Tuesday, February 10, 2009

{Cookie Monster}

On Saturday, Steven and I took the kids to our favorite bakery in Tacoma's famous Freighthouse Square. We try and visit Celebrity Cake Studio at least a couple times a year usually on our anniversary and Valentines day (and if Im lucky, on my birthday) we have yet to find a bakery as good...they are the ones that provided our cake for our wedding...it was definatley love at first taste! You can buy individual slices of their cakes so Steven and I will usually get one slice each(no sharing here!) and this time we decided to get Jacob a little dinosaur cookie. I thought it was the cutest thing ever. So when we got home, I told him we bought him a present (he and Norah were both asleep in the car so Steve stayed with them while I got the goods) we got him in his dinosaur pajamas and then gave him his cookie. He thought it was the coolest thing ever! The look on his face when I pulled it out was priceless...although you can't really tell from the pictures, he had a lot of fun "disecting" it. Here are a few snapshots I was able to get...

If you're ever by the Freighthouse Square, I strongly urge you all to pay a visit to the bakery and try our personal favorite...
Pink tea cake with raspberry filling...it is to die for!
They also have a red velvet which has actually won a few awards, we may branch out and try that one next time!

{The cookie}

{Jacob telling us about the dinosaur, notice the pj's?}

{Uh-oh, it broke!}

{Trying so hard to put it together again...}

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~amy~ said...

Sounds oh so yummy. We have never been there... looking forward to checking it out... I love cake:)