Monday, April 7, 2008

Hello 3rd Trimester....

I did it again...went another week without blogging... :( I had a Dr appt this morning...drank my fruit punch glucola a.k.a. "the flat, distilled, sugary, nasty crap!!" After choking it down I met with my Dr and we heard the heart rate beating strong at 156!! I bet the glucola had something to do with her being so active too!! Im no longer at my prepregnancy had to go up sometime eh?? ...I guess I should regulate my daily intake of Coke and Reeses pieces :) ((as I shove a handful of them into my mouth)) I signed my consent forms for my VBAC and was thrilled to hear that she will try everything in her power to allow me to succeed...I completely understand that I am not in control and God may have different plans but as of now, it’s still a go :) My dad came over this morning to watch Jacob and I had to laugh because he loves to clean (I think thats where I get it from) but I intentially tried to have the house spotless for him so he wouldnt feel obligated to tidy up...I was wrong...he found the 2 hidden spots I’d yet to clean...the microwave and the flippin oven!! LOL...I was dying laughing..seriously..the oven??? The oven still had a while yet until it was done so he said he would stick around our house and eat his lunch until it was done so I could go eat lunch with my friends :) Im so apprecatative of my parents...they are so much help!! I was able to schedule a lunch date with my good friends Christia and Suzie and we went to Applebees for some yummy food!! Not to mention the kids meals were less than 3.00!! I was impressed :) During lunch I got a call from the nurse at my Dr’s office notifying me that I was anemic...of all the things she could have been calling about it was much to my relief that it was just low iron...I had the same thing happen with Jacob so it was no surprise...I just have to take some iron supp. with a glass of OJ in the morning :) Other than that I will wait a couple of days for the result of my glucose test and pray that I dont have to do the 3 hour test...ugh!!! **I did have an old fashioned doughnut last night at church...ahhh...I hope that doesnt effect the results! I made my first official Craigslist purchase last night and we got Ava a new crib!! It is a White sleigh crib (3 in 1) and was in immaculate condition! We just couldnt pass it up...alas...a new addiction...(thanks Morgan!) We also painted Ava’s room this weekend...Steve will add the can lights and ceiling fan tonight and hopefully put up the molding this week too...(Then I can post some pics :)! We have our annual Bible Conference this week which has kind of put a knot into getting house projects done but it’s well worth it because we have a great speaker and he’s been talking about the rapture...very interesting!! Wednesday Steven and I will be heading up north for our 3d/4d ultrasound!! I am so excited to see what her little face looks like..We looked at Jacobs 3d u/s pictures last night and we could definatley see the resemblance to what he looked like as a newborn...its amazing! Im praying for at least one good shot...but I do understand its for students to learn and since Im getting paid for it, I cant be too picky! I feel like Im forgetting something but I guess thats becoming all too normal lately...ugh!!
3rd Trimester here I come!!


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