Monday, March 31, 2008


Ahhh...I cant believe its been 6 days since I’ve blogged...Im slacking!! Oops! The highlights last week were getting to the gym a couple of times, going to Christys to learn about cameras...which I’ve already picked out the one Im getting thanks to some great referrals Im looking forward to being able to use Ava as my motionless guinea pig..while trying to figure out what to do...Ive been told to take a class so I may have to look into that too!! Regardless, I want something more than my basic point and shoot...Steven and I went to Bellevue Square on Sunday to compare the 2 nursery designs we’d both liked...originally we wanted the "Penelope" design with the Birds but after seeing it in person we were dissapointed...there were no birds on the bumper and too many birds on the crib sheet...the quilt had one small strip of birds going down the right side and it looked really off centered...on the other hand we were very pleased with the "Spring Flowers" collection and picked up the sham and bumpers yesterday...I stupidly forgot a gift card I had at home so I "had" to go back up today and get the rest of the stuff...including the stroller blanket, crib skirt, valance and quilt!! Im so happy b/c it is discontinued now and I was able to get the last of some of the stuff...phew...I cant imagine what we would have done if we went and it was all gone!! Ugh!! I guess start from looking forward to painting this weekend and putting up molding!!..Now we just have to find a crib...Jacob will still be in his and we are in no rush to get him out early especially now that hes opening doors now...ugh!! But at least the hard part is over!! Im going in for one of my prenatal massages next week and totally looking forward to it!!! Ive heard they are wonderful!!...I just hope its relaxing...Im not really into the "deep tissue" stuff...I get to go for one more thanks to the gift certificates I got in a couple more weeks...tomorrow I get to go to lunch with my good friend Suzie and Im really looking forward to it :) especially when I dont have to cook!! Our family is happy the Mariners began their season today...not because we like baseball but because we know that the Seahawks will start practicing soon!!! lol j/p we like baseball...just a little slow going..but we did have the game on tonight and were happy when we won!!! Great way to start off the season!! My good friend Stepheni referred me to a great dish made my Costco so Im REALLY looking forward to going up there this week and trying it out!! ...She definatley knows me b/c its a chicken dish and super easy!! My kind of meal!! Well off to put Jacob to bed and (hopefully get a back rub ) Goodnight! (I've posted a couple of pics of the bedding....minus the crib mom will make a couple for us...we weren't too fond of the "hippy" looking flowers on the sheet! :)

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