Tuesday, July 7, 2009

{Playing Catch-Up}

I apologize for the lack of blogging. As many of you probably know, life with 2 kids under the age of 3 can be quite busy! Norah is learning how to walk and Jacob is learning how to be a big brother. By that I mean, he's become quite protective of his little "partner in crime"..er..I mean sister. When she starts to play with something of his, he is quick to run a grab a toy for her to play with. It's quite cute actually. Jacob sings the abc's at least 20 times a day so today, I finally recorded it. We're still working on L-M-N-O-P ..but other than that, I think he's got it down! We can almost count to 20 but get a little mixed up around "15" ...I figure he's still got another year until preschool so we have some time to work it out.

I have a new position in our Mops group here in Orting. I am your official "publicity" gal! I am really looking forward to what my job entails but when the words blogging, photography and outgoing personality are involved, I think I've found a good fit! We recently went on a retreat with all of the girls on the steering team and had a blast. We were able to plan out all of next year as well as form some really great friendships. I excited as to what this next year has to offer.

Steven is busier than ever. I will not complain though, because like most people, we need the money too. He worked last night as well as tonight and will also be working on Thursday. Like I said earlier, the kids keep me busy so there is really no time to sit around and be bored. God's timing is just perfect because of these extra funds, we are able to do a little bit more for Norahs 1st birthday on the 25th. We are building a deck as well as putting together a pretty cool play set given to us by our neighbors who bought a pool instead. Its been a lot of hard work removing part of our yard but we hope to be done very soon and seeing the kids play on it will be the biggest reward.

Wednesday nights have officially become our bowling nights as we bowl on a league in Puyallup with our good friends Suzie and Andy. Its been a ton of fun and I look forward to it every week! My parents come to our house and watch the kids for us so it also doubles as a great date night too!

I have been working hard on completing a scrapbook documenting Norah's 1st year. In order to do so, I need motivation; so once a week a couple girls come over to my house and we craft together. Weather it be card making, sewing, or scrapbooking, we all find something to do in order to stay busy! I just sent out Norah's birthday invites and man was it a relief to get those out! I also made some bibs for the little kids that are coming to the party and I'm just finishing a banner as well as the ongoing scrapbook project, so needless to say, I should probably be doing this more than once a week in order to get everything done...let the cramming begin!

I had to lay to rest my beloved laptop AND camera. Yup...it was a rough couple of weeks. Thankfully, my hard drive was not ruined so all of my files are still available. My camera, on the other hand is on its way to Arizona and will hopefully be fixed under warranty. We should know soon. I cant wait to get "my other baby" back! Ive got 4 friends that have just had or are about to have their babies and all have told me I can come snap a few shots of their new little bundles! I cant wait! I'd love to specialize in newborn photography one day. Steve's hoping it will cure my baby fever, unfortunately, I think it's going to do the opposite :) Im kidding! I think after this week, Im good for awhile!

Here's a recent picture of Norah in all her cuteness!
Take care :)


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