Saturday, November 17, 2007


I hate morning sickness...yuk! I just want to puke to get it out of my system...I havent puked yet...but im only 6 weeks...i never threw up with Jake but we'll see....I really cant complain...I wanted to be pregnant again and I knew this is what came with it...Im just hopeful he or she is healthy!! Today was Angelas was very nice she got some wonderful things...I cant wait to borrow them :) lol from there we went to sakuras for dinner to celebrate steves goodness...for 3 weeks steves 4 years older than me...its hard to believe he was 20 when I met him...lucky guy gets to go to the hawks game tomorrow against the bears....I hope it doesnt rain too hard on them...he also got a gift card to home depot...(surprise surprise :) so we had to go there after dinner so he could spend it was fun though...jake was having a blast and I was just happy seeing the 2 boys having fun :) that pretty sums up my day in a nutshell!! go hawks!!until tomorrow, me!

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