Thursday, May 14, 2009

Working on a website...

I apologize for the millions of pictures lately! I must admit, I have a new obsession :) I am working on a site just for photos so if you'll just bear with me for a few more days, Im about to post a couple pictures I took yesterday while at a playdate with my good friend Carly at Bradley Lake. She has a 2.5 year old son and an almost 11 month old daughter both of whom, are well loved by my kids so it makes for a very fun afternoon together!

PS..I am always looking for expecting mamas and squishy little newborns to practice on! Check out
Stacys blog to see the 9 day old beauty we got to work with last night...also be sure to check out the contest shes sponsoring!

{Boys will be boys!}

If you saw on facebook, I wrote:
"Oh my goodness girl! Where did you get that sweater...
it is so cute!"

"Your shirt is so cute too!"


Brie said...

You amaze me even more with every pic! You are very good! It must be a natural talent! I can't wait to have you take some pics at jadens party!

Massagegirly said...

Wow look how big Norah is! My gosh it seems like you just had her! Your pictures are beautiful!!!