Monday, February 18, 2008

Look Out...Gymboree is having a Baby Sale!!

Yippee!! Not to mention I got an additional 20% off coupon in the mail!!...I was never impressed with the boys stuff they had so hopefully I'll be able to make up for it now Jake woke me up today at which I thought was 9:00am I woke up and got him and I some breakfast sat down to watch Regis and Kelly and what do I feast my eyes upon???...none other than Good Flippin Morning was only 8am! Ah! Somehow we managed to survive with a little help of the sun shining into the windows...I saw many people today on the Orting trail and it got me super excited to be able to walk/bike it soon! A good friend from church invited me and some other ladies from church over to her house today for was a lot of fun had by all and great food too (wink wink) ...from there we met my dad at Costco to get some prints of Jacob that took...we were all so happy on how they turned out and I feel so fortunate to have such a generous friend do this for us! Needless to say we will soon have a shrine up on the wall of the most recent photo session! As I was browsing the Gazette (our local paper) I noticed an article for Ortings beautiful baby contest...and I thought...why not! from Costco I went to the Gazette headquarters and dropped off my entry for Jacob! :) So all you Orting residents keep your eyes posted for Jacob and vote for my little man (that is, as long as your babies are in it!) The plan was to go to the gym tonight but Steven took my car to a side job so Im carless...not some would ...I will go tomorrow after Jakes Dr appt...(hes got a bothersome rash that wont go away...its also spreading to his mouth...) ugh! So off I go to clean the house before Steven gets home!

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