Friday, January 28, 2011

English Muffin Pizzas:: Recipie

Earlier this week, I made this fun staple in our house. The kids enjoy helping me make this and it yummy too!

It's pretty self explanatory but I thought I'd share, just in case!
All you need is:
English Muffins
Pizza Sauce
Topping(s) of your choice
Mozzerella Cheese

I like the crispy taste of the muffins when I'm easy (as opposed to the soft texture) so I toast the muffins before I put them in the oven:

Once they are all toasted, I spread over the pizza sauce:

Add the cheese:

Add my toppings (I just chopped up some olives):

Once your pizzas are ready, place them on one of the tops racks in your oven, be sure to set the oven on BROIL so the cheese melts first!

Once the cheese is all melted, you're done!


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Jessica said...

Hehe My mom used to make a version of this when I was a kid....she'd put spaghetti sauce and american slices. We loved it. Now I use real cheese, shredded! I am really moving up in the world LOL! Hey Keeley loves it! :)