Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!

(Steven and Jacob Jan 2008 San Francisco)
I could go on and on about how lucky I am to have Steven not only as an amazing husband but a perfect daddy for Jacob!! He was definatley meant to have son and Im equally as excited to see how he'll do with a little girl!! It might soften him up a bit (hehe) even though today was "his day" he didnt hesitate at all to changing Jacobs diapers, helping me clean the house, and making everyone that came over feel welcome. As soon as he walks into the door Jacobs screaming "Daddy Daddy!!!" and jumps into his arms...I could watch that day after day and not get sick of it!! I am so blessed to have a husband who, from day 1 never complained about dirty diapers, crying or temper tantrums, he's the most patient person I know (why do you think he married me?) hehe!!

...and as far as my dad is concerned Im doubly blessed!! He babysits Jacob for us at least once a week and spends the whole time down on the floor with him reading book after book (its the Librarian in him!) he takes Jacob up to the park as well as pulls him around in the laundry hamper all over the house and that is why Jacob loves his papa!! It been so fun watching my Dad (and my mom!) take on the grandparent roll, they've adjusted quite well and in my opinion are professionals!!! I feel so lucky to have a dad who is so smart and wise. I think there's something to be said about having a 'older' dad. Hes taught me about healthy eating habits, going to the doctors/dentists for regular visits, setting up a budget (although at some times we weren't as good at that!) , the importance of a good education, helping us get our life insurance, setting up our investment accounts but most importantly he is a true man of God and an excellent role model for both Steven and I on what a Christian is about. He's in the Word everyday and is constantly encouraging us through the gospel and reminding us about the true reward, not materialistic items. but our personal relationship with the Lord! And for that I am so grateful!!

We went to early service today at church in order to be home in time to get lunch started with my mom before Steven's family came over around 1. We had the most amazing food which included flank steak, potato skins, ceaser salad, fruit salad and my ice cream/oreo dessert!!! Our original plan was to eat at the dining room table but it was so nice out that we decided to do it picnic style on our patio!! It was so fun to watch Jacob and Serena play in the backyard, they were so worn out afterwards I have no doubt they both had great naps!! Steven and his brother Chris played with the football and Jacob had a grin from ear to ear (making Daddy and Papa so proud) you couldnt wipe that smile off Jacobs face seeing his dad throw the ball back and forth...we've been teaching him to run as well as kick the ball because we want him to know that you can do other things with it besides throw it!! ( least in football!) he getting the hang of it and now runs up and down the yard with the football practicing up on his skills!! It was such a rewarding day and I think everyone had a great time...having the sun out sure helped too!!
On Wednesday I had a Dr's appt which turned out better than I was expecting. She checked me and said I was already at a good 1 cm! Now I've heard from a lot of you that it means nothing but since I stayed completely shut with Jacob even after 41 weeks this gives me hope!! (I was only 35 weeks 6 days when she checked me!) At least at a 1 they can strip your membranes which is more than I ever had done with Jacob! ((Im desperate and holding onto hope that I may actually go into labor naturally!!) **keeping fingers crossed!** So needless to say it made my afternoon...until I realized I had a bladder infection. Ouch. I was in a lot of pain for a day or so but I was able to pick something up at Safeway which was a miracle drug!! I went to my family Dr. on Thursday and she said it was pretty much all cleared up...phew!! Im so glad thats over with!! Saturday was filled with a 2nd birthday party for Jacobs friend Luke which was a blast (it was spiderman themed, and included games for the kids as well as a pinata!) then off we went to my best friends sisters grad party!! (congrats Emily!) and then off to dinner we went at the Mullens house with 2 other couples (the Nelsons and Millers!!) It was a fun filled day and thankful that it stayed dry out...needless to say, we slept great!! So on that happy note...Im off to get some ice cream :)

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