Thursday, November 29, 2007


Im so stinkin mad james got voted off survivor tonight...i wanted him to win the whole I dont even care who wins!! And on the subject of complaining...whats the deal with people giving us such a bad time about living in orting...does that mean nobody should live in florida in fear of hurricanes??? or nobody should live in Kansas because of tordandos??? A volcano hasnt blown up here in over 25 years!! There are tornados and hurricanes every year over there and people still manage to live there...ahhh I love our little town...we're no farther away from church/parents house than when we lived in tacoma...but we're much from gangs/violence and we have over 40 mins to evacuate "if" the lahar siren goes off...and we're less than 10 mins from a anyways...met up with steven for lunch, went to home depot paid bills (yuk!) we get the sheetrock coated tomorrow!!! ...and the hardwood is installed...just have the carpet left!! yay!! Was planning on going to a pampered chef party tonight but found no one to watch jake and I didnt want to have to chase him around the whole night so we had to bail...but I'm still planning on ordering...there's something I want to get my mom from christmas that I have and love! Instead angela invited me over for pizza and "Survivor" ...jake ended up having a 101 temp...drugged him up...good to btw...if you've never seen a "temporal thermometer" ...they are awesome!! you just swipe it from the forehead across to the temple and it reads the temp! its so simple and adding it to my christmas list...its great for all ages...and doesnt involve shoving something up your kids know...gross!! I highly recommend it...and your kids will thank you!!on that happy note :)until tomorrow,keren!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


It's been awhile i fault...too stinkin busy...and we had a wonderful Thanksgiving...although I had no appetite...which sucked b/c of all holidays when you want to eat the most this is it and everything looked gross...except my mother in laws fruit that seems to be all I want to eat...especially pineapple...oh yeah stevens family went over to my mom and dads for dinner and we all sorted through the ads and found a couple things we liked...and of course watched football...duh lol after dinner we went to my bff katies house to meet her new man and spend time with her family and friends socializing and playing some fun games...jake went home with stevens parents for 2 nights we were kid free! Friday I met up with my friend michelle and we were at old navy early...4:30...but not early enough...the mp3 players were already gone...I will remember that for next year...I did manage to get some cute clothes though so it made it all worth it! After shopping a bit we ran into Stepheni and hit up Sharis for was a nice break...the lines were crazy at the've got to have quite the stamina to spend all day there...especially when pretty much all the stuff you wanted to get is already I got some stuff for Jake at toys r us...the lines there werent bad at all ...that was a nice relief! Saturday did some more shopping while steve put up our new hardwood flooring...its almost done..ptl! Saturday a bunch of guys from the church played football in the was a lot of fun watching all of them...they all did a great job and paid for it on sunday at church...we had some sore sore sat night jake and I went on a date to the superall (so steve could work again and be loud) so we played in the inside kids some ice cream and went to the toy stores...we had a great time :) sunday was church and then football...because the hawks played early steven and I went to the early service so we could be home in time to watch the game but instead his brother and dad came over to help him on the flooring and I took jake over to chris and angelas with me to watch the game...always a fun time! Monday was angelas baby shower at the church...she got some great little baby clothes...i cant wait to meet her little guy!! I love new babies! :) ...oh speaking of babies...I've had the weirdest cravings ...on sat night I wanted...I mean..needed peppermint ice we went to our local safeway and they were out!! we drove all the way to sumner and got (along with 3 pack of reeses caramel peanut butter cups!) so on monday night I just wanted some mexican beans and rice so after the shower I went up to melaques and ordered take out...drove it all the way home to orting and plopped on my bed and scarffed it down! lol tuesday we did our "mommy" group thing! Playgroup and then the Ram for lunch...they were very accomodating giving the kids balloons and crackers and carrots and ranch dressing before we even ordered!...Love it! ...Then michelle and I did some "shopping" for our hubbys...and were successful...cant wait to give it to him! Tues night we went to our good friends matt and pams house for a very yummy dinner! shes sooo sweet....she was originally going to make pasta but when she found out it made me nauseous she made fried rice too!! I love her...what a friend! Her brother came over and we played taboo for a few hours...we had a lot of always! Today we surprised steven at the house he was working on and took him to lunch, went to the bank, and then to I am catching up on some online shopping while jakes sleeping! ...(kinda)...more like singing to himself... btw...if I ask him where the baby is he will point to my belly button...too cute :) lol oh yeah...we scheduled our first ultrasound for christmas eve...I thought that was cool...our own little gift...we will get to see this baby...(hopefully just one) for the first time on Christmas eve! and unlike with jake he was only 7 weeks along so it was a very little picture...he just looked like a grain of rice...this time he/she will be about 12 weeks along..much bigger! and praise the lord...Im not nearly as queezy anymore...begininning to finally enjoy being pregnant...for thanks for letting me ramble...believe it or not I also use this "blog" to keep track of whats going on for me although you all may think its useless info it helps me keep my days straight!!until tomorrow,me!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I cant thank you all enough for all the prayers and thoughts you've sent my way the past day...its been truly overwhelming and I love you all!! Steven and I both got our blood drawn again yesterday and surprisingly they had the results today...we were thinking monday so that was a praise! So basically we were told this has nothing to do with our rh levels or our blood types...Im O+ as well as steven....Im also Rh positive...good things as what they were concerned about was that I had a negative antibody trace come up and they wanted to know where I got it from turns out steve is a carriers for the "little c" antibody...which carries a (+) link ...surprisingly I got exposed to it when they cut Jacob out of me for his c-section...his blood somehow mixed back in with mine on the day of delivery...very odd...i know...thankfully when they did the titer on me yesterday my "little c +" antibody count was extremely low...thats a good was almost 0 ...we want it to be as low as nurse practicioner was so optimistic about it and told me it was like instead of pouring a cup full of red dye into a gallon of water for me it was a drop of dye...that could only be measured through the blood draw...when my Dr called me today she seemed a little more concerned...I dont know if thats just her personality...(doesnt like to sugar coat...which is good) or if she's just not as emotional...either way she said we'll have to do blood work at every appt...(yes...i will look like a heroin user after about a few months!) lol just to make sure my levels dont go up...(thats when it gets scary...that would mean the baby would have a chance of getting anemia in the womb...many different scenerios could happen if that was the case) so far, so good...I just ask that you continue to pray that my levels will stay very low and we'll have a competely normal and healthy baby! (notice I used a singular tense...) I sure hope there is only one little bean in there!! Thank you soooo much everyone and I hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow with your families during Thanksgiving!!...oh yeah and on a happier note...yes you'd better believe I will be at Old Navy at 5 in the morning...i want my free mp3 player baby! Ps...if any of this did not make sense let me know..i know I can sometimes ramble and go off subject... :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I'm not going to's been hard didnt start out that way...I had a great time at playgroup...we even celebrated 6 babies birthdays and we followed it up with lunch at the rock...unfortunatley all i was able to eat was some salad and a piece of pizza with no cheese or toppings...ugh. The coke was good though :) Then I get home to find a voicemail on my cell from my nurse practicioner wanting me to call her back..but not to i think ok prob...I call her back and she informs me my blood work was a little "off" and that not only do I need to go back for some more blood to be drawn but for steven to do it as well...she tries to explain what they found but it didnt make sense...even when I asked again for some "reassurance" from what she explained its an antibody thing...involving the "little c" antibody...i tried googling it but there's really nothing on it...and what there IS on it is scary to read...she didnt want me to look it up online for that reason...she doesnt want me to freak out but how can I not??? From what I've read there's a high miscarriage rate and strong need for possible blood transfusions either in utero or as soon as he/she's born...not to mention the fact that my kid could possible have some rare blood disorder...I dont know what to think...i can only think of the worst situation and it sucks! I've been praying all day for strength (emotionally) and for the Drs wisdom to know what to do ...if that is the case....I'd totally appreciate your prayers as well...Im desperate...and sick of crying today... :( thank you all so much!love,Me

Monday, November 19, 2007


Happy 27th Birthday Steven!! Im going to make this short and sweet because a. I gotta tinkle and b. Im going to watch a movie with Steven...and he's anxiously waiting :) the drs appt went great..i loved the nurse I met with and we really got along well...she spent over an hour with me and just got to know my history I got a flu shot :) lol wasnt planning on it but its a special kind they give pg women and it didnt hurt at all...although im a little sore now :) then I went downstairs to the lab...peed in a cup and gave more blood...but..i didnt have to get checked out..."down there" yet...not until the 14th when I go for my first official appt...then at 12 weeks we get to see our little guy movin...cant wait! this preg. seems to be flying so fast...i cant believe by the end of the year i will already be 3 months! wow! After steven got home we ordered our cabinets!! yay!! finally...he's going to try and rush them too...the even cooler thing is that he let us get the huge molding for no additional cost!! our old kitchen didnt have molding around it at excited to see what it will look like around cabinets! Next we met my parents at black angus for a wonderful birthday dinner...I made it through the meal...didnt get to eat as much as i wanted but i didnt get very nauseous..phew...nothing like getting queezy over some of your favorite food! Filet Mignon, Salad, Baked Potato, Appetizer Sampler, Bread and last but not least a huge slice of strawberry cheesecake...mmmmm.mmmm. Hit the spot!! Anyhoots still gotta tinkle so off I go...until tomorrow,me! Ps..I almost forgot to wonderful friend stepheni brought me a vanilla bean frap today...and it was wonderful!! I've got some great friends and I totally owe you!! Thanks again for thinking of me...its the little things :)

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Yay for the hawks win today!! Im so jealous...steve got to go to the game today with his buddy...what an exciting game too!! The commissioner was there...there were 4 false starts and there were over 64,000 people!! wow!! thats team spirit!!....After church today I went out for pizza (yet another pregnancy craving) with our friends the garretsons and murrys...always fun :) especially since we had our own private room with a tv in it so the kids could be loud and we didnt have to rush home to see the was perfect!...and I got my pizza/salad bar fix for the I cant wait to eat turkey!...and mashed've been noticing I have a huge craving for a certain food...and as im eating it or right after im done eating nauseous again...i dont know if its because i ate too much or what....its kinda frusturating...b/c now that I had my pizza fix today I dont even want to think about eating it...actually nothing sounds good ...that seems to be the common theme lately...there's usually only 1 thing that ever sounds good...ahhh! ...although a coke slurpee always sounds good :) lol if anyones in my next of the woods and happens to stop by a 7-11 i'll pay you for a coke slurpee!! lol come visit me :) I truly am just glad im still pregnant and i've heard that "morning sickness" means everything is going as I'll quit complaining, suck it up and just go on with my life :) (thats why I I can vent!) lol I have another dr appt tomorrow...i look forward to them now b/c it gets me closer and closer to the ultrasound!! (10-12) weeks...the 1st ultrasound we had with jake was at 7 wks and he just looked like a grain of rice so i'm excited to see what this one will look like 3-5 weeks bigger...a lot goes on in those 10-12 weeks! tomorrow though i will just get some blood work done...i im wondering if i have to get the "check up...ya know..down there..." fun...we'll see...yuk! Not to mention i've never met this nurse before...guess i'd better go take a anyways...after lunch we went home and took naps...waited for steven to get home and then went back over to ben and heathers to watch the sunday night game...which stunk cause ben had tom brady playing and he scored soo many points in our fantasy football league...i just so happened to be playing him this week and which started out as a tied game quickly turned into a butt whoopin.... :( sad day...but we ate some great tacos and pie...yum!! it hit the spot! so now I begin laundry...a lot of laundry...can't wait! I'm off to being a "domesticated housewife" until tomorrow, me!

Saturday, November 17, 2007


I hate morning sickness...yuk! I just want to puke to get it out of my system...I havent puked yet...but im only 6 weeks...i never threw up with Jake but we'll see....I really cant complain...I wanted to be pregnant again and I knew this is what came with it...Im just hopeful he or she is healthy!! Today was Angelas was very nice she got some wonderful things...I cant wait to borrow them :) lol from there we went to sakuras for dinner to celebrate steves goodness...for 3 weeks steves 4 years older than me...its hard to believe he was 20 when I met him...lucky guy gets to go to the hawks game tomorrow against the bears....I hope it doesnt rain too hard on them...he also got a gift card to home depot...(surprise surprise :) so we had to go there after dinner so he could spend it was fun though...jake was having a blast and I was just happy seeing the 2 boys having fun :) that pretty sums up my day in a nutshell!! go hawks!!until tomorrow, me!