Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Uh Oh...Excuse You...Football...

I've had the laziest of all days..and at first I was bummed but then I realized I've got stuff the rest of the week and it was nice to lounge around in jammies all day...for some reason I couldnt keep my eyes open...I was dozing off this morning when Jake was playing and then again when he was eating lunch...its definatley different being pregnant with a toddler...you have no time to even think about the fact youre pregnant!! Which isnt necessarily bad...I cant believe I will be 17 weeks in 2 days!! Thankfully when Jacob went down for nap today he slept for 3 hours!! It was such a blessing b/c I too slept for 3 hours!!!....I hope Im not anemic...I was with Jacob and the perscribed me ferrous sulfate which was no problem...I have just heard that can be a sign of anemia...(low iron) ... or maybe I just needed a caffiene boost...lol when steven got home we went to IKEA and found a new rug!!...we also picked up some other stuff but the rug was a relief to find...we hadnt been able to find one anywhere!!...We also ate dinner at the cafe in ikea...mmmm...it was so good and tonight was jazz night so we got to eat while listening to live jazz music...jake loved watching the drummer...it was cute! Hes also been randomly saying...uh-oh, excuse you football...we have no idea where that came from but its sure hilarious...Ohhhh btw I've hit a new milestone...(it was actually in San Francisco) but it made me so happy...someone asked when I was due!!!!...which meant I no longer looked fat...(or maybe I still do and she was just giving me the benefit of the doubt) lol...but I was so happy to say...July!!!...And then she was like...Wow...you've got a while...lol oh well I didnt care at that point...it made my day!!! I weighed myself and have still lost 6lbs since I first got pregnant...which is great...Im just wondering when I'll gain it back..lol...who'd of thought at 4 months I'd be down 6 lbs this baby is quite active too..even without the caffiene I feel like Im getting my butt kicked from the inside!..this is great!!...Well Im cutting myself off...Im rambling and its time to watch american idol!!
Until tomorrow!!

Do I look like 'Dada" to you??

Well its been a long time...so much to write but not a lot of time...I'll keep it to a minimum!!...We had a wonderful time in San Francisco...we felt at home...the rain followed us down and it poured...wait scratch that...it flooded!!!...the funny thing is...Saturday it was like a summer day!!...the one and only day we had designated to shopping it was beautiful out...we didnt even need jackets...but they were too bulky we didnt want to hold on to them so we just wore them...it's like God parted the clouds and said..."Keren..have fun shopping!" ..lol...we went into Old Navy...and it was huge!!!...I found 2 pairs of maternity pants that were originally 36.50 and got them both for $2.79!!! They're way cute too!!..Picked up stuff for the whole family actually...my wonderful parents took Jacob for the day and let me, steven, and my cousin along with her awesome friend take on all of downtown San Francisco!!...We also went to GAP and I got a maternity sweater/jacket...that was originally 39.50 for 12.97!!...the great thing about that is that it totally doesnt look maternity so I'll be able to wear it for a long time!...I was sooo stoked getting those deals it completely made my day!!...We went to the Disney store and bought Jake a pair of Buzz Lightyear pjs for only 5.99 and tons of toy story stuff to add to my collection!!!...They've bascially gotten rid of all the Disney Stores around here so I definatley seized the opportunity!! I was on a mission to get Jacob some Puma shoes but we werent really impressed with the ones they had at the Puma store so we had to pass...but Im still looking up here now :) ..lol that night we ate at the Cheesecake Factory with my parents (and Jacob), uncle, cousin, Michelle (her friend) it was soooooo good!!...Throughout the trip we went to the aquarium and touched the sting rays..(rip- steve irwin) and the leopard sharks...jake loved it...we saw all of the sea lions sitting and chatting on the pier...Papa wanted to take him on the Merry go round and so we did that...ate at the Hard Rock Cafe...Mmmm...probably the best food the whole trip!!...For my uncles bday party we ate at the ritzy restruant..the bad thing was that it was pouring outside and jake wasnt willing to sit for that long of a time...the food was wonderful and we had a great time thanks to my mom my uncles g/f who took him downstairs to play...they charged 3.50 for a small glass of Coke--...with no refills!!!...Thankfully my uncle surprised us and paid for our dinner ...what a great guy!!...we ate lunch one day at Chevys...also very good food...and great service as well...there was a 7-11-- across the street from our hotel so I was in heaven!!..lol no pun intended..I posted a picture of the inside of our hotel...it was stunning...and because my parents are AAA members they gave us free breakfast...usually priced at 27.00/person!!!...it was soooo wonderful...fresh fruit, dried fruit, pastries, cereal, eggs, bacon, sausage and tons more...a-mah-zing! Jake did wonderful on the plane too!!...The whole flight home he slept and on the way there he was admiring the view below us...I cant thank my parents enough for watching Jake for us so often...every morning they took him to breakfast so we could get ready...they would let him run all around the lobby...they even took him outside and let him play on this huge water statue...plus steven and I enjoyed playing uno every night with them before bed!! Btw...the baby moved like crazy the last 2 days...especially on the plane...it was almost distracting...but Im so happy I can feel that again!! On another side note...Jacob calls me 'Dada'...hmmm...I cant help but laugh but serioulsy..Do I look like a Dada to you??? When we show him a picture of himself we ask him who it is and he says "football" lol ...Some more things he says now are: Uh-oh..excuse you (all together like that) Hottt (b/c he touched my flat iron) Fishy, Shoe, and now knows where all of his body parts are..like Hair, Head, Knee, Toes, Eyes, Ears, Nose (aka honk honk) belly button (also where he points when I ask where mommy's baby is), fingers and yes he does know his "boy" region...lol.. and along with the other words he'd been saying already he's really starting to pick things up quickly...its amazing how much their brains are like a sponge at this age ...anyways....I cant wait for our next trip...Hawaii maybe??? Somewhere sunny!!...On a side note b/c of the snow Steven didnt have to go to work so I got him all to myself...we built a snowman and picked out carpet...lol random I know..PLUS..I fufilled an ultimate craving..and picked up a piece of cake (the same kind from our wedding) at Freighthouse square!...My dad tagged along with us today so I bought him one too...I've already eaten it...oops...maybe I should have bought 2 pieces!!
Until Tomorrow!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

One More Year???...Thats it??

Ok...good news..Mike Holmgren aka Papa Bear will be back next year...bad news...its his last....ugh! On a way happier note...our friends called us and let us know about a huge sale at Sports Authority in which all Seahawk items were 50% off...we decided to check it out and we're quite successful!! We found a few more ornaments...(we're going to have a Seahawks tree next year and already have quite a few ornaments!) ...we also got Jacobs Hasselbeck jersey for next year too!...and last but not least...thanks to my hubby we were able to buy a life size cut out off matt...yes hasselbeck!!!...Right now its downstairs watching tv with us but as soon as Jakes room is done we will put it up there for him!! It was sooo funny the other night when he was eating dinner he couldnt take his eyes off of it!!...He smiled the whole time ...we accidentally caught him pointing to him and saying "da da" ...lol Steven quickly corrected him! Im hoping we'll be able to get it autographed for him this summer!! Needless to say it made my weekend!

This Sunday at church was the Sanctity of Life Sunday and Pastor Ryan did an amazing job preaching... it was definitely an eye-opener and made me realize that abortion is out there and even more common then we may think...not only does 1 out of every 4 pregnancies end up in an abortion but more babies die EACH DAY from abortions than total number of people killed in the 9/11 attacks!!! I am reading Pro Life Answers to Pro Choice Questions...its an amazing book and you should read it if you havent yet!

Sunday night we went to Andy and Suzies and played guitar hero...its so fun! Im definatley on the hunt for it now...we've been going over there every weekend now and its been a blast! They even bought Jacob a Seahawks football!!...Hes been sleeping with it ever since :) Saturday Stevens parents came over and saw the new kitchen/house and we also went out to dinner...we had a lot of fun spending time with them! We also took Jacob to play in the new kids play area at the Supermall...he loved it and they really did a great job remodeling it!! Monday Jacob and I got a Grandma Papa day...unfortunatley Steven had to work. We all went to the Rainforest Cafe and Jacob LOVED it...we may take him there for his 2nd bday! ...My parents had fun taking him around the restruant and looking at all the animals!...From there my dad went home and my mom and I went to the new Kohls in Southcenter...I wasnt that impressed to be honest with you...Oh well...now we can say we've been there done that :) We went to the Old Navy and Babies R Us in Southcenter as well...managed to find some maternity tops...(which I couldnt find at the other stores!) ...and some of my favorite syle of jeans for Jacob too! ...and picked up some last minute stuff for Jake for the trip I was scoping out the pack n plays at BRU (Babies R Us) beacuse the day we find out what we're having my parents and steve and I are going to finally pick one up...we dont have one but borrow our parents all the time...its about time we invest..plus..the baby can sleep in it the first few months before Jake moves out of his crib...I think I found the one we want...but it we end up with a girl we'll get the girly one :) That evening Steven had a wisdom tooth pulled and did really well!!...I brought him home a Blizzard and made him some dinner and he got to stay home today...but being the type of person he is he worked all day...lol ....my dad and I did our bi-monthly trip to Costco and got some lunch and picked up some stuff...I even washed our car today...it actually wasnt too bad...I thought I was going to freeze but I sure like having a clean car again!! Im feeling the baby a lot more now and it so fun...I forgot how fun it was at the begininng... I bought a couple of new tops on sun...and mon...and wearing one of them today really made me look pg...maybe I will have steven take a pics and show you!...I cant believe I will be 4 months on Thursday!! Time sure does fly with the 2nd baby! ... We are going to the San Fransisco Zoo on friday...which makes for 2 zoos in 2 states in 1 week for jacob...we went to Pt Defiance with my mom last friday Im especially looking forward to our hotel!!...Not only is there a mall right below us but its right on the water and has free breakfast in the morning!!! Ahh...a vacation...I cant wait to see my family and for Jacob to finally meet them too!!...Plus my mom and dad are going and they've already offered to watch Jake if steve and I want to go out and about with my cousin!!! :) Ahhh...time to start packing...1.5 days left!!! Love, Keren!PS...RIP Heath Ledger...Sad to see such a good actor die on such bad terms...especially with a young child...thoughts and prayers to his family...

Thursday, January 17, 2008

We've Officially Hit our Terrible 2's!!!

I could swear my child was the incarnation of Hitler today...and I dont know if it's because we stayed at our house all day and the monotony was killing him or he's officially a "toddler" now...I cant decide...not only did he bite me in the cheek but he hits too...(what the heck??) ...he DID get punished for it!!...Im trying to think of when he would have see me or steven "hitting" and it being acceptable...but I really cant think of anything...well...except when he would hit himself and say.."ouch" and then I would hit myself and say "ouch" so maybe he thought since I was hitting myself, he could also..oh my..they sure do learn quick dont they?? Hopefully we put an end to the violence tonight by tough punishment...but I'll have to keep a close eye on him...I really dont want my son being the "bully" in social gatherings...we wont be invited anymore :( ...not to mention I hate seeing those kids in public..ya know..the ones you can tell dont get punished...grrr...anyways the granite guy came today and brought his installer with him...it was actually quite odd...he seemed to not know anything...he had nothing to say...good or bad...his installer did all the talking...steven kept having to make suggestions on what they could/needed to do...long story short they are coming back on monday to "tint" the filler a little darker and add some shims to the cabinets to level it better...thankfully steven will be home from work on tues (wisdom teeth extraction) so he'll be able to "oversee" ...I have a good feeling its going to look good...I found a fun site with old wives tales which "supposedly" tells you your chance of having a boy or girl... I am 79% girl and 27% boy...I dont know where that other 1% went...and Im positive it will be another boy...(which is Great!) but if you are pregnant and would like to try it here it is... http://www.childbirth.org/cgi-bin/boyorgirl.pl other than that...it was a pretty mellow day here at the Fenton household...looking forward to tomorrow when I get to go to the zoo with my mom and Jacob...and then get fabric for curtains!!!...1 day down 6 days left until San Fransisco!!!
until next time,

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Fighting colds...but thats ok...American Idol is back...yes!!!

We'll we survived our 1st official round of the cold...thankfully it was short and only lasted 2 days...now we're just praying that Steven doesnt get it right before our trip! No real need to mention Saturday as I'd like to keep it a blur on the events that happened...and Im not talking about me being sick...everyone in Seattle should know what Im talking about...ugh..I guess there's always next year...(I hate saying that...) seems like so long from now... good luck Jess and Sophia on your green bay team...looks like you've got a great shot playing at home against the giants saturday! After the game we were spoiled by my mom and she made us dinner at our house...thats right...she's used my new kitchen before me...I swear im going to learn to cook soon!!... regardless it was wonderful and we had a great time...Sunday we stayed home from church b/c we were at our "peak" in our colds but still managed to head up to steves aunt and uncles for his grandmas 81st birthday and his cousins 39th...i love seeing jacob interact with his great grandma not everyone has one so its a special time for him and I cherish it! Sunday night my parents offered to take jake so I could get some sleep...(im not complaining...I do get to sleep in with Jake until 10) it was still nice to be able to go at my own pace in the morning!!...we went to our friends suzie and andys house and played "scene it" and "phase 10"...fun times and wonderful food...(ps suz i still want that recipe!) we are board-game-a-holics...and love to spend time with other addicts...and its so nice cause they just live a few minutes away...call us old and boring but we love it! lol monday I went and picked up jake and we went looking for some pendant lights...somewhat successful but we're still looking...for dinner steven took us to sakuras and had a delicious dinner...(duh...like always!) ...if there's 2 things I miss about tacoma its sakuras and the mall...lol ...today we spent the day at danielles...(aka carrie underwood ) her and steph made some wonderful nachos for us...they were amazing plus danielle cut our hair!!...its so nice having a stylist in the group!! and once again the "granite guy" was a no-show...2nd day in a row...strike 2....so he's got until thurs...and we're going Judge Judy on him! lol well we will see...but his install job was junky and he's in denial that someone would ever complain about the 2 guys that came and did it...good thing we havent paid him the other half! grr...anyways...im not going to let it bother me b/c in all honesty its not that noticable...its just not great...anyhoots I got a 200+ on my wii bowling tonight...and lowered my fitness age by 10 years!! lol too bad we ate mcdonalds tonight and I probably gained 5 lbs...ugh...time to go watch american idol, biggest loser and the real housewives of orange county!! adios!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Sale of the Century....

For anyone who needs clothes now is the time to get them...lets just say I got 139.00 worth of baby clothes for 26.00at Old Navy!!!...I am on cloud nine...so hurry up...sale ends monday...and its on all types of clothes, not just baby...(but I couldnt resist...if anyone who knows me remembers how many clothes I bought when I was preg. with jake...it was my weakness!)...I did managed to sneak a little pink into my bag you never know...this sale rarely happens so why not stock up on stuff and then whatever gender you're not having give as shower gifts...or hold on to them for the next baby!!...I hadnt cleaned for months...after the "flood" I just wasnt motivated...well today it all caught up with me and its 12:41am and we're just getting ready for bed...but I feel great and the house looks good!..we got our countertops today and had a little "mishap" with one of the seams so after calls from steven, my dad and I the owner is going to come out on Monday to "look at it"...its a long story and I wont pass judgment until he inspects it....so anyways...had a great dinner of sbarro pizza and corn dog nuggets..(with cheese sauce of course!)...mmm mmm good!...thought Id end the blog on a happy note :) ...go hawks!!!!!
until tomorrow...(or later today)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dr. Appt

Today has been such a wonderful day!! I have so many things to be thankful for!! First of all, I was able to wake up in time which was a miracle b/c I had to be out of the house by 8:15 which if you know me we dont usually get up until 10-10:30...I felt so bad waking Jake up but thankfully he was content being woken up...*unlike his mommy...so I met my mom and she took him so I could go to my appt. I had to meet with a new dr today b/c mine was on vacation...(I guess Drs deserve those once in awhile too!) ...but I REALLY liked her...her name was Dr. Abbi and I get to see her next time too...she was so awesome and optimistic about me having a successful VBAC!...I know its not a guarantee but to have someone of that power being on the same side as you gives you hope!...She made sure I got to hear the heartbeat for a long time...(re: prego brain...I honestly couldnt remember if we heard it for the u/s...I know we got a number...hmmm...) so I could tell she was "making it special for me" ...It was a good couple minutes she let me listen...our baby made her laugh b/c everytime she would get it the baby would move...(which really makes me think its a boy...lol!) ...Jake was the same way...I didnt even have caffiene in my system...maybe it was b/c I finally drank water today...my first bottle of h2o since I got pg! Maybe the water made it like a swimming pool in there...lol his/her heartrate was a good 153 which doesnt tell you much...just that its healthy...everything from the last appt came back normal (Praise the Lord!) and my blood/titer levels showed no increase! (Praise the Lord again!) ...*Like i said...I have a lot to be thankful for today! Then my friend from church invited me over for lunch and I got to indulge in Tuna sandwiches, mac n cheese and dino nuggets...*those were for the babies but we helped ourselves :) ...we had a great time and we're glad to see her and her new house! Plus Jacob got to play with his girlfriend Madelaine :) ...Our countertops are getting put in tomorrow too!!!...The guys came out and measured them today and the guy had a cancellation so we were able to buy them yesterday and get them tomorrow!!...Wow!!...My dad found a place in Edgewood and he charged us $1500.00 less than the guy in Puyallup so we were thrilled!...and that included an underlayment sink! So all it all its been a great day!! ...We'll see what the rest of the day holds in store!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Wordless Wednesday...(cravings!!!)


Ok so I seriously need a cheese intervention....if you didnt read my away msg I ate a bagel with cream cheese, macaroni and cheese and 2 slices of american cheese...and that was just dinner....my cholestrol is going to shoot through the roof...see...there I go again...talking about food...ahh!! I had a fairly productive mon/tues...although I cant really remember what I did yesterday...hold on....oh yeah!! duh!...I met my best friend Katie for lunch at Red Robin..and together we probably drank 8 strawberry lemonades...(thank goodness they are bottomless!!) It was a wonderful lunch b/c i dont get to see her as often as I would love to so I was honored she spent her day off with me!!...Later that night steven and I went "granite countertop" shopping and werent very successful...we felt he was too overpriced...so on we keep looking...anyone know of a good place we could get them???....After that we decided to go grocery shopping at "The Wal" ...which wasnt a problem until we waited 45 minutes to get checked out...I had to go sit in the car cause I felt like i was going to pass out...I was sooo angry....I mean, at any given time there are tons of people there and for them to only have something like 4 cashiers is ridiculous!!!!...But thankfully I was able to forget about the madness as I bit into a very scrumptous tuna subway sandwich!!!!....I had to have eaten the whole thing in less than 10 mins...but it was soooo good...(food, food, food)...here I go again...Today Jake and I went to Joanns to look at fabric to make curtains for his room...I was successful and now they're off to my mom's so she can make them...(you thought I was going to make them...ha!) I happened to be driving past a 7-11 on the way home and somehow my car ended up in the parking lot...mistake 1....mistake 2 was getting a 28oz slurpee...(thats 828 mL!) and drank it all way too fast..which caused a tummy ache...I think I'll stick to the smaller sizes from now on! We got home and I put Jake down for a nap waited for steven to get home and we went to the Depot...."aka Home Depot" got some moulding we needed and some other misc "steve stuff" ...had to jump to Lowes to look at something but werent successful...which was ok b/c I was starting to get sleepy...went home and here I am....back in cyberspace...gotta go though...MOPS is nice and early tomorrow morning!!
Until next time, Keren!
PS...In case you didnt get it...I chose these colors b/c of my cheese fetish!!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Baby Name Poll....

Ok so dont laugh at me but my friend introduced me to this site that I can have my friends vote on certain names that we've "kinda" come up with...so I'd love to hear what you guys think...if you've got a few minutes check out our site and tell us what you think!!....thank you!

VOTE on my Name List

Sunday, January 6, 2008


I hope this isnt too hard to read...I kinda like the combo Ok I officially need to cut the umbilical cord from the computer...ahh...thanks Suzie and Carly...for getting me obsessed with thenest.com Im on it now just as much as myspace!! Its great though..Im just exploring the real world of moms! ...and through them I've found 2 great new sites... heres one.. http://www.sleeplullabies.com/ and the other... http://babycheapskate.blogspot.com/ how cool! Yesterday was a great day...we got all dressed up in our Hasselbeck jerseys and went to the store to get goodies for the game...it was so nice to see that even in a small town like Orting there were tons of people still supporting our team!! We didnt feel like outcasts..in fact the old ladies thought Jake was a hit...we bought him a Seahawks balloon and he had to show it to everyone and call it his "football balloon!" ...they were quite impressed...steve and I were kinda embarassed because we dont want people to think that behind closed doors all we do is "push" football on him...honestly its all him! ..phew...(disclaimer: if I am in denial and dont know it please let me know ) lol so anyways my mom and dad came over to watch the game and surprisingly they were totally into it..yay! We're rubbing off...maybe now my dad will invest in a new seahawks sweatshirt!..right now he's sporting the old school style thats 2 sizes too small! ..(hint hint) after the game they went home and we just relaxed and chilled while watching a little football! ...Later that night my parents offered to watch jake so we accepted and just worked on the house cause it was too late to do anything...today it was nice waking up and not having to get a little one ready..i forgot how nice those days were! ...After church we went to our friends andy and suzies for a little 4 way wii action...it was fun even though we had no idea how to play the games...lol so we decided to hit up the movie theater and see "I am Legend..." Holy Cow!...Best movie i've seen in a LONG time!! Even though I bawled at a certain scene..(if you've seen it Im sure you can guess which scene it was...) but seriously you all should go see it!!...after that we got Jake and here I sit...again..lol oh yeah..on a side note...Jake was rummaging through our 500+ DVD's and he was so focused to grab this one dvd...so steve and I were watching to see if he could do it...finally when he was able to pull it out he ran it over to us and low and behold it was "We Are Marshall" ...lol he saw the football on the side of the cover and was determined to get it...unfortunatley he thought it was a book and kept trying to sit on our laps so we could read it to him...we just ended up making up our own 1 year old version just so he could point to the football..lol anyways goodnight everyone!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Go Seahawks...I am sooo jealous...I've got 3 friends going to the game tomorrow...I know and trust they will scream their butts off tomorrow...1:30 kickoff...dont forget about it...and wear your seahawks attire too..oh yeah and to anyone else going to the game...the humane society will be there will their bus and they would love it if you guys would bring dog or cat food with you to donate...so much focus is directed to children and families...(which it should be dont get me wrong)...but SO many times animals get forgotten about so heres a great opportunity to support our furry friends !!...ok enough of my public service announcement for the day...I got to finally spend the day with my girls after a long 2 week wait...and I had a ton of fun and ate a ton of great food...i've been ranting and raving about it all day but Christy fufilled my ultimate craving for pot roast today and Im still thinking about it...I've got to get that recipie...nothing like having your meat fall off onto your fork...and the potatoes and carrots...oh man I want some more!!! lol Ps Michelle the cookies were delicious too!!...Im impressed...my girls really know how to tear it up in the kitchen...for me its about what im going to pick up at Safeway...lol we had a great time...(see pic below...minus Kari ...who had to leave early) But the kids did a great job and that made it so much more enjoyable! Afterward I was having yet another craving for Pizza Hut stuffed crust...(lol I know michelle you're probably laughing at me cause I'm talking about food again...haha) but steven thought it sounded good so we had that for dinner and thankfully have leftovers for tomorrow! Nothing like pizza for leftovers! MMmmm! We caught up on a few episodes of jeopardy (we love to compete against each other) and I won tonight..*duh..lol oh ps..for my survivor junkies...James is coming back for next season!!! yay!!! I think that about sums up my night...ps...im curious to see what you all think im having...*cause im bored...so make a pitstop to my site and vote on my poll! ...We did an "old wives tale" test today at Christys with the wedding ring and chain held over your belly...at first it was a strong girl but with the next 2 people to do it, it showed boy...hmmm Im interested to know of any other quircky wives tales you've heard of to try and "predict" the sex with the Chinese lunar calander it said I was having a girl with Jacob and a boy with this one...we'll see...
Until tomorrow....Me!


Ok so I've been pretty bad lately at blogging..for no reason imparticular other than I've been too distracted on this whole thing we call the internet...I jump from page to page forgetting what I was even on for in the first place...ah! I met up with Suzie my good friend from high school for lunch and we were able to catch up after a long time of not seeing each other...she lives in town now and Im thrilled to get to see her more often now! We enjoyed new years eve night at my parents house with an entertaining round of Scattergories, 31 and Uno...lol I added them onto my cell phone plan so we can talk for free now (finally!) ...so we went to deliver them their new phones...you should have seen how excited my dad was to get his very own new cell phone...(on a side note..when I was with him yesterday he was asking me a question about steven and I wasnt sure of the answer...so he was like...oh wait...I can call him and ask him...he was so excited to make a phone call..you could tell he felt proud to be in touch with the real world now!) I had a major craving for bread, chicken alfredo and green beans (the frozen kind) with butter/salt/pepper and bacon bits...yum yum! so we packed up the car and took it all to my parents house...and didnt start cooking until 8ish...I was too busy showing them how to use their new phones...but man o man when it was done it was so worth the time and effort! Needless to say it was a fun evening of family time and games...and some sparkling cider watching the malfunctioning space needle..lol Tuesday we went out and bought a new microwave that goes over the stove and a new dishwasher...finally...(today we got a new range too!) so we should have a full functioning kitchen here pretty soon!!...which means I can finally cook!!!!..*i never thought i'd be saying that! We also went to one of my favorite restruants...anthonys on owens beach and feasted on chicken ceasar salad and sourdough bread...(which inspired me to get some at Costco yesterday!) it was sooo yummy and surprisingly jake loved my salad...i thought he may think it had an odd taste but he was all over it...I guess thats cool! lol we were trying to find the fishys in the water but we had no luck :( lol Wednesday I dragged my dad to costco for some diapers and wipes..(and bread :) lol he's got the membership and its kinda our thing we like to do together..plus jake loves him and my mom and steve are off at work so why not?? We had church wednesday night and the kids sure kept me busy tonight!! Today we met up with my friend Carly at the tacoma mall and had a delicious lunch and shopped! Shes preg too (due just a week or so in front of me and also has a baby just 2 months younger than jake so we've been chatting a lot recently and having fun regrowing our friendship too..(we went to hs together!) So we had a great time today! Steven took jake tonight to pick up some of the appliances so I got a few hours to myself where I caught up on some Deal or no Deal and Amazing Race...lol and ate dinner peacefully by myself...Jake got a bath, steve got the urge to clean and here I am...on the computer...surprise surprise :) ...but now its time to watch ER, Celebrity Apprentice and Jeopardy!!....
Until Tomorrow...

Wednesday, January 2, 2008