Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I cant thank you all enough for all the prayers and thoughts you've sent my way the past day...its been truly overwhelming and I love you all!! Steven and I both got our blood drawn again yesterday and surprisingly they had the results today...we were thinking monday so that was a praise! So basically we were told this has nothing to do with our rh levels or our blood types...Im O+ as well as steven....Im also Rh positive...good things as what they were concerned about was that I had a negative antibody trace come up and they wanted to know where I got it from turns out steve is a carriers for the "little c" antibody...which carries a (+) link ...surprisingly I got exposed to it when they cut Jacob out of me for his c-section...his blood somehow mixed back in with mine on the day of delivery...very odd...i know...thankfully when they did the titer on me yesterday my "little c +" antibody count was extremely low...thats a good was almost 0 ...we want it to be as low as nurse practicioner was so optimistic about it and told me it was like instead of pouring a cup full of red dye into a gallon of water for me it was a drop of dye...that could only be measured through the blood draw...when my Dr called me today she seemed a little more concerned...I dont know if thats just her personality...(doesnt like to sugar coat...which is good) or if she's just not as emotional...either way she said we'll have to do blood work at every appt...(yes...i will look like a heroin user after about a few months!) lol just to make sure my levels dont go up...(thats when it gets scary...that would mean the baby would have a chance of getting anemia in the womb...many different scenerios could happen if that was the case) so far, so good...I just ask that you continue to pray that my levels will stay very low and we'll have a competely normal and healthy baby! (notice I used a singular tense...) I sure hope there is only one little bean in there!! Thank you soooo much everyone and I hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow with your families during Thanksgiving!!...oh yeah and on a happier note...yes you'd better believe I will be at Old Navy at 5 in the morning...i want my free mp3 player baby! Ps...if any of this did not make sense let me know..i know I can sometimes ramble and go off subject... :)

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