Monday, April 27, 2009


There has been much hype surrounding the grand opening of the new "Sonic" here in western Washington, and today was the big day! After debating weather or not we should chance it, we decided to go for it, I figured if I can wake up at 4am the day after Thanksgiving, I can surely wait an hour or so for some amazing food :) The news stations were all over as if the President was in town. That's what you get for setting up shop in a small town like Puyallup (I say that loosely as it is quickly becoming quite a metropolis) thankfully, we have friends that live right across the street and we were able to park in their driveway (thank you Dan and Molly!) we put Norah in the stroller and Jacob walked with us. We got in the "walk-up" line and waited. Time passed quickly because there was so much to see. The long lines of cars being directed all over, the waitresses doing tricks on their rollerskates, the groups of gossiping teenagers, and the best part, the amount of free slushees that were passed out while we were in line...I must of had 6 different samples! We finally got our food, after about an hour in line, and dug in!It was simply amazing and so worth it! I think I've found a new favorite restaurant!!
Here are a few pictures of our day :)

{Our food!}

{These are just a few of the sample cups!}

{The other line}

{These guys were busy today! So much garbage!}

{The cars waiting to be called forward to the drive in stalls}

{This is Jacobs new embarassed face}

{It go a little breezy so Jacob cuddled with me}

{Norah sportin' the shades}

{Jacob loves to sit on Daddy's shoulders!}


Tricia said...

yum sonic is the BEST! your kids are too cute as always!!

Suzie said...

Yumm..I saw the news with all the lines! Andy and I will have to make it up there once the hype dies down a bit :)

Anonymous said...

Wow you guys braved the insaneness! Looks like it was a ton of fun!!! :D I forgot that Dan and Molly live right across the street....I guess we're gunna have to go visit them too....hehe!

~Lyndee J.~

Michelle said...

I had no clue this was even coming in until you were posting about it on FB... I've not had it, but I think I'll wait a bit to try it so that maybe the hype is down a bit.