Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hello, Im Keren and I am a birthing ball addict.

Man, I've totally gone off the deep end when it comes to blogging...the time I usually spend doing the blog has now shifted to nesting :) I've already started off the week fairly busy which has been great because it keeps us occupied and time seems to go by much faster!! We had a great weekend getting the house organized and put together (Stevens nesting too ) Im so thankful to have a husband who loves to clean and organize as much as I do...I can already see a little OCD in Jacob too (hehe) Stevens mom and dad took Jacob for the weekend so I was able to go to my Dr appt on Friday as well as Costco with my dad, solo...its was a nice break! On Saturday I had the pleasure of attending my good friend Danielles shower!! She's expecting a little boy a few weeks after me!! (See picture)

I had a lot of fun and hope she did as well! From there I came back home and waited for Steven to get home from a side job that took him nearly to Oregon but it was well worth it and he got done earlier than expected!! We decided we might as well have a date night and decided to hit up our favorite restruant, Sakruas for some mighty good food...(probably what I miss most about not living in Tacoma anymore) from there we went to the Emerald Queen for some blackjack and we both came out winners!! Not a whole lot but enough to take care of our dinner and gas!! Well worth the time spent together and we had a blast!! There wont be many more (if any) of those date nights in the near future, but thats totally ok with me, better rewards are waiting!! We met Stevens parents at Red Robin in Olympia to retrieve our son :) It was a fun break but we were so happy to see him again..especially after 2 nights!! On monday, my good friend Angela and I went to some local baby shops to check out what they had...I was extremely impressed with Sugarbabies in Sumner, the service was great and the products are amazing!!! We werent as impressed with Mom and Co on 176th and Meridian...although if you're looking for maternity clothes, they had a great selection...for those of you on a more generous budget I may add. We took the boys to the McDonalds across the street where they have a huge playyard in a dinosaur theme, they both did really good and were ready for naps that afternoon! Our new youth pastor's wife is expecting a little boy 5 days after me so that night our church threw her a baby shower! It was a lot of fun and I cant wait to meet little Noah! Im shooting for the trifecta because it is very possible that her, Danielle and I could all go into labor together...and we're all delivering at Tacoma General...hmmm do you think they'd do a 3 for 1 discount on the room rates?? (hehe) Tuesday I met up with Pam (and kids!) and we had a picnic at a local park in Puyallup! It was so nice outside and the kids were all sweaty from playing so hard!! I think I may have even gotten a little sun too!! I woke up yesterday morning with extreme pain/acheness/pressure in the "baby region" it totally took me by surprise and I felt as if (sorry tmi ahead...) a head was already coming out!! (sorry!) but I couldnt sleep and it hurt!! Needless to say I didnt wait long to call the Dr and find out what I could take...took some Tylenol and bought a birthing ball. Apparantly what I was feeling was "lightening" (whatever that means) and the baby "dropped" I could see how they would say that...I felt as if she was going to fall out!! I did not feel anything like this with Jacob so Im staying hopeful! I've got a Drs appt tomorrow and hoping she'll tell me that that feeling is progress (Im nearly at a 2 as of last weeks appt)!! After bouncing on the ball all night (wonderful investment by the way!) I decided I needed to go walking today...thankfully Christia and Suzie were totally game for the exercise and we all did a few miles here in Orting!! It actually felt really good and Im also hoping that stirred things up!! I got my diaper bag today in the mail!!
(Yay for craigslist!) and I must begin packing...not only for me but for Steven, Jacob and Norah too!! (now you can see why Im putting if off...) but really...we're going to the zoo tomorrow after my Dr appt and wont want to pack now is as good of time as any!! Off I go!!

PS. Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!! They celebrated 30 years together yesterday!! (I was trying to find a picture of the both of them on my computer but was unsuccessful ) will try and post one later!! They are wonderful role models for Steven and I and we cant wait to see them celebrate 30 more happy years together!!!

(This is the diaper bag I bought!)

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