Saturday, April 25, 2009

{Birthday Freebies!}

One of the blogs I follow regularly is Freebies 4 Mom. I love it because they are constantly listing amazing deals on products I use all the time. Todays post was particularly awesome because it listed a ton of participating businesses that offer something free or discounted on your birthday! I cant tell you how many of these I signed up for! Cold Stone, Famous Daves, Sephora, Dairy Queen, Sonic (b/c the new restaruant opens on Monday in South Hill!!!) and many more! Like I've said before, Im a sucker for a great deal and so I thought I'd share this with all of you too!
Have fun registering!

Click here to check out all of the offers!

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Pure Mommy Extract said...

I saw the employees practicing with their skates at Sonic the other day. Now- that has to make things harder!