Monday, February 11, 2008

Houston.....We Have Carpet!!!

Friday I got to take advantage of open swim at the YMCA was a lot of fun but just as much work to try and get Jake and I both ready without him wanting to wander around the whole locker room...nothing like a half naked pregnant woman chasing her son around like its a game...we're working on staying still...I was tempted to put him in a locker until I was done changing!! The pool time was great and Jake and I worked on dunking our heads...he did great and I cant wait to sign him up for swim lessons...the pool wasnt quite as warm as I was hoping..neither was the locker was actually quite freezing!!...oh well...Jake loved it and that was the important thing...that night the women from church got together and made ice cream sundaes and decorated valentines day cookies for our families we had a great time (see pics below)! Saturday I was up at 8 am but for a good reason...our friend Brooks came and installed our carpet!!!!!!! ....I've never been so happy to see carpet in my entire life...Jake can now make it up and down the stairs in less than 20 secs!! We are all enjoying it very much but trying to get used to the "no shoes" policy...I guess its for the better.... While the guys were doing that Jake and I went to Joanns to pick out some fabric for some more curtains my moms going to make... We also ran a few more errands until it was time to go to Amy's baby shower for little Anna! It was so much fun and seeing all the little dresses and pink stuff really gave me girl fever we'll see.... That night our friend Jessica and Cris had a housewarming party and Steven and I were able to go childless! *thanks mom* so it made for a nice little date night with our friends... when we got home we organized a trillion baby clothes...boy and girls ...we bought storage containers and labeled was quite a task so it was nice Jake was at my parents for the night...Sunday was church and then steven and I went to ikea but left mostly empty handed...oh well...we love going there anyway...even if we dont find anything...when we got home we cleaned the house and watched the pro bowl!!! It was my last chance to see matt play for the year...and well worth it because he did great! Today was another errand running day but more successful than some gagets for the kitchen and a runner (rug) for the entrance, and a bookshelf from target...we managed to snag a pizza hut pizza and slurpee on the way out too!! :) so now that Jakes down for a nap Im going to attempt to clean the house before steven gets home!! ...then its off to the gym if anyone would like to join (wink wink!) I'll be there tonight! Love- me!

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Amy said...

Thank you for the adorable dress! I can't wait to see her in it! That was cute about Rylie and Steve! :) Come for a playdate anytime!