Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Weekly Menu Board::

Like I said in my last post, I was feeling a little crafty this weekend, so when I saw this from my friend Michelle, I knew I had to do it as well!

I'm all about simplicity so the only things required for this are:
12x12 or 8x10 frame
(I chose 8x10 only because I wanted a thicker frame and the only 12x12 frames I could find were really thin)
scrapbook paper
white board marker

Once you've gathered that stuff, go pick out a cute font you like, I like this well as this one
When you have a font you'd like to use, go to your preferred program to design your page (Word, Open Office, Photoshop) and type out what you'd like..
Mine was pretty basic

"Weekly Menu"

Now print it out!

To add a little flare, I punched out the edges with this:

Once, that was done, I used some double stick tape to attach the menu form to the piece of scrapbook paper I had chosen.

Go ahead and put it in your frame and you're good to go!

...I picked up at 4 pack or markers at Target

Here's how mine turned out..

Since I had a few people ask about some of the recipes, I have been taking pictures and will start posting the those tomorrow!


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