Thursday, November 29, 2007


Im so stinkin mad james got voted off survivor tonight...i wanted him to win the whole I dont even care who wins!! And on the subject of complaining...whats the deal with people giving us such a bad time about living in orting...does that mean nobody should live in florida in fear of hurricanes??? or nobody should live in Kansas because of tordandos??? A volcano hasnt blown up here in over 25 years!! There are tornados and hurricanes every year over there and people still manage to live there...ahhh I love our little town...we're no farther away from church/parents house than when we lived in tacoma...but we're much from gangs/violence and we have over 40 mins to evacuate "if" the lahar siren goes off...and we're less than 10 mins from a anyways...met up with steven for lunch, went to home depot paid bills (yuk!) we get the sheetrock coated tomorrow!!! ...and the hardwood is installed...just have the carpet left!! yay!! Was planning on going to a pampered chef party tonight but found no one to watch jake and I didnt want to have to chase him around the whole night so we had to bail...but I'm still planning on ordering...there's something I want to get my mom from christmas that I have and love! Instead angela invited me over for pizza and "Survivor" ...jake ended up having a 101 temp...drugged him up...good to btw...if you've never seen a "temporal thermometer" ...they are awesome!! you just swipe it from the forehead across to the temple and it reads the temp! its so simple and adding it to my christmas list...its great for all ages...and doesnt involve shoving something up your kids know...gross!! I highly recommend it...and your kids will thank you!!on that happy note :)until tomorrow,keren!

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