Sunday, February 17, 2008

Dresses, Dolls and Pink Oh My!!

I can finally begin to "feel" summer soon approaching...ok...maybe not summer but spring is sure sneaking up!!...I love being able to wear my sunglasses...even if it is only 50 something outside!..thats how us "Washingtonians" do it! I was driving with the window rolled down today too! My good friend told me it is supposed to be nearly 60 tomorrow! I'd love to get Jacob to the zoo this week since she's mentioned it...that AND the gym...I didnt go at all this last week..ugh! (Ava's moving a lot right at least someone is getting their exercise ) Yesterday we met Steves mom in Olympia for lunch at Red Robin (yum! holla at the bottomless freckled lemonades!) from there she took Jacob for the night and steve and I did a little shopping.. but not enough! lol...I was in Old Navy...we'll just call it "browsing" the newborn girls section and there were a lot of people also shopping...uhh I mean "browsing" a few were looking for gifts for someone who wasnt finding out what they were having and the others were looking at boy stuff...seriously...I had the biggest smile on my face the whole time!! I felt like a kid in a candy store I was saturated in PINK!...I loved it!!...not to mention everything was 40% off! So we got a few things and came home to do our taxes (yay!) and then my dad dropped off all of my Toy Story collection which is now residing in our office...ugh...time to clean again...for dinner we had our friends Suzie and Andy over for an entertaining game of Phase 10 and Uno! ...we're old and married now...we spend our nights around a table playing card games!! Needless to say we had a lot of fun and being baby free was nice too! Today we went to church and saw some good friends and ate a great lunch...we picked up Jacob from steves mom and dad and headed to the mall...(again) to return something....after getting home we put Jacob down...(for a nap)...not like an and caught up on the last episode of Survivor, Judge Judy and Ellen, and here I sit while steven washes my car ? yay for sunny days!!
Until next time...keren
PS...I cant believe we're having a girl!!!!!!!!!!!

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