Saturday, February 23, 2008

I can see clearly now...the rain is gone!!

This week kicked off our annual Missions conference at church..I always look forward to meeting the missionaries and hearing their stories...on Thursday we had dinner with a few missionaries, one of them being from Namibia and it was amazing to hear about how large the country is with so little people...we got to see pictures of elephants and giraffes in the wild...I'd really love to go over to Africa now...they have a real need for missionaries over was also brought up that even if you can never make it out of the country you can do so much in your own backyard...literally...Ive realized Gods placed us where we are at for a reason and to not take it for granted where we live...we need to be a light for our neighbors too! I wish we did the conference more than once a year because admist the hardships and struggles these people are faced with its amazing to see Gods soverignty be spread throughout the world! So thats pretty much been our week in a nutshell! We were able to have Steven all day today and mostly healthy so we decided to take advantage of him and "make" him accompany us to Wal Mart (sigh) although we're getting pretty quick at what we need so its wasnt that bad...afterwards we went on a beautiful bike ride through Orting, since we moved here in late August we really havent been able to take advantage of the bike trails and now we're regretting not going earlier...we had been going towards sumner but today we decided to go to South Prarie and I think thats our new was simply gorgeous...seriously. We went right next to the river and just watched it sparkle while the water flowed down stream...we were also fortunate enough to see a bald eagle in a tree not far from us at all..we cant wait to take our friends down there this summer!! Not to mention its a great workout! We were able to use our new zoo membership on Friday and meet Carly and Gabe for an afternoon of fun...I hope to be able to really take advantage of the membership a lot this year...tomorrow we have Stevens little "sisters" 4th bday party tomorrow at Chuckie Cheese...Im sure jakes just going to love it ...especially the balls...(do they even still have the balls??) its been forever since i've been to a chuckie cheese...and we're going to the one in Olympia..nice thing is that its connected to the mall so maybe i'll get "lost" and sneak out for a bit!! ...speaking of the mall I was able to find a few things at Gymboree the other day...I've been looking more for littlier sizes..thats what Im "lacking" so I got a few sleepers but when I went to Target I managed to find 2 more pairs of shoes...ugh..what can I say...Im in need some self control!!...Im off to the Supermall tonight to find a birthday present...and maybe wander into Carters :) we'll see...time to get Jacob up from a nap...its after 6 and he wont go to bed if I dont!!


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