Monday, March 30, 2009

{Going Green & Cloth}

Last week I entered into a drawing being held by Seattle Moms Deal Finder one of my favorite money saving blogs and I won 2 tickets to the Seattle Green Festival! So Steven and I went on Sunday and we had a great time! I learned so much about many different topics, received many samples and was able to get a better idea of questions I had, one of them being cloth diapering. I had been quite interested in it ever since talking to my friend Becky who also does this. From talking to many different companies it has now reaffirmed my decision not only because it is way more cost effective but because diapers take up so much room in our landfills. We are starting to potty train Jacob now and its going really good. I figure Norah still has awhile and since we're not done having children, I can get more uses out of them later on.
My question to you is, if you cloth diaper, what brand do you use and why?
What are the initial start up costs?
and are the diapers you use adjustable?

I was overwhelmed at the different brands out there and I thought a personal referral would be better than buying them all and trying them out myself!
One of them that caught my interest was BumGenius...any opinions?
Thank you so much!!

For next years show, I encourage all of you to go! Even if you dont agree with everything, it sure is an eye opening experience and is definatley worth your time! To see what was available this year, you can go here


Christia said...

Oh man! I'm so excited for you Keren! I honestly have so much to say, that it will take up your entire comments. I will just say, I use goodmamas, . there is a hefty start up cost, but I've been using the same diapers on Gabe since he was 4 months old, and I used them on Julian until he PL'd. Email me. I have sooooooo much to say!

Michelle said...

Ok, cool about the cloth diapers... but what I'm really interested in is how you're potty training Jacob. Owen won't have anything to do with the potty or big boy undies and I'm getting so frustrated. What should I do???

Victoria Elder said...

I LOVE FUZZY BUNZ cloth diapers they are the best not a fan of bum genius you have buy the inserts for those i believe & are not cheap