Sunday, December 2, 2007


Yay for the seahawks!! Yet another win brings us closer and closer to the playoffs!! I hate watching the game so early though...i mean seriously 10am? I would usually be sleeping still...the great thing about afternoon games is that jake usually sleeps from 1-4 so thats perfect...not wanted to play...common kid..the hawks are on leave us alone! lol j/p he managed to do a mighty fine touchdown celebration as well as our "official" touchdown ruler...his arms fling in the air whenever we say the word! Ohhh speaking of the hawks...we were at the mall today and we went into Champs...I saw the jerseys and thought...I need a Hasselbeck jersey...I mean...Im going to the game on Sunday and all i have is Jackson, Hamlin (who dont even play for us anymore) and Alexander (which is signed so we dont wear it) and i must have a hasselbeck jersey (aka babys daddy) my little man crush! steve knows... its he said its great cause he's bald and i dont have high expectations LOL back to my story i see these kids jerseys hanging up and they say 10.00 im thinking like 35.00 or i ask the guy to take one down...and they are super nice...embrodered and everything...then I look at the price tag...ummm yeah... 75.00...for a kids jersey!! (65.00) with the 10.00 discount...I tell him thanks but no thanks and he says...well...this weekend is friends and family and if you want I can give you my 30% discount along with the 10.00 off! im trying to figure out what that would be and he says 45.00 and i say SOLD! basically i got steven and 20.00 gonzaga hat and a 75.00 hasselbeck jersey for 63.00 including tax!!! whoop whoop!! lol that so made my night...I can wear my man now...if I could only have him sign life would be complete :) lol rambling now...I got to chat with my cousin was wonderful...i dont get to see her nearly as much as I want to and we're so close in age it stinks...shes way awesome too...we are going to go visit her next month in san fransisco...shes a big wig with a hotel up there and they take in all the nfl teams that play the 49ers...I was so jealous!! But we are definatley looking forward to hanging out with her...she said shes got a lot for us to do when we get there...including taking jake to the aquarium/zoo!! lol i sound like such a we will also be doing "mommy and daddy" stuff too! thankfully my mom and dad will be there along with my 2 uncles who have never met jake before!! so we will have babysitters :) lol We got a 100.00 gift card to the melting pot so we're going to go on Saturday with our good friends for my birthday...i cant wait to get dressed up...although it will probably be freeeeezing...i've never been there before..i just hope im not nauseous...that would be we went to a beautiful wedding last night...simply wonderful getting married during the holiday season...the church's are already decorated!! It makes me want to get married again lol oh yeah..and now that I have jake i basically cry at every wedding takes you to a whole new level b/c you can just picture them up on the alter...awww...(sniff sniff) lol you just want them to be your baby ok well i think i've typed eyes hurt...
until tomorrow,Keren!

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