Wednesday, February 27, 2008


As Im sitting here trying to blog Im feeling a lot of movement from Ava today...I love her little kicks because shes still to small for it to "bug" me yet! Must have been the coke I had for lunch! On Sunday we celebrated Stevens neice's 4th birthday at Chuckie Cheese...(see pics in album) we were one of the first people there and the last to leave...not to mention we had over 100 only need 1 token to play each game so we had a bunch to play...we had over 400 tickets in the end and were able to get Jacob a basketball...its his new favorite toy...when he gets ready to throw it; instead of saying "one, two, three.." he says "two, two, two" makes me giggle...we wrote down his words and hes up to 23 now!! We cant wait until he puts them into sentences...the furthest he's gotten with that is ...Dada shoes or Dogs eye.. ect...nothing too profound yet but thats ok though we're in no rush..just enjoying each day! Monday I met up with 2 of my good friends and we walked 4 miles along the Orting trail and it was perfect weather for it too! Our friend Christia was hoping to start labor but unfortunatley it was unsuccessful so as we speak she's being induced today!! Yay!!...another friend of mine just had her baby this weekend along with a girl from church who had her little girl Haley yesterday around 1pm...seriously this is the week for friend Amy and other friend Deb are both having strong contractions...we're just waiting for the phone call!! to mention 2 of my good friends are newly expecting...I guess thats just what happens when you hit your "mid 20's" here come the weddings and babies!! Im not complaining...I love it!!! Yay for babies :) yesterday my mom and I went to Costco to browse laptops but were unsuccessful b/c they only had 3 in stock..I looked online but they were still a little pricy...we decided to go to the mall for lunch and after we stopped into circuit city and found a laptop! its a toshiba 2GB with an intel pentium duo core processor! I love it and it was on sale for only 599.00! Finally I dont have to abandon my family upstairs to go online...I also bought steven guitar hero last night and he's officially so I sat on the couch with my new laptop and steven played guitar hero!! It worked out great! :) Today after going to the gym Jake and I stopped into Ross where we picked up a few outfits for steven and myself...I hope he likes them! Well...Im going to try and get a little rest in while Jacobs still sleeping and before we have to be at church tonight!Have a great night!Keren
PS...Jacobs picture is in the Orting Gazette today for his "official" entry in the beautiful baby contest for the city!! Check him out and vote for us!! haha...Thanks!

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