Sunday, June 29, 2008


What a beautiful (but hot) day here in the great state of Washington!! I could complain about the scorching heat, the endless sweating, the sticky clothes, but since it's nearly July and this is the first hot weekend, I'll keep my mouth shut (even though I have the "Im ginormously pregnant" excuse), the excitment of Norahs impending arrival far outweighs the heat exhaustion. I was hit with the "nesting stick" this weekend and on Friday I really wanted to wash my car. I usually do this at my parents house b/c my dad will watch Jacob while I detail the car. Oddly enough, I love to wash the car so no sympathy votes needed here (re: nesting) lol there was only one problem. As fast as I was washing the car, the sun was drying the soap to it. It was so frustruating because I think I ended up washing the car like 3 times in order to keep up with the sun (Note to self: Wash the car earlier in the morning so its not as hot out) not to mention I still had to do the wheels,vaccuum and clean the interior!! (Now you see why Im thankful to have a babysitter!) My mom also had the day off so she went to a local cafe and brought us back yummy sandwiches!! (I was having a serious craving for egg salad sandich and the fact that they give you a pickle for each order completely topped it off!) It was so delicious!! From there, the plan was to walk the mall with my mom but the 2 hour battle with washing my car wiped me out and so we just settled for pedicures :) (and a slurpee!) My toes look great but I had to suffer in order to get them done...ugh! This is the 2nd (and last time) I've walked out of that salon in pain...I told the lady I had a small blister on my toe...and she still proceeds to rub it with nail polish remover!!! Then when she was cuticle cuting she went down to far and as she applied the nail polish it felt as if acid was being poured into an open wound :( so if any of you know of a great nail place...I'd love to hear about it!! (vent over) all in all it was a great day and I enjoyed spending the day with my mom and dad!! That night Steven must have been bitten by the "nesting bug" as well because we cleaned until nearly 1am! Sadly, we enjoyed it and had a great nights rest knowing the house was literally "spotless!" :) On Saturday, Jessica threw a shower for me and I had such a great time!! Yes, it was very hot but thankfully the shade helped to cool us off...(a little) :) She had some great games and the best part was the all you can eat ice cream with almost every topping imaginable!! I was so happy to have my best friends there to help celebrate!! I posted some new pictures of it if you'd like to see!! Unfortunatley we didnt get the "group" picture soon enough and missed a few people :( thats what Photoshop is for right?? Later in the evening Chris and Angela invited us to dinner and the boys enjoyed splashing around in the pool while we enjoyed some delicious pulled pork sandwiches!! We look forward to joining them on Wednesday for a Mariners game!! (yay!!) Today after church we went to Katies parents house in Edgewood and spent a great deal of the afternoon in their was SO NICE!! I didnt feel pregnant, all the extra weight was unnoticed in the water and I literally could have spent all evening in there as well!! Steven, Jacob and I definatley were thankful for that opportunity because it took our minds off of the 90 degree weather (heck, even Buddy came in a couple times!) Tomorrow Im looking forward to joining Christia and Carly at Dash Point for the afternoon! I also have yet another baby shower at 6:30 tomorrow night and another on Wednesday!...yes I will have gone to 5 baby showers in 11 days!! I can't complain...I love showers, and babies!! So this week is sure to be a busy one!! Ok Im officially sweating in places I didnt know were to jump in a cool shower!!!
Love, Keren :)

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