and decided to hit up our favorite restruant, Sakruas for some mighty good food...(probably what I miss most about not living in Tacoma anymore) from there we went to the Emerald Queen for some blackjack and we both came out winners!! Not a whole lot but enough to take care of our dinner and gas!! Well worth the time spent together and we had a blast!! There wont be many more (if any) of those date nights in the near future, but thats totally ok with me, better rewards are waiting!! We met Stevens parents at Red Robin in Olympia to retrieve our son :) It was a fun break but we were so happy to see him again..especially after 2 nights!! On monday, my good friend Angela and I went to some local baby shops to check out what they had...I was extremely impressed with Sugarbabies in Sumner, the service was great and the products are amazing!!! We werent as impressed with Mom and Co on 176th and Meridian...although if you're looking for maternity clothes, they had a great selection...for those of you on a more generous budget I may add. We took the boys to the McDonalds across the street where they have a huge playyard in a dinosaur theme, they both did really good and were ready for naps that afternoon! Our new youth pastor's wife is expecting a little boy 5 days after me so that night our church threw her a baby shower! It was a lot of fun and I cant wait to meet little Noah! Im shooting for the trifecta because it is very possible that her, Danielle and I could all go into labor together...and we're all delivering at Tacoma General...hmmm do you think they'd do a 3 for 1 discount on the room rates?? (hehe) Tuesday I met up with Pam (and kids!) and we had a picnic at a local park in Puyallup! It was so nice outside and the kids were all sweaty from playing so hard!! I think I may have even gotten a little sun too!! I woke up yesterday morning with extreme pain/acheness/pressure in the "baby region" it totally took me by surprise and I felt as if (sorry tmi ahead...) a head was already coming out!! (sorry!) but I couldnt sleep and it hurt!! Needless to say I didnt wait long to call the Dr and find out what I could take...took some Tylenol and bought a birthing ball. Apparantly what I was feeling was "lightening" (whatever that means) and the baby "dropped" I could see how they would say that...I felt as if she was going to fall out!! I did not feel anything like this with Jacob so Im staying hopeful! I've got a Drs appt tomorrow and hoping she'll tell me that that feeling is progress (Im nearly at a 2 as of last weeks appt)!! After bouncing on the ball all night (wonderful investment by the way!) I decided I needed to go walking today...thankfully Christia and Suzie were totally game for the exercise and we all did a few miles here in Orting!! It actually felt really good and Im also hoping that stirred things up!! I got my diaper bag today in the mail!!
(Yay for craigslist!) and I must begin packing...not only for me but for Steven, Jacob and Norah too!! (now you can see why Im putting if off...) but really...we're going to the zoo tomorrow after my Dr appt and wont want to pack now is as good of time as any!! Off I go!!

PS. Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!! They celebrated 30 years together yesterday!! (I was trying to find a picture of the both of them on my computer but was unsuccessful ) will try and post one later!! They are wonderful role models for Steven and I and we cant wait to see them celebrate 30 more happy years together!!!

(This is the diaper bag I bought!)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!

(Steven and Jacob Jan 2008 San Francisco)
I could go on and on about how lucky I am to have Steven not only as an amazing husband but a perfect daddy for Jacob!! He was definatley meant to have son and Im equally as excited to see how he'll do with a little girl!! It might soften him up a bit (hehe) even though today was "his day" he didnt hesitate at all to changing Jacobs diapers, helping me clean the house, and making everyone that came over feel welcome. As soon as he walks into the door Jacobs screaming "Daddy Daddy!!!" and jumps into his arms...I could watch that day after day and not get sick of it!! I am so blessed to have a husband who, from day 1 never complained about dirty diapers, crying or temper tantrums, he's the most patient person I know (why do you think he married me?) hehe!!

...and as far as my dad is concerned Im doubly blessed!! He babysits Jacob for us at least once a week and spends the whole time down on the floor with him reading book after book (its the Librarian in him!) he takes Jacob up to the park as well as pulls him around in the laundry hamper all over the house and that is why Jacob loves his papa!! It been so fun watching my Dad (and my mom!) take on the grandparent roll, they've adjusted quite well and in my opinion are professionals!!! I feel so lucky to have a dad who is so smart and wise. I think there's something to be said about having a 'older' dad. Hes taught me about healthy eating habits, going to the doctors/dentists for regular visits, setting up a budget (although at some times we weren't as good at that!) , the importance of a good education, helping us get our life insurance, setting up our investment accounts but most importantly he is a true man of God and an excellent role model for both Steven and I on what a Christian is about. He's in the Word everyday and is constantly encouraging us through the gospel and reminding us about the true reward, not materialistic items. but our personal relationship with the Lord! And for that I am so grateful!!

We went to early service today at church in order to be home in time to get lunch started with my mom before Steven's family came over around 1. We had the most amazing food which included flank steak, potato skins, ceaser salad, fruit salad and my ice cream/oreo dessert!!! Our original plan was to eat at the dining room table but it was so nice out that we decided to do it picnic style on our patio!! It was so fun to watch Jacob and Serena play in the backyard, they were so worn out afterwards I have no doubt they both had great naps!! Steven and his brother Chris played with the football and Jacob had a grin from ear to ear (making Daddy and Papa so proud) you couldnt wipe that smile off Jacobs face seeing his dad throw the ball back and forth...we've been teaching him to run as well as kick the ball because we want him to know that you can do other things with it besides throw it!! ( least in football!) he getting the hang of it and now runs up and down the yard with the football practicing up on his skills!! It was such a rewarding day and I think everyone had a great time...having the sun out sure helped too!!
On Wednesday I had a Dr's appt which turned out better than I was expecting. She checked me and said I was already at a good 1 cm! Now I've heard from a lot of you that it means nothing but since I stayed completely shut with Jacob even after 41 weeks this gives me hope!! (I was only 35 weeks 6 days when she checked me!) At least at a 1 they can strip your membranes which is more than I ever had done with Jacob! ((Im desperate and holding onto hope that I may actually go into labor naturally!!) **keeping fingers crossed!** So needless to say it made my afternoon...until I realized I had a bladder infection. Ouch. I was in a lot of pain for a day or so but I was able to pick something up at Safeway which was a miracle drug!! I went to my family Dr. on Thursday and she said it was pretty much all cleared up...phew!! Im so glad thats over with!! Saturday was filled with a 2nd birthday party for Jacobs friend Luke which was a blast (it was spiderman themed, and included games for the kids as well as a pinata!) then off we went to my best friends sisters grad party!! (congrats Emily!) and then off to dinner we went at the Mullens house with 2 other couples (the Nelsons and Millers!!) It was a fun filled day and thankful that it stayed dry out...needless to say, we slept great!! So on that happy note...Im off to get some ice cream :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I was tagged by Pam and Amy for this meme!

You can only type ONE Word!

Where is your cell phone? Couch
Your significant other? Blessing
Your hair? Down
Your Mother? Generous
Your father? Intelligent
Your favorite thing? Family
Your dream last night? Clueless
Your favorite drink? Coke
Your dream/goal? Travel
The room you're in? Family
Your hobby? Shopping
Your fear? Cancer
Where do you want to be in 6 years? Fit
Where were you last night? Home
What you're not? Hot
One of your wish list items? Flatscreen
Where you grew up? Milton
The last thing you did? Texted
What are you wearing? pj's
Your TV? Backyardigans
Your pets? Love
Your computer? Laptop
Your life? Blessed
Your mood? Blah!
Missing someone? Parents
Your car? Sorento
Something you're not wearing? shoes
Favorite store? Target
Your summer? Nasty
Like someone? yes
Your favorite color? Brown
When is the last time you laughed? today
Last time you cried? weeks
Who will reply? Michelle

Now, I tag anyone who wants to do it! Let me know if you're doing it, I'd love to read your answers!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Reason #47,584,638 Im excited to have a little girl....

heežlaržižous [he-lair-ee-uhs] - noun: extremely funny, completely soft, fully functional high heel crib shoes for babies. Not intended for walking
(heel will collapse with weight).
Not intended to harm children in any way.
WARNING: May cause extreme smiling and hysterical laughter when in use
(this is completely normal).
**The problem is deciding which pair to get!!!
Now I know why Steven is scared to death to have a little girl!!
..if you are interesting in joining in my new obession

Monday, June 9, 2008


So what I thought was going to be a casual Southern Fried Sunday BBQ with the Mom (and Dad) and Baby Group turned out to be a suprise "Sprinkle" for me....I was completely stunned and amazed at how well the girls pulled it off!! I had NO idea!! Everyone made me feel so special and we had a great time. There was amazing food which consisted of "pulled" pork sandwhiches (lol Danielle) potato salad, mashed potatoes, coleslaw, mac n cheese and more!! Stepheni brought adorable pink cupcakes for dessert and they were a big hit (especially with the kids!) Christy took some maternity pictures of Steven and I out in her field and I cant wait to see them, she's amazing at what she does!! We were also able to get an updated picture of us girls...(well..most of us) unfortunatley Kari and Renee had to leave early and we missed Morgan but maybe Christy can photoshop them in!! *see default picture...dont we look like we're the new Desperate Housewives...minus the Desperate part..hehe!! Norah got diapers in all sizes from Newborns to 3's as well as a beautiful nursing wrap made by Danielle and gift cards galore!! I even got a little pink sleeper made by the same company that did our bedding so she will blend into her crib!! We are so blessed to have such amazing friends who would come out on a Sunday to celebrate our little girl!!Thank you so much Christy and Shaun for hosting us as you have outdone yourself yet again, as well as Michelle and Derek, Kari and Josh, Danielle and Brandon, Jessica and Tod, Danielle and Terry, Renee and Brandy, Stepheni and Joey and Stacia!!...and all of our little babies that kept us so entertained this evening!!What a evening to remember!!!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

All in a weeks work!!

As much as I love to blog everyday, this week got the best of me and Ive put it off until today!! On Monday I got to spend the day with Suzie and Christia at the Supermall for some causal "mall walking" (hehe) which was obviously hard to do but we all picked up great deals on clothes and we enjoyed great food (cookie dough blizzard and auntie annes pretzels with cheese sauce make a great duo!) I found a 24.00 shirt for jacob for less than 4.00 at Nordstrom Rack and snagged up a cute elephant onesie at GAP for the baby. Its been so hard this whole pregnancy trying to restrain myself from buying things so I should say this with a disclaimer *for those of you who are expecting a little girl prepare yourself!! You may want to speak to your lender about refinancing your house before you go shopping! :) Although with gas prices the way they are, Im naturally finding myself sticking closer to home and not wanting to 'venture' out too far away :( (thats what online shopping is for right?) Jacobs friend Reese came over on Thursday to spend the day with Jacob so her mom (Christy) could get some work done for her photography business :) we were very happy to help her out and learned a new great recipie for amazing bananna pancakes which she came over and made herself just for us!! Jacob also fell in love with the juice Reese was drinking (Odwalla Strawberry Bananna which is loaded with a pound of fruit in each bottle) I was impressed so we may just have to start buying that!! **funny story...I picked up Jacob and noticed he was wet so I went to get him a change of pants and a new diaper. I stupidly took off his diaper before hand and had to run upstairs to get his new clothes....bad move poor Reese was sitting in the wagon playing with Jacob, he decided he needed to join her in the wagon, stand on the seat...and pee on the floor of the wagon...just barely missing little Reese...I think we officially traumatized her!! Although judging by her face she was as happy as a clam playing and Im not sure she even noticed what happened but when I came downstairs and saw him doing that I thought he was peeing on her..not to mention he said "uh oh..ewww...pee pee" as if he knew what he was doing was wrong!! Oh man...boys will be boys...Christy sure got a kick of the story though :) (thank goodness!) We went and played cards at my parents house Wednesday night and had a great time, especially since Steven and I each won! On Friday we had dinner with some friends from church as well as our Pastor and his wife. Time slipped away from us as it was nearly 3 hours after we got there, we were all still enjoying great conversation!! The food was amazing and Im on a mission to gather recipies from everything we ate in hopes to make everything on my own sometime soon!! My parents took Jacob for the night so Steven and I took full advantage of our evening by ourselves and went to see the movie "The Strangers" based on the previews it looked really good and scary (our favorite type of movie) but I felt as if the whole movie was just prepping us for a sequel. There was no plot or set up to really give us any information to what the movie was about. It wasnt bad I was just a little dissappointed. Needless to say I am anxiously awaiting the new M. Knight Shamalyan movie coming out next Friday! This morning Steven and I woke up early in order to be at the Tapps Island garage sale when it started at 9am...we were very successful and it was so worth it!! Steven found a steal of a deal, buying a 300.00 golf driver for 10.00!!! Every guy who's house we stopped at noticed what Steve was holding and was shocked at the deal he got...some even offered to give him more money than he paid for it!! It was great to hear the feedback on what he got...definatley made Steven day...Jacob got basketball hoop for 2.00 a vaccuum for 1.00 (he loves to help us vaccuum) and some other misc toys as well as some new clothes for him and his sister ;) I started getting little contractions which were mostly painless but nevertheless I could feel the tightening!! If I was due any sooner I would have try to stay all day to get things going but its a little early to meet her so I tried not to overdue it!! We ran into Cris and Jessica and they drove us back to our car when we were done (thank you!) and we also saw my friends Jessica and Christy as well as Mandi, who was selling stuff at her parents house!! The rain held off for the most part which was a relief but last year was definatley much better averaging 80 degree temps!! My parents offered to watch Jacob all afternoon while we were garage saling so when it came time to pick him up, we were both so ready to see him! The first thing out of his mouth when he saw Steven was "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy" !!! He read Steven the book "When You Give a Mouse a Cookie" and he knew what everything was on each page!! He can also read "Brown Bear Brown Bear, What Do You See" page by page!! We are so proud of him and his love for books, he definatley doesnt take after me or Steven but after my Mom and Dad. As soon as we get to their house, he grabs his box of books for them and brings them over for them to read to him...he's got to be on their laps too, (which they especially enjoy that special time with him) I love seeing him get so excited! So we picked him up and grabbed a late lunch and got the urge for a slurpee so since Steven doesnt drink them he usually buys a scratch ticket so we each get something. Well this time... he got a ticket and won 100.00! It was quite the surprise and we were elated!! A perfect end to a fun weekend!! Now if only the sun would come out :) God Bless,Keren!!
PS- We've been really trying to install: Please, Thank You, Excuse You, Excuse Me...into Jacob so as I was typing this, I sneezed 3 or 4 times, and from the other room I heard him say "Excuse You Mommy" ...Steven and I couldnt help but giggle and say Thank you Jacob!! Oh, fun times :)