Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I'm not going to lie...today's been hard day...it didnt start out that way...I had a great time at playgroup...we even celebrated 6 babies birthdays and we followed it up with lunch at the rock...unfortunatley all i was able to eat was some salad and a piece of pizza with no cheese or toppings...ugh. The coke was good though :) Then I get home to find a voicemail on my cell from my nurse practicioner wanting me to call her back..but not to worry...so i think ok cool...no prob...I call her back and she informs me my blood work was a little "off" and that not only do I need to go back for some more blood to be drawn but for steven to do it as well...she tries to explain what they found but it didnt make sense...even when I asked again for some "reassurance" from what she explained its an antibody thing...involving the "little c" antibody...i tried googling it but there's really nothing on it...and what there IS on it is scary to read...she didnt want me to look it up online for that reason...she doesnt want me to freak out but how can I not??? From what I've read there's a high miscarriage rate and strong need for possible blood transfusions either in utero or as soon as he/she's born...not to mention the fact that my kid could possible have some rare blood disorder...I dont know what to think...i can only think of the worst situation and it sucks! I've been praying all day for strength (emotionally) and for the Drs wisdom to know what to do ...if that is the case....I'd totally appreciate your prayers as well...Im desperate...and sick of crying today... :( thank you all so much!love,Me

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