Monday, February 23, 2009

{a day in the big city}

*My laptop broke last week and I just got it back today...boy, do I have a lot to post!
Apologies for the long break..

On Thursday night, my cousin Mackenzie flew up from San Francisco with her good friend Michelle (who is due in June!). They wanted to play tourist and stay downtown because Michelle had never been to Seattle before, as much as I would have loved to have had them at our house, I couldnt blame them, who would want to stay in Orting when you have the Grand Hyatt! I was so excited to see her as we are just a few years apart and have become very close! We wanted to get together as much as we could so we met up for lunch at
Anthonys on the pier with the kiddos and my parents. It was so much fun and the food was amazing! It was such a beautiful day and I jokingly said "I ordered up the sun for her this weekend!"
After lunch we let the girls go check out Seattle while my parents and I strolled along the waterfront. That night, Steven and I met back up with them and a few other friends and ate at
The Pink Door restruant, located by the Pike Place Market. It was so yummy and now I can't wait to go there with my friends!

We were sad to see her go and we secretly hope she will take a job up here (she works for Hyatt) when the economy gets better, but if not, Steven and I plan on visiting her very soon!

Here are a few pictures of our afternoon...

{Mackenzie and Norah}

{So kissable}

{Walking the tracks}

{watching the sailors on the boats}

{Jacob and Papa}

{he saw a big ship}

stay tuned...tomorrow I will post, in detail, about my moms birthday present!!


Angela Miller said...

Keegan was sitting with me as I read your post and he wanted to know "Is Keren saying all that stuff" he then saw the picture of Jacob on the train tracks and said "Oh no! A train is going to come." I love how observant he is. I was reading silently and never said a word to him, but he could tell who's blog it was and what was going on :)

God Made Playdough said...

Ok, it's tomorrow now, I want to know what your Mom's present was!!! :)
Would next Friday work for pictures? The 6th? They could be our 1 year and 4 year pictures!