Monday, December 22, 2008

Gettin our Martha Stewart on:: Cookie Baking!!

Since cabin fever has struck the Fenton household full force, I decided to brave the elements, take the kiddos to Safeway, and pick up some supplies to make cookies for Steven!! No worries, we walked there and it was literally just a couple of blocks away. It was a nice break and I had no idea how much fun Jacob was going to have decorating them! He was so careful and focused on what he was doing which leads me to think that we may quite possibly have an engineer on our hands someday!! Im trying to take full advantage of my new camera by capturing each and every moment are a few of my favorite pictures of our afternoon....
Stay tuned for Norahs 5 month pictures!!

Can you tell who decorated this one? :)

Jacobs favorite thing, peanut butter m&ms

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VBC MOPS said...

Oh, save me one! I have been craving a frosted sugar cookie all season! I hate making them myself, I get too impatient with the mess. Did you end up going today? Rylie puked 6 times! :( She seems to be doing better now though. Hopefully it was just a short bug!