Monday, February 11, 2008


So I had my dr appt today...everything looked great...except for the fact I put on 4 lbs...what the heck?? I join the gym and now I gain 4 lbs?? So now Im only down 2 lbs and I have a strong feeling that will be gone next month :) Oh well...part of the package right?? When I was pg with Jake the heartrate was always high 150's low 160's...and even at the last appt the h/r was 153...(i think)...well today I was shocked when he said it was 136-138...ahhh...I thought that was scary low but he told me he sees them at 110 and thats still long as its between 110-165ish we're with that I was a happy clam! Now for sure it must be a boy right?? lol has anyone ever heard of or used the Shettles method?? I googled it and its quite interesting...anyhoots my blood levels were in fact still the same which was another wonderful blessing and we're right on track for the big u/s in a week! After the appt I picked Jake back up from my mom and dads where we went to the south hill mall and grabbed lunch with Suzie! We had a great time and she got some adorable clothes...(I have to wait until tomorrow to do my shopping :) pay After that we came home and took naps...steven came home and I woke up with an incredible urge for some Sakuras....serious. urge. So we made a reservation and zipped out..threw jake in the car and off we was sooo worth it was Hit The Spot!!....After we went to the mall and let jake play in the kids area and also looked at curtains from jcpenny *sale 1 curtain get one for 1.00!!! So we bought some curtains!! yay!! Im striving hard to get at least the downstairs complete by next friday! pressure :) So now that we are back from dinner and the mall Im off to see Steven!!
Thanks for reading!-Keren!

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Amy said...

You went to Sakuras without me??! Next time you have to call us! :)