Saturday, May 31, 2008


I can't believe its already Saturday!! It was a week ago we were on the beach enjoying life! Do you ever feel like the week ahead is empty but as the day goes on it gets filled up really fast?? Thats been happening to me lately..its great because I live for the unexpected (I always have been pretty spur-of-the moment!) Take this week for example...pretty empty..until I went Amberlyns for our craft day on Tuesday, to lunch with Morgan and Sophia at Red Robin and then to Suzie and Andy's for a bbq dinner on Wednesday to a MOPS "craft team" meeting in the morning and then to another MOPS Ledership gathering that night on Thursday and then to a Drs appt followed by a playdate at Wright's park with Carly (and Gabe) and Christia (and Julian and Gabe) on Friday!!! Geesh that was a mouthful! It was a lot of fun and I am thankful to have such "spur of the moment" friends as well!! It sure beats sitting at home all day trying to be "creative" which has gone down the drain the last few months (thanks to Amberlyn Im quickly getting back in the mood though!) Steven thought I could use some retail therapy on Friday so he took me to the Supermall and let me pick up a few things for the baby :) I just couldnt resist (see previous post) at my Dr appt yesterday she said the baby was now measuring a week ahead (Yay! That now puts me at the 3rd!!!) Im really going to try and shoot for a 4th of July baby (hehe) but she's 100% behind me for a VBAC and said that at my next appt she'll check me (if I want) and begin to stir things up...Im all for it because with Jacob I never dilated until I was induced (which still took forever) so any progress is good progress!! It also increases my chances of a successful VBAC if Im able to go into labor naturally...she also said shes moved back into head down position which I know can be ever-changing but for now thats great! With Jacob I was so ready to have him by this time but to be honest I dont mind if she wants to take her time. I was pretty much ready for Jacob to arrive whereas with this one I feel like even though her room is done I still have Jacobs room to do as well as a couple of other rooms in the house...I guess it doesnt matter but you could say Im not as "anxious" for her to come asap...the beginning of July with be sufficient for me! :) Today was our MOPS rummage sale to raise money for funds for nexts years events...Im really excited to be on the craft team with some great girls, especially since we have some great crafts planned!! Im ready to start the new year already! Unfortunatley it decided to rain today so I havent gotten a final total on the proceeds but I pray there's enough to get things started! I checked in a few times at the sale and although it was cruddy out the girls still all had smiles on their faces (and Starbucks in their hands!) Well Steven and Jacob are out in the backyard playing and it sounds like they are having a lot of fun..I think I should go join them :) Goodnight!!

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