Thursday, June 26, 2008

I've Been Stripped!!

...well kind of
She more of less "teased my cervix" she couldnt quite strip them yet but is hopeful that if I dont have her by next Friday (my next appt) she'll be able to fully strip the membranes (I was surprised b/c it didnt hurt at all..until now)! On a positive note her head did drop quite a bit and she could feel her right away!! So its nice to know that the pain I felt this week was a result of something!! Her heartrate has been in the 130's for the last month which amazes me because A) I drink Coke like its going out of style and B) Old Wives Tales say girls hearts beat faster....crazy!! My Doctor also thinks shes going to be smaller thank Jacob...phew! and also suggested some interesting techniques to bring on labor..some I will try...and some I I'll spare you the details but I couldnt help but laugh!! The receptionists also shared their ideas, once again, interesting!! So as a result of the attempted "strip" Im crampy tonight which bums me out because I was supposed to meet my friends at the zoo today and I'll bet those hills would have totally helped my progress. On a happier note, my mom is taking me for a pedicure tomorrow for a girls day and my dad is watching Jacob!! Maybe we'll walk the Supermall a few times...that should get things going right?
Thank you everyone for your thoughts and well wishes I've got some great friends!!

PS Does anyone know if Tacoma General has WiFi? I'd love to bring the laptop with us...

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