Wednesday, November 28, 2007


It's been awhile i fault...too stinkin busy...and we had a wonderful Thanksgiving...although I had no appetite...which sucked b/c of all holidays when you want to eat the most this is it and everything looked gross...except my mother in laws fruit that seems to be all I want to eat...especially pineapple...oh yeah stevens family went over to my mom and dads for dinner and we all sorted through the ads and found a couple things we liked...and of course watched football...duh lol after dinner we went to my bff katies house to meet her new man and spend time with her family and friends socializing and playing some fun games...jake went home with stevens parents for 2 nights we were kid free! Friday I met up with my friend michelle and we were at old navy early...4:30...but not early enough...the mp3 players were already gone...I will remember that for next year...I did manage to get some cute clothes though so it made it all worth it! After shopping a bit we ran into Stepheni and hit up Sharis for was a nice break...the lines were crazy at the've got to have quite the stamina to spend all day there...especially when pretty much all the stuff you wanted to get is already I got some stuff for Jake at toys r us...the lines there werent bad at all ...that was a nice relief! Saturday did some more shopping while steve put up our new hardwood flooring...its almost done..ptl! Saturday a bunch of guys from the church played football in the was a lot of fun watching all of them...they all did a great job and paid for it on sunday at church...we had some sore sore sat night jake and I went on a date to the superall (so steve could work again and be loud) so we played in the inside kids some ice cream and went to the toy stores...we had a great time :) sunday was church and then football...because the hawks played early steven and I went to the early service so we could be home in time to watch the game but instead his brother and dad came over to help him on the flooring and I took jake over to chris and angelas with me to watch the game...always a fun time! Monday was angelas baby shower at the church...she got some great little baby clothes...i cant wait to meet her little guy!! I love new babies! :) ...oh speaking of babies...I've had the weirdest cravings ...on sat night I wanted...I mean..needed peppermint ice we went to our local safeway and they were out!! we drove all the way to sumner and got (along with 3 pack of reeses caramel peanut butter cups!) so on monday night I just wanted some mexican beans and rice so after the shower I went up to melaques and ordered take out...drove it all the way home to orting and plopped on my bed and scarffed it down! lol tuesday we did our "mommy" group thing! Playgroup and then the Ram for lunch...they were very accomodating giving the kids balloons and crackers and carrots and ranch dressing before we even ordered!...Love it! ...Then michelle and I did some "shopping" for our hubbys...and were successful...cant wait to give it to him! Tues night we went to our good friends matt and pams house for a very yummy dinner! shes sooo sweet....she was originally going to make pasta but when she found out it made me nauseous she made fried rice too!! I love her...what a friend! Her brother came over and we played taboo for a few hours...we had a lot of always! Today we surprised steven at the house he was working on and took him to lunch, went to the bank, and then to I am catching up on some online shopping while jakes sleeping! ...(kinda)...more like singing to himself... btw...if I ask him where the baby is he will point to my belly button...too cute :) lol oh yeah...we scheduled our first ultrasound for christmas eve...I thought that was cool...our own little gift...we will get to see this baby...(hopefully just one) for the first time on Christmas eve! and unlike with jake he was only 7 weeks along so it was a very little picture...he just looked like a grain of rice...this time he/she will be about 12 weeks along..much bigger! and praise the lord...Im not nearly as queezy anymore...begininning to finally enjoy being pregnant...for thanks for letting me ramble...believe it or not I also use this "blog" to keep track of whats going on for me although you all may think its useless info it helps me keep my days straight!!until tomorrow,me!

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