Friday, March 27, 2009

{Adventures in cardmaking}

I guess you can say I have become obsessed! It is so much fun and way easier than scrap-booking but unfortunately, not any cheaper :( What used to be daily trips to the mall, have now turned into frequent visits to Joanns and Michaels...they bait you in with great coupons and awesome sales I cant control myself! Crafting days have become weekly occurances at my place with some very creative girls! Thank you Amberlyn, Suzie and Brie for bringing me into the world of cardmaking! Bear with me as Im just starting and have yet to invest in the many tools need to create some amazing cards, that, and Im pretty plain anyway....


{It can get really messy!}

{Heres a little of my scrapbooking too!}


Pure Mommy Extract said...

Hey, thanks for granting that request! Now we will see if the other two do it =).

You did well and I love the last one of the page you did for Norah's birth. Very cute!

Kara and Colin said...

Very cute! They will just get better and better. You can also get ideas from the Cricut website message boards. :) That's where I go.

God Made Playdough said...

Really cute! Do you have a cricut?

Anonymous said...

"its a girl"
"it's a girl"

With or with out an apostrophy?