Sunday, March 22, 2009


Who doesnt love a giveaway? I cant pass up a good deal, and you can't beat free! I was trying to think of an important milestone/day/event in order to celebrate a giveaway and I couldnt think of anything...

So in honor of my 283rd post...
I present to you....
A free nursing cover of your choice!!

Thanks to so many of you who have been spreading the word, sales have started to increase quite a bit! Therefore, I have no choice but to keep shopping, and thats exactly what I did today! I wanted to share all 28 pieces I am currently working on...

Even if you are not pregnant or nursing, feel free to enter because they make a great shower gift!

So, here are the rules..
1.) Comment below with your name.. and because Im random like that, list your favorite tv show of all time -or- a fun fact about yourself!

2.) I will draw a name out of a hat 1 week from this post and let everyone know the winner!

3.) Dont forget to visit my official nursing cover website at and follow me on this blog!!

You might recognize a few of these and if that's so, it's because these were very popular and have sold out so I brought them back! If you see one you like, just let me know and I can get it made in a day or so!

Here are my newest fabrics... enjoy and good luck!

{Amy Butler Deco Rose- Navy}

{Amy Butler Deco Rose- Forest}

{Amy Butler Deco Rose- Brown}

{Black and White floral with pink accents}

{Cream floral on light pink background}

{Blue and white damask on brown background}

{Brown, blue, green, and pink dot on white background}

{Black and white floral}

{Black and white floral}

{Blue and white floral}

{Black and white}

{Lemons with white background}

{Black and whit damask}

{Cream floral print on light purple background}

{Brown print on bright blue background}

{Brown print on aqua background}

{Cream and black floral on red background}

{Pink, blue, and white circles on brown background}

{Orange print on bright pink background}

{Brown print on bright pink background}

{Blue circles on a white background}

{Shades of pink damask print on brown background}

{White damask print on brown background}

{Zebra print}

{Brown dots on light pink background}

{Little white dots on brown background}

{White and blue dots on a brown background}

{Brown floral on light blue background}

{Pinks, greens, and dark pink circles on brown background}


Susan said...

1.) Susan Wold
favorite tv show of all time Double Trouble - a show from the mid-80s about twins...or The Cosby Show. I often think I should write a book, "Everything I know about Parenting, I learned from The Cosby Show" LOL

Justine said...

Justine Shelton
Favorite T.V of all time would be Seinfeld. Best.Show.Evar!

CoreyFWood said...

Yay! Pick me! ;) Corey Wood. I think my favorite show would be Sex and the City.

Katie, Nate, and Baby Max Make Three said...

Ooohhh. I like. Katie Niemer (KNemo). My favorite show of all time would probably be My So-Called Life.

Kara and Colin said...

Kara Handy it would be Desperate Housewives. But how can you beat Full House or the game shows Press Your Luck and Price Is Right? I've got a couple friends trying to get pregnant and I'll definitely recommend you! I love some of your Amy Butler designs.

Jill said...

ooh yay!

Favorite TV show... I'm a tv-holic - my favorite of all times was maybe Freaks and Geeks - it got cancelled way too soon. But right now, I'm a reality addict. Survivor, Amazing Race, ROck of Love, you name it.

Suzie said...

Suzie Bloom...hmm....I'm gonna go with Jon and Kate Plus 8 recently ..but I'm definitely gonna agree with Full House back in the day!! :)

Savara07 said...

Stacy Avara-
My favorite TV Show of all time was Saved by the Bell! Who couldn't drool over Zack Morris and be jealous of Kelly Kapowski! Of course I don't know about Screech nowadays...especially after he made a porno! Ewww..Oh well, Zack and Slater were hot!

Brie said...

Brie Moore-
My favorite show of all time is ER! I am so sad there are only 2 episodes left! What am I going to do Thursday nights?? lol! (( If I win this I am going to donate it to my garage sale for March for Babies!!))

James and Megan Bone said...

Megan Bone

I currently love The Big Bang Theory...but of all time....Friends.

Anonymous said...

Maureen McNinch- love your blog! My favorite TV show is...right now, ER and Grays Anatomy- oh and Ghost Whisperer. Random fact- I studied hip-hop dance for over 9 years as a kid and teenager. I can rock it!

Michelle said...

after buying another tonight I'm all for this! lol!

Michelle Patsey
I am obsessed with Sex and the City... I will never get sick of it!

The Shores said...

Laura Shore

Favorite TV show-MTV's Read World and/or Road Rules. I dont know why, but I've watched every season since I was like 11 years old :)

Miriam said...


Favorite TV show of all time is a tough one. I loved Northern Exposure, so I guess I will say that one but only because I can't think of one that would be the best of all time.

God Made Playdough said...

No, I don't need this for myself, but it would make a cool gift. I'll just have to find someone outside of church to give it to! :)
I have had too many favorite tv shows to pick just one, so I'll share a random fact about myself. I was the first person you called when you found out you were pregnant for the first time!!! :) That makes me happy!

Heidi B. said...

Hey awesome freebie to promote your business. I want to get a nursing wrap for my sister anyway. My favorite show of all time is the OFFICE. It is so funny!!

Dawn said...

pick me, pick me! LOL.

Favorite show of al time? OMG thats like beingasked to pick your favoroite sweet treat, as in they are all my favs. I loved a lot of the old 80's shows but only cause I was a child of the 80's. Small Wonder would have been one of my favs as a kid. The Wonder years when I was a preteen. of course 90210! But I think when I look backthe winner will be the current show Lost. the writiing in the show is amazing and the way they always keep you guessing. when that show has finished its run I think alot of people will look back and say it was the best. Even better than M.A.S.H.

Farrars said...

Hi, my name is Cheyenne F. A fun fact about me is I can touch my tongue to my nose.

~amy~ said...

Right now.... I have to admit.... Bothers and Sisters... good stuff:) Enter me in:)

Christia said...

Favorite show-Either Grey's Anatomy or Private Practice or General Hospital! ;)

theresab said...

Favorite TV show - probably ER

Christina said...

Christina Butorac
Punky Brewster. :)

Anonymous said...

Steph Waletzko

Stefany said...

My favorite show of all time is a tie between ER and Grey's Anatomy. ER has just gotten too emotional for me to watch lately!

Jessica Jennings said...

My favorite show of all time has to be Gilmore Girls. It is just so unique and fun. I would own every season if I could afford them.
Love your nursing covers, they are beautiful!

Andrea said...

Hi, I'm Andrea and my all time favorite show has to be Arrested Development, it just doesn't get funnier or more clever then that!

Jodi W. said...

Jodi W.
In high school I watched a show called Swans Crossing. I think Sarah Michelle Gellar was in it!

Fun fact: I can clap with one hand :)

Great nursing covers!

Pure Mommy Extract said...

Let's favorite TV show of all time is...hmm...probably Stargate SG-1.

Yep, my husband is a nerd and he got me into it!

It's Just Me said...

My name is Amanda and although I don't have cable right now (boo!) my favorite show is Scrubs! :)

Cara L. said...

My name is Cara L. and I love Criminal Minds :)

Korndog said...

My name is Kory and my all time favorite T.V show is Friends. To bad it's all reruns now. :(
Love the nursing covers by the way.

Hillary said...

Hillary B.
-My favorite show would have to be the Cosby show. I still watch it in the never gets old!
-random fact: I'm an identical twin. My sister is expecting and one of your fantastic nursing covers would be a great gift!
-Thanks for the great giveaway! Your nursing covers are great!

DanaC said...

Dana Corbett
My favorite show of all time has to be Greys Anatomy and I'm a closet John & Kate +8 fan lol
My random fact is I dont like chocolate and im a coffee addict

Caldwell said...

Caldwell Price
My favorite show would be Law & Order, more specifically SVU. I love some good Det. Stabler eye candy, once dh is in bed. :)

Anonymous said...

Janee W.
favorite show of all time: Gilmore Girls.
Your nursing covers are such a great idea for baby showers!

Samantha Edwards said...

Samantha Edwards! :)

Fun fact: I can write with both hands!

ricci said...

Ricci Mullen

Fun Fact: I would rather be around kids all day then adults and I'm a great cook says my husband.

MrsKittle said...

Hey, It's Kimber!
my favorite show of all time is Full House!!!!

ps-i love my nursing cover and would LOVE another :)
Great giveaway idea.

The Elfers said...

Becky Elfers

My favorite show is The Office. I could talk about Michael Scott and Dwight Shrute all day long!

McDowells said...

Dani McDowell

Favorite show would be a tie between the office and 24. :)

The Makanani Family said...

Brianne Makanani
Favorite Show of all time: Beverly Hills 90210

Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Becky Makin
Fun Fact: I don't like chocolate

Anonymous said...

Becky Makin
Fun Fact: I don't like chocolate

Anonymous said...

Shelly Mock
Favorite Tv show: Grey's Anatomy or Private Practice, o or even Gossip Girl. But honestly I can't resist reality tv.

Janice said...

Janice Phillips
I was directed here through the supermillers :)
Favorite show at the moment would have to be Chuck.
I am excited to have found your blog!

Apryl said...

Hey Keren, I am always talking about your nursing covers. Jessica let me borrow the one you gave her. I love it! So anyway, my favorite House. And an interesting fact about me is I have 17 nieces and nephews, but 2 of them I haven't met.

Laura K said...

Fun fact: I have as many siblings as i have fingers to count on!

Anonymous said...

{via facebook}
I hoping you will let me put my name into the running this way or at tell me how to post a comment. It's not a cover-up for me yet :), I'll give it to my friend she is due in September. My favorite show of all time I think would be friends but right I LOVE Greys anatomy. THANKS!!!!!

Erica J :)

Suzanne said...

My favorite TV show is currently American Idol. I haven't missed a season! :-0 An interesting fact is my highschool was the highschool filmed in Beverly Hills 90210. (Torrance High School) I was a senior there the first year it aired.

BabyAlana said...

Random fact about me? I have never had a bloody nose, broken a bone, or been stung by a live bee (that's right, I stepped on a dead one and the stinger went in).
I didn't realize you were that talented, geez!

resin said...

fave tv show was the gilmore girls. and a random fact about me is that i hate pie.

Victoria Elder said...

Hopefully I am not too late! Your nursing covers are amazing!! I LOVE the Zebra nursing cover!! oh my heck so I think I want another baby now lol ... My favorite show is One Tree Hill, random fact: I used to be afraid of midgets! I am definately going to pass the word on your give away today & your etsy site!