Saturday, February 28, 2009

{I couldn't resist}

There really is no signifigance to this post, just wanted to show off some recent pictures :) forgive me!

Here is Norah sporting some of her new clips from Ricci! We LOVE them! I am very close to having one for every outfit! She is so affordable too! To check out whats available, you can
go here, oh yes, and Ricci, if you're reading this, I picked up 3 more rolls of ribbon the other day, I'll give them to you on Sunday!

And here is Jacob transforming from Emeril into "Mr. Rockstar" he became more interested in using my tools as musical instruments rather than helping me make cookies, oh least it made for some cute pictures :)



{Mom, seriously, Im getting really tired of your camera!}

{Just Kidding!}

{My little "Cover Girl" striking a pose...}

{He loves my oven mitts}

{getting the cookies out of the oven}

{but the drums are much more fun!}

{pounding away}

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Suzie said...

You seriously have THE CUTEST kids ever!! I love them :) Jacobs hair is so crazy, makes me smile! hehe