Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!

First of all, I hope everyone had a great Mothers day, weather you're a mom or not!! It was still a day to celebrate!! Second of all, I wanted to update you on Katie. I went and saw her Friday afternoon and she looked great! She was able to notice my new haircut which is more progress than last Sunday. Surgery was performed solely on her right eye. It was nearly blind already so in order to risk the left one going blind as well (which is one of the risks with this type of surgery) they just stuck with the right eye. As of yesterday, she was able to read the back of a Kleenex box, granted it was 5 inches away but still, its progress!! Slow progess is better than none at all!! She was also able to notice the painting in her hospital room! So Praise the Lord that her vision is coming back, we know it will be a slow recovery but we're just praying for continued success!! On that happy note her room was filled with beautiful flower arrangements and I know shes so thankful to everyone who's been praying for her and sending her cards and well wishes!! Thanks again! This week I battled yet another sinus infection (Im calling the Dr. tomorrow in hopes for some kind of antibiotic) its been fairly consistant for the last 3 weeks and I'm getting so sick of not being able to smell anything, let alone taste my food :( Its more of an annoyance than anything but still!! On wednesday I got a stomach bug which I think was passed to me by Jacob who threw up once last Sunday...thankfully it was his first "throw up" and hopefully it will be his last for awhile. *the not-being-able-to-smell part came in handy during the clean up though! But nevertheless it was puke and it was not an enjoyable experience. I hadnt thrown up since Sept from food poisioning and havent thrown up my entire pregnancy so I wasnt prepared! It was only once but I still felt pretty yucky all day.We had our hospital tour on Friday which was fun! I was very impressed with the level of intensive care they provide for newborns who need the highest level of care possible. That definatley put my mind at ease. The nurses were all very friendly and there are many many services available anytime for me as I need them. The delivery room was nice and reminded me a lot of Good Samaritian (in Puyallup, where we had Jacob). Unfortunatley, the post-partum rooms were still stuck in the 80's :) and teeny tiny. I know that shouldnt bother me nearly as much as it does, I know it's more importantly about the care you and you're baby are given but its really hard to ignore the white walls with pink/purple/teal 80's print wallpaper and curtains!! lol they need an extreme "hospital" make-over!! :) Saturday, Lakeland Hills had their annual neighborhood garage sale which I was so excited for....until Steven was asked to work :( it didnt stop Jacob and I getting up early to get a head start but we were bummed "daddy" couldnt join us. (He loves to garage sale) I was able to pick up 3 pairs of shoes for the baby as well as numerous onesies, tops and pajamas!! All for .25 each! Jacob was so well behaved which made it easier to shop!! (Snacks work wonders!) That afternoon I met Stevens mom at the Red Wind Casino (lunch buffet) to drop off Jacob b/c they were going to take him for the night. We had a wedding to go to and did not want to bring him!! It was so beautiful! It was held at Bethany Baptist Church and the reception was at The Liberty Theater the food was amazing (from the little I could taste) and everything was so elegantly put together, it was a great way to spend the night with Steven and my mom and dad!! This morning I woke up to the gourmet breakfast of a Safeway bagel and cream cheese, 2 reeses peanut butter cups, and a glass of Coke!! read that correctly!! Thats a "dream" breakfast for me and my pregnant cravings :) I only have 8 more weeks to indulge so Im getting in every last bit!! (hehe) I was also given some roses as well as a beautifully written card!! Steven also bought me a "Peanut Shell" which Im so excited to get!! Its just like the "hotsling" but was on sale and I've heard great things about it!! I figure with Jacob AND baby, my hands will be full so why not "wear" the baby and have my hands free!! Now Im not going to "wear" her until she's 2 or anything...just the first few months when she can sleep next to me while I have my hands free to blog :) j/k they are usually $40-50 but this weekend only if you ordered them off the website you were given an addition 40% off!!! Which made mine just barely over 20.00! We couldnt pass that up! I was also given my SLR camera!! Yay!!! ..we get to pick it up next weekend!! (this weekend was just too busy) I got the Nikon D40 which I have heard nothing but great reviews on...I even went to the and websites to read all 100 so Im excited to learn how to take better shots of the kids/animals and to hopefully get some great shots of the baby when she comes!! Eeekkk!! Steven and I as well as Steves family joined us at my parents house for Mothers Day Brunch, we all had a great time and had some great food! (..from what I could taste..again) My mom bought the baby a little pink Seahawks outfit (she'll need something to wear as she cheers her brother on!) as well as a little purple dress :) she also got the first of many crib sheets done so we can complete her bedding set!! All in all it was a great day and we had a great time with family!! We are so blessed. If you want to read more about the "Peanut Shell" you can go here: , (and let me re-iterate, I will not "wear" her until she's 2!) lol!! Off to watch Cops (its 12:47am and Im wired!!)..oh yeah, I will post some pics of my recent "splurges!" tomorrow!! For now, goodnight!!
**In case you've missed reading my last few blogs and are wondering why Ive reverted to calling "Ava" "The Baby"...well...its too long to explain so you should just read the last 2 blogs or so we're still undecided and probably will be until she's born!! Based on the 46 votes we got on my myspace page for her name...Norah seems to be the favorite!!

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I think you should get TWO slings and wear Jacob on one side and the baby on the other.