Tuesday, January 25, 2011

{Muffin Tin Monday}

My good friends
Amy and Colleen, introduced me to this fun idea awhile back, and this weekend I was feeling a bit creative..I'm wondering if it's because I spent the weekend home sick and decided to clean out my craft closet..hmm.

...anyways, it was super simple! We went to Target and picked up (2) silicone muffin tins, because I wanted colored trays, and well, you can't really beat 2.50 each. I grabbed some ribbon, decorated them a little and viola!

The hardest part is thinking up different types of food...we went out to lunch with Steve so I got off easy, I only had to plan for breakfast and dinner :)

For breakfast I chose:
Gummy Vitamin
Granola Bar

..and for dinner I did:
Spinach salad
Mac n' Cheese
Mandarin Oranges
..and a special cookie!

...but thanks to my friend, Jen she told me about this gal, who is the official "Muffin Tin Mom"...she even has themes each week! I am way impressed..and can't wait to try some of her concoctions!

Oh, and case you're wondering, I got the cookies at The Cake Studio in Tacoma at the Freighthouse Square! ...the best cake you will ever find! It's where we got our wedding cake and we visit a couple times a year to pick up a couple slices of what we ate on our special day! I highly reccomded the pink tea cake (slice) you'll be in heaven, seriously.

I digress...

anyways, here is what my muffin tins ended up looking like! {see above}

I'd love to hear of any other helpful tips or fun food ideas for "Muffin Tin Monday!"


Julie said...

Oh, I definitely "need" to hit Target for those tins. I liked the idea, but somehow it lost some of it's appeal when I thought of putting the food into the huge muffin tins we actually use!

Michelle, Muffin Tin Mom said...

so glad you are enjoying Muffin tin meals. and thank you for the kind words.

feel free to link it up on the monday MTM post, dont think I saw you on there.:)

it has become a wonderful tradition in our home.