Friday, April 25, 2008

Yay for early money!!

For those of you eagerly awaiting your tax rebate checks will rejoice at the Treasury Department's announcement that they're depositing the checks ahead of schedule. Their original announcement stated that May 2 would be rebate check opening day, but they've updated their schedule with the early start date of Monday, April 28.

If the IRS has your direct deposit information then your check will be deposited earlier than those who will receive their check in the mail. However, the mailed checks will also be sent a week ahead of schedule and mailings will begin on May 9. All rebates will be distributed according to the last two digits of your social security number as originally stated. While the IRS hasn't come out with a new schedule, I've updated their old one to reflect the newly announced dates.

To see an updated estimated schedule just read moreDirect deposit payment Last 2 Digits of SSN Date Check Will Be Sent

00-20 April 28

21-75 May 5

76-99 May 12

Paper check Last 2 Digits of SSN Date Check Will Be Sent:

00-09 May 9

10-18 May 1619-25 May 23

26-38 May 30

39-51 June 6

52-63 June 13

64-75 June 20

76-87 June 27

88-99 July 4

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