Tuesday, April 22, 2008

BPA...What's the Big Deal??

For the past several years, research scientists have increasingly warned manufacturers and consumers about the potential dangers of bisphenol-A, a plastic softener used in the production of polycarbonate plastic commonly used in baby bottles due to its durability and clarity..unbeknownst to me I didnt realize how many potential reprecussions could result in the use of these products. Including but not limited to early puberty in girls and fertility issues in boys (sperm production, etc)...I have never been the type to be overly concerned about things but as I have been researching this topic more and more it has really opened my eyes to what I can do as parent. There are so many more toxins in the world now that if I can do one small thing that may prevent many problems in the future for my kids, then Im all about it! I have found 2 great blogs that really spelled it out on what is considered safe vs. unsafe.

This is the first one:

...and the second

**I know for some of you with older children this may not concern you but if you plan on having any more babies that will use a bottle, teether or sippy cup you may just want to be aware of whats being put in the plastic!!(Lets just say I had no idea 90% of Jacobs bottles, sippy cups and teethers contained BPA!, needless to say they are all getting thrown out and we'll be using Born Free or the Playtex drop ins with Ava!)..hope this helps!here is a quick diagram if you dont have a lot of time!

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