Monday, November 19, 2007


Happy 27th Birthday Steven!! Im going to make this short and sweet because a. I gotta tinkle and b. Im going to watch a movie with Steven...and he's anxiously waiting :) the drs appt went great..i loved the nurse I met with and we really got along well...she spent over an hour with me and just got to know my history I got a flu shot :) lol wasnt planning on it but its a special kind they give pg women and it didnt hurt at all...although im a little sore now :) then I went downstairs to the lab...peed in a cup and gave more blood...but..i didnt have to get checked out..."down there" yet...not until the 14th when I go for my first official appt...then at 12 weeks we get to see our little guy movin...cant wait! this preg. seems to be flying so fast...i cant believe by the end of the year i will already be 3 months! wow! After steven got home we ordered our cabinets!! yay!! finally...he's going to try and rush them too...the even cooler thing is that he let us get the huge molding for no additional cost!! our old kitchen didnt have molding around it at excited to see what it will look like around cabinets! Next we met my parents at black angus for a wonderful birthday dinner...I made it through the meal...didnt get to eat as much as i wanted but i didnt get very nauseous..phew...nothing like getting queezy over some of your favorite food! Filet Mignon, Salad, Baked Potato, Appetizer Sampler, Bread and last but not least a huge slice of strawberry cheesecake...mmmmm.mmmm. Hit the spot!! Anyhoots still gotta tinkle so off I go...until tomorrow,me! Ps..I almost forgot to wonderful friend stepheni brought me a vanilla bean frap today...and it was wonderful!! I've got some great friends and I totally owe you!! Thanks again for thinking of me...its the little things :)

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