Monday, May 12, 2008


Ok so coincidentally the list of "top names" just came out yesterday...and go figure Ava has moved from 5 to 4...I think that pretty much seals the deal...I dont want her to be known as "Ava F." with a classroom full of Ava's which bums me out. Thankfully everyones been so honest with how much they love the name but realistically tell me its so common and popular. I feel like she'd just blend in with the rest. In 2004 is was 25, just shows what a couple years will do!! We'll see though, we probably wont make a decision until she comes out and we see what she looks like, Im thinking a dark haired Norah and a light haired Ava...hehe Im crazy, I know but Im up early, nothings on tv and I just got the link to the top names please excuse me and my meaningless tangents ...if you're curious about your favorite names you can go and see where you rank, (ps Nora is 242 and Norah is 470) !! I will blog again later tonight so for now, have a wonderful Mother's Day!!

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