Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Birthday Party Pictures::

Norahs birthday party was July 25th.
Today is September 8th.
Yes, I am a little behind.

We had so much fun planning this event. With the help of some amazing friends we were able to get everything together just in the nick of time! Steves and his friends were literally helping us finish building our deck within an hour of people showing up! All of us girls, worked into the night cooking like crazy! I could not have done it without them. Thank you all for helping make Norahs day so special.

Unfortunatley, my camera was out of commission for the party so I was unable to take any pictures. Thank you Angela, Danielle, Suzie and Amy for playing photographer for the day!

Here is the sign I made::


Italian Soda station::

BBQ and Salads::

Happy Birthday to you::

Wasted no time digging in::

That's my girl!::

Water and Juice buckets::

The Slide:: Aka 'Big Berthe'

Pink Puff Balls::


Gift Bags::

Made some bibs for the babies::

Some of the guests::

We had 3 different kinds of cupcakes::

Cupcake Balls::

Pretzel Sticks::

...now it's time to plan Jacobs 3rd birthday on the 26th of October!
Let the fun begin again :)
(just kidding)

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