Sunday, November 18, 2007


Yay for the hawks win today!! Im so jealous...steve got to go to the game today with his buddy...what an exciting game too!! The commissioner was there...there were 4 false starts and there were over 64,000 people!! wow!! thats team spirit!!....After church today I went out for pizza (yet another pregnancy craving) with our friends the garretsons and murrys...always fun :) especially since we had our own private room with a tv in it so the kids could be loud and we didnt have to rush home to see the was perfect!...and I got my pizza/salad bar fix for the I cant wait to eat turkey!...and mashed've been noticing I have a huge craving for a certain food...and as im eating it or right after im done eating nauseous again...i dont know if its because i ate too much or what....its kinda frusturating...b/c now that I had my pizza fix today I dont even want to think about eating it...actually nothing sounds good ...that seems to be the common theme lately...there's usually only 1 thing that ever sounds good...ahhh! ...although a coke slurpee always sounds good :) lol if anyones in my next of the woods and happens to stop by a 7-11 i'll pay you for a coke slurpee!! lol come visit me :) I truly am just glad im still pregnant and i've heard that "morning sickness" means everything is going as I'll quit complaining, suck it up and just go on with my life :) (thats why I I can vent!) lol I have another dr appt tomorrow...i look forward to them now b/c it gets me closer and closer to the ultrasound!! (10-12) weeks...the 1st ultrasound we had with jake was at 7 wks and he just looked like a grain of rice so i'm excited to see what this one will look like 3-5 weeks bigger...a lot goes on in those 10-12 weeks! tomorrow though i will just get some blood work done...i im wondering if i have to get the "check up...ya know..down there..." fun...we'll see...yuk! Not to mention i've never met this nurse before...guess i'd better go take a anyways...after lunch we went home and took naps...waited for steven to get home and then went back over to ben and heathers to watch the sunday night game...which stunk cause ben had tom brady playing and he scored soo many points in our fantasy football league...i just so happened to be playing him this week and which started out as a tied game quickly turned into a butt whoopin.... :( sad day...but we ate some great tacos and pie...yum!! it hit the spot! so now I begin laundry...a lot of laundry...can't wait! I'm off to being a "domesticated housewife" until tomorrow, me!

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