Sunday, February 15, 2009


I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day. It has always been one of my favorite holidays because I love any excuse to treat Steven to a special day! This year was no different. We got our tax return on Friday. (Great timing, IRS) needless to say, the kids and I went a little crazy...well not so much the kids, I guess I'll take the blame on this one.

Steven had been talking about how much he'd like to get the newest edition of Guitar Hero and so I got that for him. He was so suprised and we couldnt wait to open the box! I couldnt forget about the kids either so we went and bought every ingredient under the sun to make sugar cookies, I'll post pictures later (we havent baked them yet!) They will be our post-valentine treats!

Our church put on a wonderful evening for all married/engaged couples Saturday night. We wanted to go not only because our friends were also going to be there but because we were supporting the teens involved in the youth ministries...honestly, we were just thrilled that childcare was included :) We sat with 2 of our good friends (3 couples per table) and had a great time and some very interesting conversations. We participated in "The Newlywed Game" , checked out a silent auction, and laughed at a comedy sketch given by our youth pastor David.

The best part had to have been the food. This wasnt your ordinary youth sponsored event. The kids were not the ones cooking. This time, they were servers (very good if I may add!) and all of the food was prepared by one of the men at our church who used to be a chef...the food was amazing!!! If you know me, you know Im pretty much a steak and chicken type of girl. Well Im now sold on pork tenderloin...yumm!! Check out these pictures and you can see what I mean. I really hope this becomes a yearly tradition at our church and if so, sign me up for next year now!

Afterwards we loaded up the kids and took Guitar Hero to Chris and Angelas and rocked out until after was so much fun!

Stay tuned...I am VERY eager to show you the 2 remodeled bathrooms that are 99% done!! Should be able to post this week....

For now, I leave you with this...
(I apologize if you havent eaten dinner yet...)

{On stage playing "The Newlywed Game"}

{Ben and Heather}

{Me and Steven}

{Chris and Angela}

{David being funny}

{Our awesome table}

{Thank You Steven, I lOVE you so much}

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Shannon Baublits

You are amazing, I can hardly take care of the house and 1 baby...... you have 2 and are super crafty!! I envy new hero!!