Sunday, April 20, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away....

...come again another day
...ok come on now seriously...this nasty weather is starting to get! Last weekend was just a teaser come back sun!!! Nevertheless the snow/wind/hail and rain couldnt stop us from enjoying our day at the Spring Fair!! At first we contemplated not going but around 11ish it started to clear up and we thought oh why not! We're Washingtonians, whats a little rain! So we packed our stuff, layered up, and off we went! My mom came with us too which made Jacobs day!! 95% of the time we were there, it was clear and mild out...there was one bout of rain and we just went to the animals in the barn when that happened!! So all in all it was worth the risk...and it gave us something to do for the day!! My mom took Jacob from the fair so we could get ready for dinner at our friends house tonight...I was responsible for dessert so I went and picked up the stuff for that while Steven went to the church to work on some electrical stuff...the break was very relaxing and it was so nice to be able to focus on one task and not have to wonder what Jacob was getting into from there we enjoyed a great dinner with 3 other couples and had a great time of fellowship!! Not to mention, I got to play with their 7lb pomeranian!! Oh My Goodness!! I am in love My parents offered to just take Jacob for the night so we could get some stuff done so as Steven worked on Ava's closet and molding while I got her baskets completed!! They are a light wood colored basket with yellow liners that my mom made and I tied a coral-ish thick ribbon around them...(will post pics very soon!) I was debating on the wall letters...for one reason and one reason only...I wanted to make 100% sure we are going to use Ava Rose...which we are and so Christia..if you are reading's a go for those adorable letters one of the last remaining projects I am responsible for. But believe it or not we're about 90% done and its so relieving!! I know a lot of people aren't into the "nursery" thing, or its not a high priority on the list but for some reason I've always enjoyed decorating baby's rooms...if we ever had the extra money and I had more time I'd love to start my own business doing just that. It will probably never happen, but heck I can dream right?? I've had so much fun doing Ava's room and can't wait to get the "Big Boy Bed" and furnitur in order to finish his. In all actuality, my jobs pretty easy...its Steven who really changes the rooms as well as my mom who can sew anything so its just me putting the concept together and "accessorizing!" regardless its my own little "passion" and I might as well have my say now before Ava and Jacob can choose their own "style" hehe!! I took Jake to the mall yesterday just to get out and we had a great time, we got a corn dog and played in the kids area as well as picked up a couple smaller sized outfits for Ava () just want to make sure we have enough.. she has a lot of 9month + clothing but not a whole lot of infant sizes and since Im not having a shower I wanted to be extra prepared!! I personally know of 3 baby showers and 1 bridal shower this weekend as well as 1 more bridal shower Im going to next weekend!! Wow!! Tis that time of year for weddings!! I cant believe Steven and I will be celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary on Thursday...and today marked the day 7 years ago when we started dating!! I cant believe it...I was only 17 and now 2 houses later and 2 kids later here we are, happier than ever!!! Speaking of my hard working man...time to go bring him some ice cream and relax...kid free!!


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Christopher Miller said...

Just keep reminding yourself that the cold weather must somehow be the result of Global Warming. :-)