Saturday, June 7, 2008

All in a weeks work!!

As much as I love to blog everyday, this week got the best of me and Ive put it off until today!! On Monday I got to spend the day with Suzie and Christia at the Supermall for some causal "mall walking" (hehe) which was obviously hard to do but we all picked up great deals on clothes and we enjoyed great food (cookie dough blizzard and auntie annes pretzels with cheese sauce make a great duo!) I found a 24.00 shirt for jacob for less than 4.00 at Nordstrom Rack and snagged up a cute elephant onesie at GAP for the baby. Its been so hard this whole pregnancy trying to restrain myself from buying things so I should say this with a disclaimer *for those of you who are expecting a little girl prepare yourself!! You may want to speak to your lender about refinancing your house before you go shopping! :) Although with gas prices the way they are, Im naturally finding myself sticking closer to home and not wanting to 'venture' out too far away :( (thats what online shopping is for right?) Jacobs friend Reese came over on Thursday to spend the day with Jacob so her mom (Christy) could get some work done for her photography business :) we were very happy to help her out and learned a new great recipie for amazing bananna pancakes which she came over and made herself just for us!! Jacob also fell in love with the juice Reese was drinking (Odwalla Strawberry Bananna which is loaded with a pound of fruit in each bottle) I was impressed so we may just have to start buying that!! **funny story...I picked up Jacob and noticed he was wet so I went to get him a change of pants and a new diaper. I stupidly took off his diaper before hand and had to run upstairs to get his new clothes....bad move poor Reese was sitting in the wagon playing with Jacob, he decided he needed to join her in the wagon, stand on the seat...and pee on the floor of the wagon...just barely missing little Reese...I think we officially traumatized her!! Although judging by her face she was as happy as a clam playing and Im not sure she even noticed what happened but when I came downstairs and saw him doing that I thought he was peeing on her..not to mention he said "uh oh..ewww...pee pee" as if he knew what he was doing was wrong!! Oh man...boys will be boys...Christy sure got a kick of the story though :) (thank goodness!) We went and played cards at my parents house Wednesday night and had a great time, especially since Steven and I each won! On Friday we had dinner with some friends from church as well as our Pastor and his wife. Time slipped away from us as it was nearly 3 hours after we got there, we were all still enjoying great conversation!! The food was amazing and Im on a mission to gather recipies from everything we ate in hopes to make everything on my own sometime soon!! My parents took Jacob for the night so Steven and I took full advantage of our evening by ourselves and went to see the movie "The Strangers" based on the previews it looked really good and scary (our favorite type of movie) but I felt as if the whole movie was just prepping us for a sequel. There was no plot or set up to really give us any information to what the movie was about. It wasnt bad I was just a little dissappointed. Needless to say I am anxiously awaiting the new M. Knight Shamalyan movie coming out next Friday! This morning Steven and I woke up early in order to be at the Tapps Island garage sale when it started at 9am...we were very successful and it was so worth it!! Steven found a steal of a deal, buying a 300.00 golf driver for 10.00!!! Every guy who's house we stopped at noticed what Steve was holding and was shocked at the deal he got...some even offered to give him more money than he paid for it!! It was great to hear the feedback on what he got...definatley made Steven day...Jacob got basketball hoop for 2.00 a vaccuum for 1.00 (he loves to help us vaccuum) and some other misc toys as well as some new clothes for him and his sister ;) I started getting little contractions which were mostly painless but nevertheless I could feel the tightening!! If I was due any sooner I would have try to stay all day to get things going but its a little early to meet her so I tried not to overdue it!! We ran into Cris and Jessica and they drove us back to our car when we were done (thank you!) and we also saw my friends Jessica and Christy as well as Mandi, who was selling stuff at her parents house!! The rain held off for the most part which was a relief but last year was definatley much better averaging 80 degree temps!! My parents offered to watch Jacob all afternoon while we were garage saling so when it came time to pick him up, we were both so ready to see him! The first thing out of his mouth when he saw Steven was "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy" !!! He read Steven the book "When You Give a Mouse a Cookie" and he knew what everything was on each page!! He can also read "Brown Bear Brown Bear, What Do You See" page by page!! We are so proud of him and his love for books, he definatley doesnt take after me or Steven but after my Mom and Dad. As soon as we get to their house, he grabs his box of books for them and brings them over for them to read to him...he's got to be on their laps too, (which they especially enjoy that special time with him) I love seeing him get so excited! So we picked him up and grabbed a late lunch and got the urge for a slurpee so since Steven doesnt drink them he usually buys a scratch ticket so we each get something. Well this time... he got a ticket and won 100.00! It was quite the surprise and we were elated!! A perfect end to a fun weekend!! Now if only the sun would come out :) God Bless,Keren!!
PS- We've been really trying to install: Please, Thank You, Excuse You, Excuse Me...into Jacob so as I was typing this, I sneezed 3 or 4 times, and from the other room I heard him say "Excuse You Mommy" ...Steven and I couldnt help but giggle and say Thank you Jacob!! Oh, fun times :)

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